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Places To Visit In Oklahoma

20 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Oklahoma In 2024

Nestled in the Heartland of the United States, Oklahoma is a land of striking diversity, offering a rich tapestry of natural wonders, cultural treasures, and historic landmarks. This vibrant state, often referred to as the "Sooner State," boasts an impressive array of places to visit that cater to every traveller's interests. Whether you're drawn to the sweeping vistas of the Wichita Mountains, eager to explore the Native American cultural experiences, or seeking family-friendly adventures in lively cities, weekend getaways in Oklahoma have something extraordinary in store for you.

One of the defining characteristics of Oklahoma is its breathtaking natural beauty. The state is home to the rugged and picturesque Wichita Mountains, where you can hike among ancient granite formations and encounter wildlife in their natural habitat. Beavers Bend State Park, nestled within the Ouachita National Forest, enchants visitors with its serene lakes, lush forests, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, a rare and pristine expanse of tallgrass prairie, offers a glimpse into the past and a chance to witness the untamed beauty of the American Heartland. Nature enthusiasts can unfold some of the best hiking trails in Oklahoma.

List Of Top 20 Places To Visit In Oklahoma 

For those in search of urban experiences, Oklahoma's cities offer a vibrant contrast to its natural landscapes. Oklahoma City boasts a thriving arts scene, world-class dining, and the bustling Bricktown entertainment district. Tulsa, known as the "Oil Capital of the World," presents a fusion of history and modernity with its Art Deco architecture, cultural festivals, and scenic River Parks along the Arkansas River.

  • Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge | Discovering Oklahoma's Natural Gem
  • Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum | Honouring a Legacy
  • Beavers Bend State Park | Nature's Playground in Oklahoma
  • Philbrook Museum of Art | A Cultural Oasis in Tulsa
  • Chickasaw Cultural Center | Exploring Native American Heritage
  • Turner Falls Park | Oklahoma's Scenic Oasis
  • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum | Preserving the Frontier Spirit
  • Tallgrass Prairie Preserve | A Journey into Native Grasslands
  • Myriad Botanical Gardens | A Botanical Paradise in OKC
  • Oklahoma Aquarium | Dive into Marine Wonder
  • Route 66 Historic District (Tulsa) | Cruising the Main Street of America
  • Will Rogers Memorial Museum | Celebrating an American Icon
  • Gilcrease Museum | Art and Culture Along the Arkansas River
  • Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve | A Retreat into the Wild
  • Pops 66 Soda Ranch | Sip and Savour on Route 66
  • 45th Infantry Division Museum | Honouring Our Heroes
  • The Gathering Place (Tulsa) | A Riverside Playground
  • Science Museum Oklahoma | A World of Wonder
  • Cherokee Heritage Center | Tracing Native American History
  • Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden | Where Wildlife Meets Botany

1. Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge | Discovering Oklahoma's Natural Gem

One of the most famous Oklahoma tourist hotspots, Located in southwestern Oklahoma, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is a haven for nature enthusiasts. It spans over 59,000 acres and is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including bison, elk, prairie dogs, and golden eagles. Visitors can explore the refuge's scenic trails, go wildlife watching, and enjoy picnics amidst stunning landscapes.

  • Main Activities: Hiking, wildlife photography, wildlife viewing, and picnicking.
  • Nearby Tourist Places: Mount Scott, Medicine Park, Holy City of the Wichitas.

2. Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum | Honouring a Legacy

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum stands as a solemn tribute to the victims and survivors of the tragic 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The outdoor memorial features the Field of Empty Chairs and the Survivor Tree. The museum provides a comprehensive and emotional exploration of the event's history and impact.

  • Main Activities: Reflecting at the outdoor memorial, touring the museum, and paying respects to the victims.
  • Nearby Tourist Places: Myriad Botanical Gardens, Bricktown Entertainment District, Oklahoma State Capitol.

3. Beavers Bend State Park | Nature's Playground in Oklahoma

Nestled in the Ouachita Mountains, Beavers Bend State Park offers a pristine natural escape. The park features the Mountain Fork River, Broken Bow Lake, and lush forests. Visitors can indulge in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, boating, and camping, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

  • Main Activities: Hiking, fishing, boating, kayaking, camping, and wildlife watching.
  • Nearby Tourist Places: Hochatown State Park, Broken Bow Lake, Cedar Creek Golf Course.

4. Philbrook Museum of Art | A Cultural Oasis in Tulsa

The Philbrook Museum of Art is a cultural gem in Tulsa, housed within a historic villa surrounded by exquisite gardens. It boasts an impressive collection of art, including European, American, and Native American works. The gardens provide a serene setting for art appreciation and relaxation.

  • Main Activities: Exploring art exhibits, strolling through the gardens, and enjoying cultural events.
  • Nearby Tourist Places: Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa Zoo, Woodward Park.

5. Chickasaw Cultural Center | Exploring Native American Heritage

Situated in Sulphur, the Chickasaw Cultural Center immerses visitors in the rich heritage of the Chickasaw Nation. The centre features interactive exhibits, traditional villages, and cultural performances that showcase the history, art, and traditions of the Chickasaw people.

  • Main Activities: Exploring cultural exhibits, watching traditional performances, and visiting the traditional village.
  • Nearby Tourist Places: Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Lake of the Arbuckles, Turner Falls Park.

6. Turner Falls Park | Oklahoma's Scenic Oasis