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15 Famous Foods Of Maharashtra You Must Try In 2024

Maharashtra is the third-largest state and welcomes numerous visitors every year. It harbours long tales of history and culture. The magnificence of the state can be acknowledged by the fact that the country's financial capital is present here. People love exploring and enjoying the monuments, celebrities, culture, and food of Maharashtra.

Maharashtrian cuisine has mildly spicy dishes that can steal anyone’s heart. Surprisingly, the world’s most popular and healthy breakfast options, like poha and vada pav, are part of Maharashtra’s famous food. Despite the diversity, people prominently use tamarind, kokum, and coconut in the cuisine.

List Of Top 15 Popular Food of Maharashtra

Unlike other coastal regions, this state has various food options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So whichever is your preference, this place will satisfy with its variety. Let’s list a few must-try dishes.

  • Pav Bhaji - The national crush with spicy and buttery flavour
  • Poha - The healthiest breakfast option with low calories
  • Vada Pav - The lifeline of Maharashtrians
  • Puran Poli - Special sweet paratha
  • Aamti - Special dal with the right balance of sweetness and tanginess
  • Modak - The momo-looking sweet dish
  • Ragda Pattice - Tikki chaat of Maharashtra
  • Misal Pav - Fume your inner thrill with spicy flavours
  • Tambda Rassa - Special Kohlapuri non-veg curry
  • Solkadhi - A drink for better digestion
  • Shreekhand - The healthy dessert
  • Basundi - Dessert that can add contentment to your life
  • Bombil - Non-veg delicacy for fish lovers
  • Bhel Puri – For healthy munching
  • Bharli Khari Vangi - Stuffed eggplants with unique flavours

1. Pav Bhaji | A Spicy Curry With Fluffy Pav

Want to try something fulfilling and nutritious for your breakfast? Then you can try this dish. It has two elements, i.e., pav (a type of bread) and bhaji (a type of thick gravy). The bhaji is prepared with various vegetables like peas, carrots, potatoes, etc. These vegetables are boiled, mashed and mixed with tomato gravy and spices. It is Mahrashtra’s unique food, served with toasted pavs, bhaji, onion salad, and butter. In the early morning, you can easily spot pav bhaji stalls on the streets. The trend of pav bhaji progressed in the late 1800s when the mill workers had short lunch breaks. Pav bhaji became a substitute for their Indian lunch consisting of chapati, rice, and curry.

2. Poha | A Step Towards Healthy Eating

It is a type of flattened rice made from de-husking rice grains. These grains have various nutritious elements, including proteins, fibre, vitamins, and iron. Thus, people consider this popular Maharashtra food as the best breakfast option. It can help with weight loss and is better than our cereal. People have various variants of poha. For instance, many people prepare it with onions (Kande pohe), and many add peanuts. Moreover, it is an important part of a Maharashtrian snack. People pair it with cups of tea at arranged marriage meetings.

3. Vada Pav | Maharashtrian Iconic Dish of Every Time

This dish gets the title of Maharashtra’s favourite dish because of the people’s love. Almost everyone here either starts or ends their day with this snack. It comprises a pav (a bun), a potato patty, special spices, fried green chillies, and mint dip. It looks like a burger but is quite spicy. You can find a vada pav vendor on every street in this state. People love this dish so much that its praises are even mentioned in many Bollywood movies and songs. It is also known as Batata vada in the Marathi language. Many versions of the vada pav, like the ulta vada pav, cheese vada pav, etc., are now available. So trying this Maharashtrian burger version should be on your list whenever you travel to Maharashtra.

4. Puran Poli | An Integral Part of Festive Menu

It is a sweet stuffed paratha (Indian flatbread), the traditional Maharashtra food specially prepared for big festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi. The word puran means stuffing, and poli means chapati in Marathi. The stuffing of this dish contains various ingredients like boiled chana dal, saffron, jaggery, and cardamom powder. People serve it with ghee. Many people enhance the flavours by adding cashews, raisins, almonds, or even ice cream.

5. Aamti | Maharashtrian Dal with a Mix of Sweetness and Tanginess

Dal is a comfort food for everyone, and Aamti is its Maharashtrian version. It comprises toor daal, jaggery, grated coconut, kokum, tamarind juice, and goda masala. Thus, you get a "khatta meetha" and spicy flavour, i.e., a hint of sweetness and tanginess. It goes well with boiled rice and ghee. The versions of Amti recipes vary according to the region of the state. For instance, Shipi Amti is a speciality from Karjat and consists of 5 different lentils, including urad, moong, toor, masoor, and chana dal.

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6. Modak | Lord Ganesha’s and Lord Buddha’s Favourite Sweet

The word modak means a fragment of bliss, and this dish is widely offered to Lord Ganesha and Lord Buddha. It looks like a dumpling filled with a sweet filling. Though there are many variants of modak, the one that is considered the traditional food of Maharashtra is Ukadiche modak (steamed). The outer layer comprises rice flour, and the stuffing includes grated coconut and powdered jaggery. But if you are in Maharashtra, try all the other variants of this dish to overfill your heart. Interestingly, this dish connects with other international cuisines like Japanese, Thai, Malay, etc.

7. Ragda Pattice | Flavoursome Street Food for Gastronomers

You can find this on every Maharashtrian street. As the name suggests, it has two prime components, i.e., ragda (a type of curry) and pattice (a potato fritter). It may seem similar to tikki served in north India. But when you taste the dish, you can experience something different in the flavour. Unlike spiced tikki, the pattice is usually salted, and the spiced flavours are achieved with ragda. It is a curry of white peas with various spices. Moreover, you can enhance the flavours with the garnishings like tamarind dip, mint dip, chopped onions, tomatoes, and sev.

8. Misal Pav | Find a Spicy Meal in a Snack

Want to grab something spicy and fulfilling for your breakfast or lunch? Then Misal Pav could be the right option. It is a popular food of Maharashtra that includes misal (spicy moth beans curry), pav (bread), salad, and curd or buttermilk. The origin of this dish is Kolhapur, and this district is known for the high spice content in its dishes. There are many new fixed versions of misal pav, like Khandeshi misal, Dahi misal, etc. Moreover, you may be shocked that this dish got the title of the world’s tastiest vegetarian dish (FoodieHub Awards, London).

9. Tambda Rassa | The Explosion of Flavours in Every Slurp of the Curry

The dish's name comes from the Marathi language, where tambda means copper and rassa means curry. It is one of the spiciest dishes, consisting of mutton and many spices. Firstly, cook the mutton in the pressure cooker with caramelised onions. Then prepare a gravy with tomatoes and various Indian spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, black pepper, etc. Ultimately, just combine the two and simmer them for a while. There are various versions of rassa, including vegetarian rassa known as Patwadi rassa. It contains gram flour in place of meat.

10. Solkadhi | An Appetiser to Complete Every Meal

It is a beverage consumed with or after meals for refreshment and better digestion. This drink requires a few ingredients like coconut milk, salt, soaked kokum, and some spices like rai, cumin seeds, dried red chillies, garlic cloves, and asafoetida. It protects the body from the side effects of a hot climate and contains various probiotic elements that are good for health.

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11. Shreekhand | Ancient Treasure in Gastronomy