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Famous Foods of Delhi

10 Must-Try Famous Foods of Delhi in 2024

There are numerous cuisines in the world, but the one that attracts the whole world towards it is the Indian cuisine. When it comes to choosing what to eat from Indian cuisine, you will end up trying everything. There is Samosa, Chole Bhatura, Ram Ladoo, Parantha, Pakora, Jalebi, and whatnot. Though these dishes are from around the country, the place that can offer you a supreme taste of all of these is Delhi.

The national capital is loaded with locations that cater to the people the best taste of the nation. Hence, no matter whether you are a tourist in India or a native, you should definitely try the best food of Delhi.

Best Toothsome Food of Delhi That Will Make You Slobber!

From the peppery and juicy taste of Pani Puri to the exotic sweetness of Rabri Faluda, there is no limit to trying Delhi's famous food. If you are in the national capital, do try all these items!

  • Paani Puri or Golgappe | The Peppery Liquid in a Ball
  • Chole Bhatura | The Prefect Breakfast Dish
  • Parantha | The Indian Brother of Pizza
  • Chaat | A Soft and Crisp Treat
  • Rolls | A rolled savoury delight
  • Puri Aloo | The brother of Chole Bhature
  • Samosa Chana | A Happy Marriage
  • Aloo Tikki | Allo is Back!!
  • Pav Bhaji | Treat for your Soul
  • Jalebi | The Tangled Sweetness

1. Paani Puri or Golgappe | The Peppery Liquid in a Ball

Many would have tried Mumbai’s Paani Puri and would have surely liked it but only till now. Golgappe is a version of Paani Puri available in Delhi at numerous locations. Made from flour or suji, it is a ball filled with sweet and peppery liquid, potato, onions, and chickpeas. The choice of fillings can vary based on customer preferences, but the taste is exotic and unforgettable.

Other than peppery liquid, you can also get Golgappe filled with curd. These go well with mint sauce that leaves a great taste in the mouth.

  • Best place to try: To enjoy the real taste of the dish, go to Rasili Chaat in Vasant Kunj, Chhotey Lal Caterers in Chandni Chowk, Prince Chaat Corner in Greater Kailash, etc.
  • Price: INR 30 to 100

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2. Chole Bhatura | The Prefect Breakfast Dish

If you are in Delhi, you must rank Chole Bhature on top for your breakfast. The dish is a combo of chickpeas dipped in a savoury sauce accompanied by a soft and squishy bread named Bhatura. It is made from the dough obtained from mixing maida, yeast, and curd. Other than these primary items, you can get boiled potato sabzi, mint sauce, and onions on the side.

Chole Bhutura is one of the primary breakfast items in North India and will suffice your hunger. So, do try them in Delhi.

  • Best place to try: Chole Bhatura is available almost everywhere in Delhi. However, the best Chole Bhature in Delhi is available at Anand Ji in Lajpat Nagar, Prem Di Hatti in Rajouri Garden, Sita Ram Diwan Chand in Paharganj, etc.
  • Price: INR 50 to over 100

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3. Parantha | The Indian Brother of Pizza

Just like Pizza is to Italy, Paratha is to India. However, Indian bread is way different in taste and made from its Italian brother. A place in Delhi called Paranthe Wali Gali serves the best paranthas, along with many others. Unlike Pizza, Paratha has stuffing inside it that can be of various types.

You can order mashed potato parantha, paneer (Indian cheese) parantha, onion parantha, cauliflower parantha, etc. If you are up for non-veg, you can choose egg paratha, keema parantha, and more. They are served with pickles, curd, and curries to make them better.

  • Best places to try: Paranthe wali gali, Kakke di Hatti, and Moolchandke parantha
  • Price: INR 150 to 350

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4. Chaat | A Soft and Crisp Treat

If you are up for some peppery snack, chaat is the ideal pick for you. Usually, it is found in the same place as Golgappe and is of various types like aloo chaat, chaat papri, bhalla papri, and more. The key ingredients of each of these chaats are the same. These ingredients include chickpeas, boiled potatoes, red sauce, yoghurt, sev, etc. The blend of all these creates a whirlpool of exotic tastes in your mouth.

Some hygiene-focused places, ideally restaurants, add dry fruits to the chaat to enhance its taste. You can always ask for a complementary papri after serving from street vendors.

