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Dubai in September

Dubai in September | Weather, Things to Do, Malls

Ever wondered what magic awaits you in Dubai during the golden month of September? With its stunning skyline, luxurious experiences, and endless activities, Dubai is a city that never ceases to amaze. As the sweltering summer months gradually give way to the mild and pleasant Dubai weather in September, you'll find that this vibrant metropolis offers a unique blend of cultural, adventurous, and leisurely pursuits. So don your sunglasses and get ready to explore 15 amazing things you must do while savouring September in the City of Gold!

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself," said Amelia Earhart, and we couldn't agree more about Dubai. There's no shortage of excitement, from exhilarating September events in Dubai, like the annual film festival, to thrilling desert safaris and awe-inspiring architectural marvels. If relaxation is more your style, indulge in world-class shopping or lounge by the pool at one of the many opulent hotels. Whatever your preference, Dubai promises a September to remember, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime!

List of Top 15 Must-Do Activities in September in Dubai

Are you seeking the ultimate September holiday packages Dubai has to offer? Look no further! We've curated a list of the top 15 things to do in Dubai in September that will make your trip unforgettable. From adrenaline-pumping adventures to serene escapes, Dubai promises a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation. Dive into the city's rich culture, awe-inspiring architecture, and world-class entertainment options as you embark on a journey tailored to create lasting memories. So, pack your bags and get ready to indulge in the best that Dubai has to offer this September!

  • La Mer Beach | Picturesque Coastal Retreat
  • Desert Safari | Exhilarating Dune Bashing Adventure
  • Burj Khalifa | Iconic Skyscraper with Breathtaking Views
  • Dubai Mall | Ultimate Shopping and Entertainment Destination
  • Jumeirah Beach | Pristine Sands and Azure Waters
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo | Marine Life Exploration
  • Ossiano | Underwater Fine Dining Experience at Atlantis, The Palm
  • Al Safa Park | Tranquil Green Oasis in the City
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood | Cultural Heritage Exploration
  • Abra Ride at Dubai Creek | Traditional Water Taxi Experience
  • Dubai Fountain | Mesmerizing Water and Light Spectacle
  • Wild Wadi Water Park | Fun-filled Aquatic Adventure
  • Palm Jumeirah | Iconic Man-made Island and Luxury Resorts
  • Alserkal Avenue | Contemporary Art and Cultural Hub
  • Dubai Opera | Captivating Live Performances and Events

1. La Mer Beach | Picturesque Coastal Retreat

Looking for a serene beach getaway? La Mer Beach is the perfect coastal retreat during your September in Dubai. With its pristine sands, crystal-clear waters, and chic cafes, this beachfront destination offers a pleasant escape from bustling city life. Enjoy a stroll, sunbathe, or dip in the refreshing sea. Don't forget to explore the vibrant street art and indulge in retail therapy at the quirky boutiques. Dubai September travel tips: Visit early or late afternoon to avoid peak sun hours.

  • Best things to do: Beach activities, dining, shopping.
  • Location: Jumeirah 1.

2. Desert Safari | Exhilarating Dune Bashing Adventure

Ever experienced the thrill of dune bashing? A desert safari is a must-do during your September visit to Dubai. Embark on an exhilarating adventure as you race over the golden dunes in a 4x4 vehicle, followed by a traditional Bedouin camp experience with live entertainment and a delicious BBQ dinner under the stars. Best time to visit Dubai in September: Book an evening desert safari to enjoy cooler temperatures and mesmerising sunset.

  • Best things to do: Dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding.
  • Location: Various tour operators in Dubai.

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3. Burj Khalifa | Iconic Skyscraper with Breathtaking Views

Ready to touch the sky? The iconic Burj Khalifa, standing at a staggering 828 meters, offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness breathtaking panoramic city views. Ascend to the observation decks on the 124th, 125th, or 148th floors and marvel at the stunning skyline, stretching as far as the eye can see.

  • Best things to do: Observation decks, photography, dining at At.mosphere.
  • Location: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd.

4. Dubai Mall | Ultimate Shopping and Entertainment Destination

Fancy a shopping spree? The Dubai Mall, one of the world's largest shopping centres, boasts over 1,300 retail outlets, 200 dining options, and a plethora of entertainment choices. You'll find it all under one roof, from high-end fashion brands to electronic giants. Don't miss the captivating Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and the VR Park for an immersive virtual reality experience.

  • Best things to do: Shopping, dining, entertainment.
  • Location: Downtown Dubai.

5. Jumeirah Beach | Pristine Sands and Azure Waters

Craving some sun, sea, and sand? Jumeirah Beach is a popular destination for beach lovers seeking a relaxing day by the shore. With its soft white sands, warm azure waters, and stunning view of the iconic Burj Al Arab, this beach offers the perfect setting for a leisurely day in the sun.

  • Best things to do: Sunbathing, swimming, beach volleyball.
  • Location: Jumeirah Beach Road.

6. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo | Marine Life Exploration

Ever wondered what lies beneath the ocean's surface? The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, located within the Dubai Mall, offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of marine life. Home to more than a thousand aquatic animals, including sharks, rays, and colourful fish species, this attraction promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

  • Best things to do: Tunnel walk, glass-bottom boat ride, diving experiences.
  • Location: Downtown Dubai.

7. Ossiano | Underwater Fine Dining Experience at Atlantis, The Palm

Looking for a unique dining experience? Ossiano, an award-winning underwater restaurant at Atlantis, The Palm, combines exquisite cuisine with mesmerising views of the Ambassador Lagoon. Indulge in a gourmet meal as the enchanting marine life glides through the floor-to-ceiling aquarium windows.

  • Best things to do: Fine dining, special occasions, photography.
  • Location: Atlantis, The Palm, Crescent Road, Palm Jumeirah.

8. Al Safa Park | Tranquil Green Oasis in the City