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Zoos in Singapore | Discover Wildlife Wonders

6 Best Zoos in Singapore & Aquariums Must See Animals

A well-known destination with a stunning collection of species worldwide is the Singapore Zoo, hidden away in a lush green area. Search for a zoo near me and find options that offer visitors an immersive experience by fusing modern enclosures with natural environments. It provides an engaging and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages with its modern displays, interactive performances, and educational activities while raising awareness of animal species' richness and conservation value.

Check out Singapore Zoo prices today and plan for an entertaining trip to see wildlife in their artificially created habitat.

Top Zoos in Singapore That You Must Visit to Watch Animals in All Their Glory

Singapore, an island country in southern Malaysia, offers both tourists and locals a variety of leisure options and a luxurious lifestyle. In addition to the city's many pleasures, Family- Friendly Zoo in Singapore provides an enjoyable scenic experience through treks, trails, and zoos.

  • Singapore Zoo. Giraffes at Singapore Zoo
  • Night Safari. Nocturnal Animals at Night Safari
  • River Safari. River Wildlife Exhibit at River Safari
  • Rainforest Kidzworld. Children Enjoying Rainforest
  • The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum. Turtles and Tortoises on Display
  • Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Fossils and Exhibits at Museum

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1. Singapore Zoo | Giraffes at Singapore Zoo

Singapore is home to the well-known animal park known as Singapore Zoo. The zoo is renowned for its open, roomy enclosures that closely resemble the animals' natural habitats and offer visitors an immersive experience. Singapore Zoo continues to be a popular destination for locals and visitors due to its emphasis on conservation and education.

  • Major Highlights. Animal shows, Night Safaris, River Safaris, orangutans, giant pandas, white tigers, and immersive Rainforest Experiences are some of the wildlife exhibits available.
  • Location. 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
  • Entry Fee. Starting from INR 925
  • Timings. 8:30 am–6:00 pm

2. Night Safari | Nocturnal Animals at Night Safari

Singapore's Night Safari is an exciting nighttime wildlife adventure. Seeing various creatures worldwide in their evening habitats is a truly unique experience. A tram or walking trails allow visitors to explore the park while enjoying the eerie atmosphere and amazing nighttime animal behaviour. Check out Singapore Zoo Animal Exhibits at these amazing places and be enthralled.

  • Major Highlights. Night Safari offers midnight wildlife encounters, exciting tram rides through themed ecosystems, and enthralling live presentations that showcase unusual animal behaviours.
  • Location. 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
  • Entry Fee. INR 3,402
  • Timings. 7:15 pm–12 am

3. River Wonders | River Wildlife Exhibit at River Safari

A beautiful wildlife park with a river theme is called River Safari in Singapore. It displays a variety of aquatic and land animals. Visitors can take boat rides and stroll along carefully constructed routes to get up close and personal with various wildlife, including pandas, manatees, and fish species. All ages will have a memorable experience at the park due to its informative exhibits and immersive activities.

  • Major Highlights. The River Safari at the Singapore Zoo features an aquatic marvel called River Wonders, which raises conservation awareness by presenting various river ecosystems and amazing animals, including otters, manatees, and capybaras.
  • Location. 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
  • Entry Fee. INR 2598
  • Timings. 10:00 am–7:00 pm

4. Rainforest Kidzworld | Children Enjoying Rainforest

A fun kids' area called Rainforest Kidzworld is inside the Singapore Zoo. A water play area, pony rides, and carousels with animal themes are just a few of the kid-friendly activities and attractions it provides. It is a fun and educational location for kids and families since kids can engage with farm animals up close while enjoying interactive exhibits. Check out Singapore Zoo Reviews, and you will be surprised to see the raving reviews by visitors for this awe-inspiring place!

  • Major Highlights. The Singapore Zoo's Rainforest Kidzworld provides family-friendly entertainment with water play areas, farmyard experiences, pony rides, and interactive animal encounters, encouraging young people to value nature.
  • Location. 80 Mandai lake road, Singapore 729826
  • Entry Fee. INR 18,500 onwards
  • Timings. 8:30 am-6:00 pm

5. The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum | Turtles and Tortoises on Display