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Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Indian Restaurants in Dubai | Recreate The Taste of Home Soil

The Indian cuisine is popular worldwide. If you use Instagram and have scrolled reels on it, you must have witnessed numerous food channels that primarily focus on it. It is so popular that not just Indians but foreigners are glued to the exotic taste of Indian spices. Now, Indian food can be found everywhere.

If you are in Dubai and looking for Indian Food, there are a plethora of restaurants that you can try. You can taste everything from your home soil, from Butter Chicken and Biryani to Egg Curry and Omelette. Let’s read ahead and unravel some of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai!

List of 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai To Savour The Finest Flavours!

No matter what you want to taste, the city of remarkable infrastructure has everything for you. Not just Indian but you can get food of other cuisines too. Anyway, here are the Best Indian restaurants in Dubai!

  • Gharana | Feels Like Home
  • Antique Bazaar | Feel Like A Maharaja
  • Armani Amal | The Beauty of Glass Walls
  • Aryaas | The South Indian Taste
  • Rang Mahal | Hail The Owner
  • Raju Omlet Restaurant | For The Love of Egg
  • Rangoli Restaurant | The Perfect Home-Cooked Food
  • Bombay Chowpatty | The God of Restaurants
  • Indego by Vineet | The Expensive Yet Unique One
  • Maharaja Bhog | A Place for Gujarati and Rajasthani Food

1. Gharana | Feels Like Home

Gharana is a word used to describe the homely vibe in India. And Gharana is an Indian fine dining in Dubai inspired by the same. The authentic restaurant in Dubai is housed in the Holiday Inn luxury hotel. The place is not a restaurant but an experience that will be chiselled in your heart.

When you get here, the interior of the restaurant will take you back to India with its rich heritage decor. Further, the staff of the place is super polite and don’t get us started on the food. Though the place is the exact location for all the culinary Indian flavours, its Litchi Rabdi, Chicken Biryani, and Murgh Ghazala should not be missed. While you enjoy your yummy food, light Indian music keeps the vibe up.

  • Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1
  • Famous For: Chicken Biryani, Fish, and Nihari Al Subha
  • Price: 275 AED (2 people)

2. Antique Bazaar | Feel Like A Maharaja

This is one of the family-friendly Indian restaurants in Dubai that makes you feel like a Maharaja of ancient times. We are not kidding. As you enter the restaurant, you will be presented with a decor resembling the ancient forts' interiors. Everything paints a picture of the olden times, from chairs and tables to the cutlery of restaurants.

When it comes to food, the antique restaurant serves the best Sheekh Subz Bahar, Ghost Angar, and Diwan Handi Ghost in the City of Gold. And trust us, the taste of these dishes is amplified by the atmosphere of the restaurant. Therefore, if you are in Dubai, have a royal dinner like a Maharaja here.

  • Location: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road in Bur Dubai
  • Famous For: Machli Amritsari, Kabuli Chaat, and Machli Amritsari
  • Price: 240 AED (2 people)

3. Armani Amal | The Beauty of Glass Walls

The subtitle of the restaurant clearly describes the vibe of it. When you get here, the first thing that will lure you is the glass walls. Located on the deck of the Armani Hotel in Dubai, the blend of glass walls, lighting, and the Dubai skyline produces an excellent environment for a romantic dinner.

The primary USP of the restaurant is not glass walls. It is one of the top vegetarian Indian restaurants in Dubai. Therefore, for vegetarians, it is a perfect pick. Accompanied by light background music, you can try their top-rated dishes like chilly cheese, basil naan, biryani, and more. Though vegetarian dishes are popular, meat lovers can still have their share. The menu also has several non-veg items to choose from.

  • Location: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road in Bur Dubai
  • Famous For: Chilly Cheese, Goan Fish Curry, and Biryani
  • Price: 530 AED (2 people)

4. Aryaas | The South Indian Taste

For those of you who seek to taste South Indian Dishes, Aryaas is the perfect spot for you. The restaurant has an absolutely modern look and is popular in Dubai because of its unique five feet dosa. It is for those who cannot get enough of the delicacies.

Though Aryaas are focused on serving south Indian delicacies, they also have a good hand in making dishes after fusing them with Western style. This unique power of their restaurant attracts crowds of tourists towards them. Lastly, the fully lit interior backed by world-class furniture and steel cutlery makes this place an absolute heaven for dining.

  • Location: The Business Centre on Khalid Bin al Waheed Road in Bur Dubai
  • Famous For: IndianIndain Platter, Dosa, Sambhar, Idli
  • Price: 70 AED (2 people)

5. Rang Mahal | Hail The Owner

Just like its name, Rang Mahal is an exotic and colourful restaurant in Dubai that is an ideal place for couples. Therefore, if you are in Dubai with your loved one, get them here for a romantic and toothsome dinner. Housing on the fourth floor of JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, it is counted as one of the prime restaurants in the city.

Apart from its lip-smacking food, the restaurant is primarily popular because of its owner. The owner of Rang Mahal is a renowned international celebrity chef, a Michelin star, and the author of some of the best-selling cookbooks in the world. His expertise has given Dubai a world-class restaurant in its heart.

  • Location: JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
  • Famous For: Crump Chops, Kori Kempu, Soft shell crab, and Keema Toast
  • Price: 455 AED (2 people)

6. Raju Omlet Restaurant | For The Love of Egg

If you are an egg lover and can go beyond boundaries for it, Raju Omlet Restaurant is the best place for you. Having a typical Indian name, the restaurant is the best place to have Indian street food in Dubai. The restaurant's interior is designed beautifully with cartoon eggs and paintings of Bollywood stars.

Though you will find every variety of egg here, if you want, you can also try chai cutting, omelette, masala half fry, and others. The restaurant has three branches in Dubai itself. Therefore, go to any of them in Sharjah, Al Karama, or Al Quoz. Raju Omlet also serves rolls, curryMumbai-style pav, and burgers.

  • Location: Mubarak Building, Near Park Regis Hotel in Al Karama, Sharjah, and Al Quoz.
  • Famous For: Eggs Kejriwal, Egg Curry, Rolls, and Chai
  • Price: 70 AED (2 people)

7. Rangoli Restaurant | The Perfect Home-Cooked Food

Almost all of us try to find home-cooked food wherever we go, and there is a spot everywhere. Rangoli restaurant is the ideal pick if you are looking for home-cooked food in Dubai. Rangoli is designed stunningly while picking the perfect colours to add contrast to its interior. And not just the interior of the restaurant, the dishes of the restaurant are also made from true Indian flavours.

When you are here, you can order dishes of all cuisines. However, you will get to taste the authentic Gujarati food. From interior decor and friendly staff to top-quality food, Rangoli ranks among the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.

  • Location: Meena Bazaar, Cosmos Lane in Bur Dubai
  • Famous For: Chaat, Gujarati Thali
  • Price: 85 AED (2 people)

8. Bombay Chowpatty | The God of Restaurants