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Online Hotel Booking - Tips & Tricks To Get The Best Deals

Have you ever googled ‘online hotel booking’? Did the millions of results freeze your brain? Could not decide on how to get the best deal out of hotel booking sites? Are accommodation charges making you cancel your dream vacation? Then keep reading, buddy. Because we are giving answers to the million-dollar question - how to save money while booking a hotel online? Don’t bail on that vacation just yet because #AdotripHaiNa.

Online Hotel Booking Made Easy

Read all these tips and tricks that can help you save a big chunk of your travel budget that you can spend on other fun activities. Keep scrolling!

1. New is always better

Whether you are going to Mumbai, Maldives, or Mauritius, always look out for newly opened properties as they often give exciting discounts to get their first customers through the door. Not sure how to find new hotels? Just Google “new hotels in …” and you will see numerous hotel booking sites that will show you the results.

2. Always Compare Tariff On Hotel Booking Sites

Use hotel comparison sites to check the prices instead of searching multiple individual sites and comparing your hotel room. There are a lot of hotel booking sites that allow you to do so such as Adotrip. This little trick can help you save money.

3. Book Your Favorite Hotel Directly

If you know where you are going to stay then don’t even think of searching online hotel booking websites and just call the hotel staff to book directly. This hack is used by many travel experts as it saves a lot of stress and money.

There could be many reasons for the high prices that only hotel staff may be aware of. They could give you an insight into what is affecting the current rates while booking an online booking hotel.

4. Use Hotel Booking App

Sometimes you need to get off to someplace as quickly as you can that you get no time to even Google “online hotel booking”. For such times there are many hotel room booking apps available from which you can book a nice, cozy room in no time.

Also, making a reservation at the last minute might save some cash in your pocket. If you and your friends like to hop on the unplanned weekend getaways then using a hotel booking app is a good idea which allows you to make a last-minute reservation within 24 hours of your arrival. 

5. Look For Free Cancelable Hotel Booking Sites

When searching for online hotel booking websites, remember to look out for offers that state “free cancellations - pay later”. This means that you can cancel your hotel room booking anytime for free and the hotel doesn’t require you to pay upfront while booking.

This online hotel booking hack allows you to continue your research on hotels and cancel your booking as soon as you land on a better deal. The simple phenomenon of supply and demand works here. The more people want to book the room, the more they will charge for it. So keep your eyes on the hotel booking sites because you might get a better deal than before.

6. Check For Discounts While Booking Hotel

Do you know that you can get exclusive discounts by simply being a member of certain organizations or associations? Before jumping on hotel booking sites, check if your university, group, or organization offers any discounts on hotel room booking.

7. Look Out For The Cancelled Room Bookings

If you are still searching for a great deal on online hotel booking websites then consider checking for canceled reservations. People often cancel their rooms at the last minute, which hotels offer at reduced rates because they still want to fill their rooms. This hack could save your time surfing on hotel booking sites and hard-earned money.

8. Negotiate & Don’t Pay For Upgrades