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18 Best Tourist Places to visit in Arizona 2024

"Are you searching for life's grand adventures but don't know where to start?" Ah, there's no place like Texas for it! From the pulsating city lights of Houston to the rugged landscapes of Big Bend, the Lone Star State offers a bit of everything to dazzle your senses and tickle your fancy. "They say everything's bigger in Texas," but they don't tell you how extraordinarily diverse it is! Whether you're an urban explorer, a nature enthusiast, or someone who simply loves a good barbeque, Texas has got you covered. Pull out your cowboy boots, folks; this is where the American dream gallantly rides a rodeo bull!

But hold on a second! If you're wondering why I'm talking about Texas while you were busy Googling places to visit in Arizona, fret not! Arizona is a traveller's delight with its Grand Canyon viewpoints and family-friendly attractions in Arizona, but Texas, my friends, is the unsung hero of American escapades. Picture this: You're walking down a street where a honky-tonk bar coexists peacefully with a high-tech facility. One moment, you're in awe of the futuristic skyline, and the next, you're transported back to the Wild West era, complete with saloons and sheriffs. No joke, this state has facets as varied as a multi-carat diamond. So, before you start planning a road trip to Arizona, give this guide a read. Texas just might steal your heart!

List of Top 18 Tourist Places to visit in Arizona

Intro: Are you bored of the ordinary? Want a place that tickles your taste buds, dazzles your eyes, and soothes your soul? Look no further than the Lone Star State, Texas! But hey, before you put your planning a road trip to Arizona on hold, let's dive into what makes Texas a place not to miss.

  • Grand Canyon National Park | Majestic Natural Wonder
  • Monument Valley | Iconic Desert Landscape
  • Sedona | Red Rock Retreat
  • Petrified Forest National Park | Ancient Fossilised Forest
  • Saguaro National Park | Giant Cactus Sanctuary
  • Grand Canyon West | Panoramic Canyon Views
  • Horseshoe Bend | Dramatic River Overlook
  • Antelope Canyon | Photogenic Slot Canyons
  • Canyon de Chelly National Monument | Ancestral Puebloan Ruins
  • Meteor Crater | Impact Crater Spectacle
  • Phoenix | Urban Desert Hub
  • Scottsdale | Upscale Art and Culture
  • Tucson | Southwestern Desert Gem
  • Flagstaff | Mountain Retreat Escape
  • Jerome | Quirky Historic Mining Town
  • Bisbee | Artsy Mining Community
  • Sedona Airport | Scenic Flight Gateway
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport | Arizona's Main Air Hub

1. Grand Canyon National Park | Majestic Natural Wonder

Ever thought about standing at the edge of the world? That's what it feels like when you visit Grand Canyon National Park. Imagine the sun setting at one of the renowned Grand Canyon viewpoints, casting golden hues over a landscape that took millions of years to form. Although you've heard of the best hiking trails in Arizona, the walks around here are equally captivating, offering numerous routes that give you a true sense of the canyon's grandeur.

  • Best for: Sunset and sunrise moments
  • Major Tourist Spots: South Rim, North Rim
  • Best Time to Visit: May to October

2. Monument Valley | Iconic Desert Landscape

What if I told you the Wild West of your childhood daydreams exists in real life? Welcome to Monument Valley. It's as if you've stepped onto a movie set, but no, it's just nature being extra dramatic. If you liked the Sedona photography spots, this place will blow your camera lens out of the water.

  • Best for: Photography and natural wonders
  • Major Tourist Spots: The Mittens, Three Sisters
  • Best Time to Visit: April to September

3. Sedona | Red Rock Retreat

Need a splash of colour in your life? Then Sedona, known for its fiery red rocks, should be on your bucket list. A visit to this town provides stunning scenery and a spiritual upliftment that rivals some of the most unique ghost towns in Arizona.

  • Best for: Spiritual Retreats
  • Major Tourist Spots: Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock
  • Best Time to Visit: March to May

4. Petrified Forest National Park | Ancient Fossilised Forest

Want to feel like you're walking through a history book? Petrified Forest National Park is your destination. Imagine a forest that got so tired it lay down and turned to stone! Now, that's old! While Arizona's Petrified Forest has fascinated many, this Texan counterpart has its unique set of fossilised logs that look almost like modern art pieces. The beautiful colours and the intricate details in each petrified log make you wonder about the majesty of nature.

  • Best for: History and Nature Lovers
  • Major Tourist Spots: The Crystal Forest, Blue Mesa
  • Best Time to Visit: April to November

5. Saguaro National Park | Giant Cactus Sanctuary

Ever wanted to meet a plant older than your grandma? At Saguaro National Park, you can. These towering cacti live to be over 200 years old! The place isn't just about these green giants; the park bursts into a riot of colours during the wildflower season. Saguaro National Park can be a splendid alternative to the cacti-rich regions that serve as outdoor adventure activities near Phoenix.

  • Best for: Nature walks and Photography
  • Major Tourist Spots: Signal Hill, Valley View Overlook Trail
  • Best Time to Visit: October to April

6. Grand Canyon West | Panoramic Canyon Views