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Hilarious Travel Memes Your Dose of Laughter

Is traveling a bunch of emotions and experiences? Well, take a look at what these different traveler junkies feel. Beginning with solace seekers, they find traveling therapeutic; then there are these laidback travelers, for them it’s unwinding; inquisitive folks find it enriching; for road trippers, it’s engrossing; for some it is engaging, entertaining, endearing and also jeopardous. Whatever may be the experience, we always go ditzy about our travel experiences. While y'all are busy stacking all these fun memories in your travel journal, your travel buddy Adotrip is capturing all these cheerful, zany moments in funny travel memes that will make you ROFL.

Right from discovering unique cultures, witnessing bizzare rituals, nibbling crazy dishes, experiencing new things, landing up in uncalled-for situations, going wild, nutty, whacky and whatnot situations, here are 10 best vacation and road trip memes that you can surely resonate with. Check out!

1. We all have that road tripper junkie friend who is always ears. While you are just thinking about a plan, he is already set to hit the road.

2. This is the toast to that one and only ravishing friend who’s always deliciously ready even on a short notice. Here’s her checklist!

  • Sunglasses ✔️
  • Sunscreen ✔️
  • Makeup ✔️
  • Stole ✔️
  • Heels ✔️
  • Hat ✔️

Bag - Full of Things!

Clothes - Oh! Too Many! 

3. A tussle between mind and heart. That indecisive friend who preaches to travel light but in the head is planning to carry the entire wardrobe.

4. We all sail in the same boat. After making all flights and hotel bookings, excitement for the vacation to begin is an obvious emotion but the interlude gets excruciating. And, we can totally resonate with this one! 

5. When a traveler in you has one perfect answer to put all rants and complaints at rest. After all, we live once and we must follow our passion. PERIOD

6. Expectation Vs Reality! Here’s breaking the false perception about hiking because all that you think is not correct. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. is all we can say right now.

7. How many times have you paid for excess baggage? Me 🙋 Every time I travel with my girlfriend. LOL, have fun mate!

8. Holiday is about discovering new places. Well! Then a happy holiday is about binging and never ending food on my plate. Cheers to that foodie friend who is just feasting & munching on a vacation 🍻

9. Here’s to that sleepyhead friend who is super charged for the trip but just after a mile drive, they doze off. Purrrrr! Wake up, we have reached!

10. Raise your hand if you are this meme right now. There’s always this last day crisis when we run with many nostalgic moments of the fun trip and we really don’t wanna go back home. 

With this homecoming, we are signing off. We hope you enjoyed this piece to the fullest and could resonate with these hilarious travel memes. Don’t forget to tag your friends and share your pictures with us. We will be right back with many more fun and interesting blogs for our readers. Until then, keep laughing, keep traveling and keep making beautiful memories!

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--- Published By  Shalini Singh

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