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Food Of Brussels

11 Famous Food Of Brussels | You Must Try In 2024

Belgian fries, waffles, or chocolate pralines—we crave them all the time. These delicacies from Belgium intensify the craving multiple times. Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is home to Belgian local cuisine and mouth-watering dishes.

Given the diversity of the population in Brussels, the dishes have a regional and seasonal touch. It makes them unique in taste and texture, which the tourists in Brussels love. Of all the food in Brussels, some are internationally acclaimed and are cooked with regional variations like Belgian waffles and frites.

Taste the delectable flavours in Brussels. You can savour your favourite Belgian delicacy at the local food outlets or walk into the Michelin-starred restaurants to taste the perfection. So, make up the list of dishes you will be trying out on your next trip to Brussels, or take some references from us.

List Of 11 Delicious Food Of Brussels

Here is the list of the most desired dishes of Brussels that offer the taste of Belgian flavours. This list is inclusive of top restaurants in Brussels to try out these amazing dishes.

  • Belgian Waffles | Golden Crisps, Delightful Toppings
  • Moules-Frites | A Belgian Culinary Love Story
  • Chocolate | Artistry in Every Bite
  • Frites | Golden, Crisp, and Irresistible
  • Brussels Sprouts | Small Veggie, Big Flavour
  • Chocolate Pralines | Edible Artistry from Brussels
  • Waterzooi | Belgian Waterzooi for the Soul
  • Carbonnade Flamande | Brussels' Comfort Food Classic
  • Speculoos | Savouring Brussels' Speculoos Cookies
  • Vol-au-Vent | Puff Pastry Perfection
  • Stoemp | Savoring Brussels' Stoemp

1. Belgian Waffles | Golden Crisps, Delightful Toppings

Belgian waffles are a true indulgence. Crispy on the outside yet light and airy within, these sweet treats are often served with a delightful array of toppings. Whether you prefer them adorned with luscious chocolate, fresh fruit, whipped cream, or a dusting of powdered sugar, Belgian waffles are a must-try in Brussels. You can try the best Belgian waffles anywhere at street outlets or go to the recommended place.

  • Where to try: Grand Place or outside the Brussels Central Station

2. Moules-Frites | A Belgian Culinary Love Story

One of the authentic Brussels foods, Moules-frites, or mussels and fries, is a beloved Belgian classic. The mussels are simmered in white wine, garlic, and herbs until they are tender and full of flavour. Served alongside a generous portion of crispy golden fries, this dish offers a delightful combination of tastes and textures.

  • Where to try: Chez Léon or La Brouette

3. Chocolate | Artistry in Every Bite

Brussels is renowned for its exceptional chocolate. Chocolatiers craft delectable pralines and truffles, offering a wide variety of fillings, from creamy ganache to nutty praline. Chocolate shops line the city streets, inviting you to sample the finest Belgian chocolates.

  • Where to try: Neuhaus, Godiva, and Pierre Marcolini

4. Frites | Golden, Crisp, and Irresistible

Belgian fries, or "frites," are a culinary treasure. These thick-cut, double-fried potatoes are known for their irresistible crispiness. Enjoy them with a choice of sauces, such as creamy mayonnaise, tangy ketchup, or the spiciness of samurai sauce. It is a top Brussels street food that has various versions in different parts of the world.

  • Where to try: Maison Antoine and Frit Flagey

5. Brussels Sprouts | Small Veggie, Big Flavour

Brussels sprouts, often roasted or sautéed to golden perfection, make for a delightful side dish. Cooked with a touch of butter and sometimes accompanied by crispy bacon, they offer a savoury and comforting flavour elevating any meal.

  • Where to try: Any local restaurants, especially during the winter season

6. Chocolate Pralines | Edible Artistry from Brussels

This is a must-try dish in Brussels that you should take advantage of. Belgian chocolate pralines are miniature masterpieces, each with a unique filling. From velvety caramel to zesty fruit purée, these confections offer a symphony of flavours, making them perfect for gifting or indulging.

  • Where to try: Mary, Leonidas, and The Chocolate Line.

7. Waterzooi | Belgian Waterzooi for the Soul