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Don’t miss the journey by train 18, first engineless train in India!

There is nothing new if I make you feel bored by explaining to you the history of the Indian Railways. Train 18 has been launched by the Indian railways which will run without an engine and can run with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour; a made-in-India train. No doubt, the railway line has been turned into the lifeline nowadays for people across the nation. 

The train will run at a speed of 160 km and is named Train 18 or T18 and the train has been tested successfully and it will be replacing the Shatabdi Express soon. It was built by Integral Coach Factory; Chennai and it took just 20 months.

Here is a rundown of the facts about train 18 that will amaze your mind for sure:

1. Train 18 is the first engine-less and made-in-India train: The train was completed in Integral Coach Factory, Chennai, and all done within 18 months.

2. Soon going to replace Shatabdi Express: Shatabdi Express connects with the major cities as it got started in 1988 and runs on around 20 tracks. It connects with cosmopolitans as well as to other nearby cities.

3. Train 18 manufacturing cost is almost half of a similar train says a Financial Express report.

4. A complete blend of advanced features that will draw a space in your heart this time: Now passengers can experience the diffused lighting, automatic doors, and footsteps. And the list doesn’t end here the passengers can also experience the GPS facility. The train is built upon the technology named GPS-based passenger information system and the train coaches are designed with LEDs.

5. The footsteps are fitted at the main entrance of the compartments and they would come out automatically whenever a train stops at a particular station.

6. The train will run at an average speed of 130 kmph and it will decrease the time taken during the travel by Shatabdi Express by over 15%.

7. T-18 is built upon the self-propelled engine-less train like the metro trains and fully covered under the surveillance of CCTV cameras.

8. The train will have two executive compartments out of which 16 chair car type coaches and there would be 52 seats. Apart from that the train will have 14 trailer coaches and will have more than 78 seats.

9. The train has such an incredible design where passengers can have a look at the driver’s cabin from their seats.

10. Driver cabins are present at both ends of the train.

11. Bio-vacuum toilets are installed in the train with stylish bathroom fittings.

12. Spacious luggage racks are designed and a dedicated space where you can park the wheelchairs for disabled passengers.

13. The train will run soon on the 707 km route of the Shatabdi Express from Delhi to Bhopal and there are 18 continuous windows.

Don’t you find this amazing? Share your experience and views with us today!

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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