  • Best places to try: To enjoy this flavourful snack, you can go to Taram Bazaar in Chandni Chowk, Bittoo Tikki Wala in Netaji Subhash Place, or Prince Chaat Corner in Greater Kailash.
  • Price: INR 40 to 80 per plate

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5. Rolls | A rolled savoury delight

Rolls can be a great choice if you are searching for the best on-the-go food in Delhi. Unlike other snacks that may require you to sit or stay in one place, you can take rolls anywhere. Rolls in Delhi are of various types, such as egg rolls, chicken rolls, keema rolls, veggie rolls, and whatnot.

The dish is nothing but an exotic mixture of onions, cabbage, mayo, tomato sauce, chaat masala and the filling of your choice, wrapped in a fried tortilla. The filling is of the types mentioned above. You can try it with more tomato ketchup and mint sauce to enhance its taste further.

  • Best places to try: Nizam’s Kathi Kebab in Defence Colony, Khan Chacha in Connaught Place, and Art Of Spices in Karol Bagh
  • Price: INR 100 to 450

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6. Puri Aloo | The brother of Chole Bhature

Aloo is a veggie that is used in almost every dish in India. Puri Aloo is a dish that is an ideal breakfast choice. Compared to Chole Bhature, it is light but can still jack up your cholesterol level. Anyhow, once you taste the Aloo Puri in Delhi, you will not refrain from eating more.

Puri is a bread made from flour, deep fried in mustard or refined oil. And Aloo is in the form of a sabzi with a thick gravy made from Indian spices. Some vendors add a unique taste to this sabzi by adding mint sauce (Pudina chutney).

  • Best places to try: Just like the best Chole Bhature in Delhi, there are places for the best Aloo Puri in Delhi, such as Sardar Ki Aloo Puri in Daryagunj, Ram Parshad Makhan Lal in Chandni Chowk, and Tewari Sweets in Lajpat Nagar
  • Price: INR 40 to 80

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7. Samosa Chana | A Happy Marriage

Samosa is a lip-smacking Indian snack that is popular across the world. So far, you would have tried it with some type of sauce. But what if we tell you that Delhi has a samosa surprise for you? Delhi tastes samosa to another level with Chana Samosa. It is an excellent blend of chana masala sabzi with aloo stuffed pockets.

The saucy mixture of chana masala with the protein power of chickpeas is sure to generate more cravings. Counted among the best street food in Delhi, samosa chana tastes ultimate with green sauce, onions, and yoghurt on top.

  • Best places to try: For the most scrumptious samosa chana, visit Annapurna Sweets in CR Park, Munni Ki Halwai in Gole Market, and Bittoo Samosa Wala in Rani Bagh Market.
  • Price: INR 100 to 150

8. Aloo Tikki | Allo is Back!!

As we told you, Aloo is the king of vegetables, and here it is again. Aloo Tikki is a form of chaat that can be found at the same stall as Aloo chaat, papri chaat, etc. Go for Aloo Tikki in Delhi if you crave to bite the deep-fried potato tots. Aloo Tikki is served with red sauce, yoghurt, chickpeas, diced onions, sev, etc.

Based on the vendor, the ingredients may vary. However, the star of the Indian dish is the Aloo Tikki which forms a tornado of flavours that mixes and combines repeatedly with other ingredients in your mouth. Thus, producing a heavenly taste.

Though there is unlimited food in Delhi, this one is a must-try for everyone.

  • Best places to try: The national capital has numerous places that sell delicious Aloo Tikki, namely, Prabhu Chaat Bhandar in Shahjahan Road, Bittoo Tikki Wala in Dwarka, and Vaishno Chaat Bhandar in Kamla Nagar.
  • Price: INR 50 to 100

9. Pav Bhaji | Treat for your Soul

Unlike other dishes on the list, Pav Bhaji stands out and is distinguished by its unique taste, presentation, and name. If you are in Delhi, minimal outlets provide lip-smacking pav bhaji. However, it is best to eat from street vendors than fancy restaurants.

Pav is a bread somewhat similar to a burger, and bhaji is a semi-liquid sabzi made from mashing up numerous veggies and potatoes. Gravy is added to these mashed vegetables along with butter. The final product has a taste that will be irresistible and will nudge you to have more of it. To make it better, you can ask the street vendor to add more butter, lemon juice, and onions to it.

  • Best places to try: To get the best Pav Bhaji, go to Guptaji Pav Bhaji in Daryaganj, Shiv Tikki Wala in Karkardooma, or Kumar Pav Bhaji Corner in Krishna Nagar.
  • Price: INR 100 to 250

10. Jalebi | The Tangled Sweetness