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Places To Visit Near Puri

11 Best Tourist Places To Visit Near Puri

Puri, the holy place of Lord Jagannatha, is one of the most desired Hindu pilgrimage destinations. Puri, locatеd in thе Indian statе of Orissa near the Bay of Bengal coast, offers a distinctive fusion of sacred and touristic locations. Puri, often called Jagannath Puri, is a historic temple town with a rich cultural past and a stop on the Char Dham pilgrimage. There are several amazing Places to Visit Near Puri. Thе thrее goldеn trianglеs of Orissa arе Konark, Bhubanеshwar, and Puri, although Puri draws the most tourists. In Puri, Rath Yatra is annually observed with tremendous enthusiasm and passion. 

In addition, the July car festival associated with the Jagannath Temple draws many Hindu pilgrims. You may bе unsurе whеrе to go in this lovеly city of Puri, but knowing the finest places to go can undoubtedly aid you in your travels. So, read down to learn about Puri's nearby tourist spots.

List Of Top 11 Places To Visit Near Puri

There are many Day trips from Puri, which is great for family vacations and spiritual pilgrimages. This city has many historic sites, picturesque coastlines, cultural villages, and towns. The following locations in Puri are a must-see on your holiday itinerary. By doing this, you may be sure to get a sense of this Odisha city's actual character and substance.

  • Raghurajpur | Artist Village
  • Sri Jagannath Temple | Centre of Puri
  • Golden Beach | Known as Puri Beach
  • Sudarshan Crafts Museum | Represents Odisha's Art and crafts
  • Chilika Lake | Biggest Saltwater Lagoon in Asia
  • Markandeshwar Temple | Brilliant Representation of Natraj
  • Konark | a UNESCO Globe Heritage Site
  • Narendra Tank | Orissa's Biggest Tanks
  • Atharnala Bridge | Admire Ashlar Stone with a Laterite and Lime Mortar
  • Gundicha Temple | Great Location to Deepen Your Spirituality
  • Lakshmi Temple | Temple of Goddess Lakshmi

1. Raghurajpur | Artist Village

Raghurajpur, sometimes called the "artist village," is well-known worldwide for its distinctive Pattachitra paintings. These paintings are often depictions of Hindu mythical figures and are done on palm leaves utilising natural colours. Such noteworthy creations elevate this small village to the recommended art and craft destinations around Puri.

  • Highlights: Paintings, wood and stone sculptures, a traditional dance from Gotipua, and palm leaf drawings
  • Distance From Puri  : 11.1 km

2. Sri Jagannath Temple | Centre of Puri

Undoubtedly, Sri Jagannath Temple should be on top of Puri's tourist attractions list. Since it is part of India's Char Dhams, the temple is responsible for thousands of footfalls in Odisha. On the plus side, Sri Jagannath Temple has served as the centre of Puri from ancient times.

  • Highlights: Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Devi Subhadra are the deities people worship at the temple.
  • Distance From Puri  : 1.6 km

3. Golden Beach | Known as Puri Beach

Imagine yourself experiencing the thrill of watersports at one of the Best beaches near Puri. Golden Beach, referred to as Puri Beach, is one of Puri's most popular tourist spots. Here, a stretch of superb golden beaches greets visitors in search of some downtime. So, it should not be a shock that the water is much clearer here than at other well-known Indian beaches.

  • Highlights: This beach has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Certification for sanitation.
  • Distance From Puri  : 2.6 km

4. Sudarshan Crafts Museum | Represents Odisha's Art and Crafts

It is a handicraft museum where art enthusiasts would like to learn about the former Odisha's art and crafts. The Sudarshan Crafts Museum is the best place to visit if you are looking for the top attractions in Puri in only two days! Furthermore, the museum is only a few minutes' walk from the Puri train station.

  • Highlights: A Buddhist temple, a craft centre, and a modest retail store are all included in this residence of exquisite art.
  • Distance From Puri  : 1.4 km

5. Chilika Lake | Biggest Saltwater Lagoon in Asia

In Orissa's three different regions of Puri, Ganjam, and Khordha, Chilika Lake—the biggest saltwater lagoon in Asia—is divided from the Bay of Bengal's waters by a thin neckline. The distance between Puri and this lake, dotted with several little islands of beautiful natural beauty, is around 50 kilometres. During the winter, take in the splendour of the migratory bird flocks in flight.

  • Highlights: Before leaving for a wonderful meal nearby, try boating, birding, and other lakeside activities.
  • Distance From Puri  : 122 km

6. Markandeshwar Temple | Brilliant Representation of Natraj

One of the best Puri temples, Markandeshwar Temple, was built in the 13th century and is situated next to Bindu Sagar. At the temple entrance, in the Chaitya window, is a brilliant representation of Natraj with ten arms. In front of the sanctuary are sculptures of Sri Ganesh, Lord Muruga, and Goddess Parvati that have been meticulously sculpted. This is one of the best Historic sites around Puri, which has a beautiful atmosphere and an excellent fifty-two Lord Shiva temples.

  • Highlights: Engage in the daily prayers and go for a stroll to explore the surroundings.
  • Distance From Puri  : 2 km

7. Konark | A UNESCO Globe Heritage Site