15 Travel Memes to Bring Smile to Your Face During Tough Times

There are no two ways about the fact that travelling is life! Be it a small trip or a long one, an international vacay or a domestic one, they always manage to help us unwind and de-stress at our favourite travel destinations. Not just that travelling with your loved ones also improves and strengthens the bonds which is why it is crucial to travel once in a while.

However, currently, the situation is extremely different as we are quarantined in our home courtesy coronavirus and from the looks of it, the situation is going to remain the same for a few weeks to come. While it makes all of us sad and depressed, shouldn’t we be cherishing these days that we are locked in our home with our family and loved ones and are getting more time than ever to spend with them?

We get the fact that you are getting bored at home and for this reason alone, we have zeroed in on 15 travel memes that will leave you in splits and drive away the quarantine blues, at least for some time.

15 Travel Memes in 2020 That are Oh-So-Relatable

So, without much ado, let’s have a look at the best travel memes that are not just relatable but hilarious as well. Scroll down to check them out!

1. For those who are waiting for the lockdown to be over super soon and then they will be like...

2. Then come those who were excited about an international trip... Well! You can now throw your tickets in the bin

3. And, we can totally resonate with this one! If only we could do something about it

4. Undeniably, the current mood!

5. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. is all we can say right now

6. You gotta be quick, quick, quick for this 

7. Get ready to embrace the new summer body

8. By the way, did you do your dishes today?

9. Bookmark these new airport codes, you guys!

10. Someone has rightly said, boredom brings out the best in you *smirks*

11. Oh! Now we know why fashionistas are adopting this new trend

12. Raise your hand if you are this meme right now

13. This adorable baby is all of us during the lockdown

14. More like our Aadhar Card photo, isn’t it?

15. Well, the former and the latter, both are not happening

So, that was it. We hope you enjoyed this piece to the fullest and had as a good a laugh as we had while writing it. We, at Adotrip, know that the situation is tough out there, but as long as we try to bring a smile on people’s faces and are successful in it, we are living a good life. 

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--- Published By  Shalini Singh