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Tharangambadi - The Danish Town In Tamil Nadu

Also known as Tranquebar- The land of the singing wave, Tharangambadi is untouched by time, and still famous for its tranquillity. Built-in the 14th century, Tharangambadi is a tiny beach town in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu, which is also known as Tranquebar. A beautiful playpen of many cultures, it is placed at a dreamy patch at the confluence of the Kaveri river and the Bay of Bengal.

Places To Visit In Tharangambadi

1. Fort Dansborg

Fort Dansborg

Located 283 kilometers away from the state capital, Chennai, Fort Dansborg is located in the southern part of Tharangambadi. Built by using the Danish architecture style, the fort boasts large halls, columned structures, high ceilings, and projecting drapery. It was built to start a bilateral trade, which can still be seen on Tranquebar Beach. The town is surrounded by old Danish, British, German, and French colonies. 

2. Old Danish Cemetery

Old Danish Cemetery

Old Danish Cemetery is home to ancient tombstones. The tombstones are exquisite in their own way as they are uniquely carved and inscribed with beautiful quotes.

3. The Zion Church

The Zion Church

Located close to the other places of worship in Tranquebar, the Zion Church is a piece of history in itself and affected only eternally by time. The Zion Church was built in the year of 1701.

4. The Ziegenbalg Museum Complex

The Ziegenbalg Museum Complex

The museum is home to some of the most important articles including the first printing press of India, the first bible printed in Tamil. It is a treasure trove to history lovers.

5. The Masilamani Nathar Temple

The Masilamani Nathar Temple

A mix of Chinese and Tamil architecture, the Masilamani Nathar temple is an interesting piece of architecture. It is believed that it was built around 700 years ago to attract Chinese traders to Tharangambadi.

Places To Visit Near Tharangambadi

1. Nagapattinam