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How To Reduce Your Travel Carbon Footprint On The Planet? - Helpful Tips

There is no doubt in the fact that we will soon need to acquire eco-friendly ways of living our lives. Yes, that is quite a true and powerful statement. And I strongly believe in it.

Don’t you think the same?

We can see how the population has been growing on our planet for a couple of years and as a result of that, there has been a flush of negativity on Earth covering various aspects such as pollution, global warming, wastage etc.

The other day I was seeing it on news as well. The anchor was saying that how the drought and extreme climate change risks are rising at a great velocity and would be affecting our planet in the future.

So, in this day and age, it becomes all the more necessary for us to keep certain things in our minds and do our bit to curb the impact of global warming. And that is the precise reason that I myself have increased the use of taking public transportation instead of taking my own vehicle. This is one small way in which I try and contribute my bit in saving my planet.

Yes, by taking such steps we can specifically reduce the travel carbon footprints on our precious Earth. Doing so will help the younger generations a great deal as well. We certainly should not leave a deteriorating planet to them as their inheritance. Don’t you think so?

But first, let us understand what do we mean when we say reduce the travel footprint?

Basically, the travel carbon footprint is the emission which a single person generates while using various means of transportation while travelling. It can be a holiday or even travelling around for a business meeting etc. The other day, I was reading that the overall carbon emissions which the travel sector generates single-handedly are around 8%. And it is a lot. We need to work on that.

So, how do we make a positive impact on the environment while simultaneously reducing the travel carbon footprint? Let’s discuss.


People who are fond of travelling like me must consider the very idea of ecotourism. Yes, this is one way in which they would be able to travel yet conserve our environment. I personally also feel that it is quite a good thing to follow. And I didn’t expect this but when I read that long-distance travel can be harmful to the environment, I couldn’t digest it for some time but after doing more research I was on the same thought. However, we would need to know how to encourage this very idea of ecotourism amongst the masses.

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