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Lakes in Sri Lanka

11 Beautiful Lakes in Sri Lanka You Must Visit In 2024

Ready for a lakeside story to remember? Dive into the heart of Sri Lanka's shimmering lakes!

In 2022, a whopping 719,978 tourists were soaked in Sri Lanka's wonders, as per SLTDA figures. So, why did this gem of an island attract so many wanderers? A significant draw is the best lakes in Sri Lanka. Each a work of art, these lakes paint a scene of serenity and vibrant hues that invigorates the soul and soothes the senses.

"To travel is to live," said Hans Christian Andersen, and if you haven't felt the heartbeat of Sri Lanka's pristine lakes, have you lived your travel dream?

Check out the beautiful lakes in Sri Lanka!

Explore the Most Beautiful Lakes in Sri Lanka 2023

Glistening under the tropical sun, the beautiful lakes in Sri Lanka invite travellers to a realm of serenity and splendour. These aquatic wonders are gateways to unforgettable lakeside adventures, from the heart of bustling cities to the serene countryside. Dive into our guide and let the ripples of Sri Lanka's lakeside charm captivate your wanderlust spirit.

  • Semanikulam Lake, Arugam-Bay
  • Kala Wewa Lake, Kala Weva
  • Rotakulam Lake, Ampara
  • Kandy Lake, Kandy
  • Beira Lake, Colombo
  • Dedduwa Lake, Bentota
  • Bolgoda Lake, Colombo
  • Kandalama Lake, Dambulla
  • Panama Lake, Panama
  • Gregory Lake, Nuwara-eliya
  • Sembuwatta Lake, Matale

1. Semanikulam Lake, Arugam-Bay

Imagine a place where nature sings lullabies and the horizon merges with shimmering waters. Semanikulam Lake is the very epitome of such beautiful lakes in Sri Lanka. Situated in the famous Arugam Bay, the lake promises unparalleled sunsets with its radiant birdlife and gentle ripples.

  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • Nearby Tourist Spots: Kumana National Park, Arugam Bay Beach

2. Kala Wewa Lake, Kala Weva

When you talk about the best lakes for boating in Sri Lanka, Kala Wewa must feature on that list. This expansive water body in Kala Weva is framed by distant mountain ranges, offering solitude and scenic beauty.

  • Best Time to Visit: June to August
  • Nearby Tourist Spots: Avukana Buddha Statue, Kala Weva Dam

3. Rotakulam Lake, Ampara