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Christmas and New Year

From 7 to 70! A Guide for All to Spend Lost Days Between Christmas, New Year on a Convivial Note

Did you know that the time between New Year and Christmas Celebrations has a special word for it in Norway? Yes, over there, it is known as ‘Romjul’ which essentially means a period to spend with your family and friends. Interesting, isn’t it? But, while some find this week to be fun, for most of the people, it is a dead week with simply nothing to do.

During this lethargic period between Christmas festival and New Year celebrations, most people like to indulge themselves in binge eating comfortably at home, doing nothing and feeling lazy all the time. As there is almost a week in between these two major events, it is quite normal to feel a little directionless and not know how to utilise it best?

So, if you find yourself bored to tears then we have some cool suggestions for you on how you can make these dull days between Christmas and New Year really special. Check out the deets and you won’t be disappointed.

Cool Things to do Indoors Between Christmas Festival and New Year Celebrations

How About a Thousand Piece Puzzle?

Solving a thousand-piece puzzle is all about patience, fun and a lot of indoor time with your family and friends. This option is great as solving it can literally take you days on end, keeping you occupied for most of the hours. After all, who doesn’t love challenges every now and then?

Reading Books

If you live afar from your loved ones and have no one by your side to hang out with then books will come to your rescue during this dead gap between Christmas celebrations and New Year Eve party events. We all know that books can take you in a completely magical world of imaginations. Furthermore, reading has many benefits attached to it like it lowers stress levels, improves vocabulary and expands one’s knowledge extensively.

Binge Watch Your Favourite Movies, TV Shows or Web Series

For all the introverts out there, what could be better than to wear your jammies and binge-watching your favourite movies, TV shows or web series along with a bucket full of chicken, popcorns or something equally delicious?

Some of the popular movie franchises in recent time are - Jurrasic Park, Star Wars, Avengers, Deadpool, Harry Potter, James Bond and many more that you can add to your list. Coming on to the web series part, some of the coolest series to indulge yourself are Sacred Games, Bard of Blood, Kota Factory. And, if none of them intrigue you, remember, FRIENDS will never go out of vogue.

Cool Things to do Outdoors Between New Year Party Events and Christmas Celebrations

Most people love to head out for fun a day day and an even better evening. In that case, too, we have a plethora of options for you that are worth exploring around as per everyone’s respective tastes. Let’s discover what you guys can do to enjoy the time of your life during this period.

A Family Dinner

Nothing can be better than this to celebrate the time from Christmas to New Year with your family. No doubt, that dinners are truly a fantastic way of initiating conversations and laughing to your heart’s content. These dinners are all about staying together and solidifying family bonds as well as savouring those very life moments in one’s memory for eternity.

Party Hard at a Night Club