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Best Things To Do In Lonavala

17 Best Things To Do In Lonavala - Activities list with Location

Looking for a peaceful weekend getaway near Mumbai and Pune? Lonavala is the perfect spot! Dense forests, beautiful lakes, and waterfalls surround this lovely hill station in Maharashtra's Sahyadri mountains. There are many things to do in Lonavala, from enjoying the misty hills to exploring the area's natural beauty. The best time to visit is from June to February when the weather is cool and nice.

Getting to Lonavala is easy, especially with Pune International Airport nearby. It's a great destination for all budgets, whether you're saving money or want to splurge a bit. You can visit old forts and try the local chikki, a sweet snack. Lonavala offers a mix of calm, adventure, and the beautiful scenery of the Sahyadris, making it a great choice for a relaxing nature break.

So, follow along as we begin our journey!

List of Top 17 Things To Do In Lonavala

Picture misty hills, visit ancient caves, and enjoy stunning waterfalls. Dive into the beauty of Lonavala's natural wonders and cultural delights, making exciting day trips from Lonavala a must-try experience.

  • Lohagad Fort Trek: Explore Ancient Heights
  • Bhaja Caves Exploration: Journey into History
  • Pawna Lake Visit: Serenity by the Water
  • Tiger Point Hike: Climb to Scenic Views
  • Chikki Tasting: Savour Sweet Treats
  • Bhushi Dam Experience: Fun in Refreshing Waters
  • Rajmachi Point Sunset: Dusk's Beautiful Canvas
  • Zip-lining Adventure: Exciting Treetop Glide
  • Karla Caves Exploration: Discover Buddhist Art
  • Tungarli Lake Visit: Beautiful Lakeside Retreat
  • Duke's Nose Rappelling: Adrenaline on the Cliff
  • Visapur Fort Trek: Trekking Through History
  • Local Street Food Delight: Culinary Delights on Streets
  • Ryewood Park and Shivaji Udyan: Pretty Gardens
  • Lonavala Toy Train Ride: Nostalgic Railroad Journey
  • Bhairi Caves Exploration: Nature's Underground Marvel
  • Hill-Top Resort Stay: Panoramic Retreat with Comfort

1. Lohagad Fort Trek: Explore Ancient Heights

Venture on the Lohagad Fort Trek, renowned as one of the best trekking spots in Lonavala. Located in the Sahyadri Mountains, this historic site offers an excellent trekking experience suitable for all. The trail not only unveils the fort's rich history but also treats you to breathtaking views, making it a must-visit among the top trekking spots in Lonavala. Whether a history enthusiast or an adventure seeker, the strategic architecture and scenic surroundings will captivate you.

  • Major Attractions: Historic Citadel, Vinchu Kata (Scorpion's Tail), Water Tanks.
  • Best Things to Do: Trekking, Exploring Ancient Ruins.
  • Travel Tip: Carry water and comfortable footwear.

2. Bhaja Caves Exploration: Journey into History

Indulge in Lonavala's cultural legacy with a visit to the Bhaja Caves, an integral part of Lonavala's tourist attractions. These rock-cut wonders, dating back to the 2nd century BC, provide a unique adventure. The caves offer an immersive journey through ancient Buddhist artistry, adding a historical layer to your Lonavala adventure. A budget-friendly escapade, this exploration combines education with adventure, making it an enriching experience for all.

  • Major Attractions: Chaitya Hall, Stupas, Intricate Carvings
  • Best Things to Do: Witness Buddhist Art, Photography
  • Travel Tip: Wear comfortable clothing for cave exploration

3. Pawna Lake Visit: Serenity by the Water

A peaceful Pawna Lake, surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains, is a must-visit among the top 10 places to visit in Lonavala. This destination is ideal for day trips and offers peace and scenic beauty, making it a perfect fit for a family-friendly destination. Whether enjoying a leisurely boat ride or a lakeside picnic, Pawna Lake is a budget-friendly retreat. Its panoramic views and gentle breezes create an atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

  • Major Attractions: Scenic Views, Lakeside Camps
  • Best Things to Do: Boating, Lakeside Picnic
  • Travel Tip: Check weather conditions for a pleasant visit

4. Tiger Point Hike: Climb to Scenic Views

Experience the thrill of a Tiger Point hike, a highlight among Lonavala adventure activities. This vantage point in the Sahyadri Mountains showcases nature's grandeur and panoramic views. The hike to Tiger Point offers breathtaking views and a connection with the natural wonders of Lonavala. A favoured spot for day trips from Lonavala, it's an adventure suitable for all. Experience the essence of the town's beauty as you check out this iconic destination.

  • Major Attractions: Panoramic Views of Valleys, Echo Point
  • Best Things to Do: Hiking, Enjoying Sunset
  • Travel Tip: Carry a camera for breathtaking views

5. Chikki Tasting: Savour Sweet Treats