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Top 8 Mysterious Temples in India that Instantly Grab Attention

Having ancient roots, India is a captivating land. Boasting some mysterious temples, India is a famous travel destination that startles the minds of tourists and leaves them pondering. It is the land where 33 million Gods and Goddesses reside and therefore, it is called the land of Temples. 

Religion is the soul of India and temples are its heart. Each temple in India has some religious significance and mythological fables wrapped around with mysteries that are completely mind-boggling. Defying all the logic and scientific reasoning, here are the Top 8 Mysterious Temples of India where logic stays unresolved; prolly might leave you flabbergasted too.

8 Mysterious Temples in India

Nudged, me too! Here’s to all the inquisitive minded folks, some food for the brain. Take a gander:

1. Jagannath Temple, Odisha

One of the most revered temples in Puri, Odisha - Jagannath Temple holds tremendous spiritual significance not only due to the famous Rath Yatra but also due to mysterious facts associated with the temple. This mysterious temple in India is also known as the temple of opposites. The flag mounted on the top flies in the opposite direction of the wind. Priests climb up 20 feet high to change the flag every day without fail because if the ritual is missed even for a day, then the temple would stay shut for 18 years. It's only in Jagannath temple where the morning breeze comes from land and the evening breeze comes from the sea, this throws a thought-provoking challenge to all scientific logic. It is also said that no bird hovers over the temple and this temple has no shadow at any point in time during the day. Once you are inside the temple, you cannot hear the sound of waves, despite being right on the shore. The cooking method of Prasadam is also intriguing. 4-5 earthen pots are placed over each other while it’s the topmost pot in which the food is cooked first. Truly a miracle, right. 

2. Kamakhya Devi Temple, Assam

Menstruation in India is treated as taboo, however, Kamakhya Devi Temple in Assam is amongst the rare Shakti Peethas where the stone shaped as yoni (vagina) is worshipped which is believed to be a body part of Shakti that fell when Shiva carried her corpse around in grief. The temple of the Menstruating Goddess is amongst the oldest and mysterious temples where devotees accept that during the month of June every year, the Goddess bleeds. To maintain the sanctity, the temple remains shut for 3 days to observe her bleeding cycle. During these three days, the water in the underground reservoir of the temple turns completely red which in itself is quite strange. No scientific logic applies to this happening and that is why the devotees in India hold utmost faith in the miracles of God. Also, Kamakhya hill is a famous tourist place in India. Do visit and share your experience.

3. Mehandipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan