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Famous Dishes Of Dubai

10 Famous Dishes Of Dubai That Are Absolutely Worth Trying

Dubai has everything to amaze you from the sky-scraping buildings, a vibrant Arabic culture, deserts, beaches, museums, parks, to a lot more, and if there is something left, then it’s in construction! 

But this blog is dedicated to the delectable traditional cuisines of Dubai that will delight your taste buds!

10 Famous and Delectable Food in Dubai 

Are you ready for a virtual gastronomic tour? Scroll till the end to find out the 10 best famous dishes of Dubai that you must savor on your trip to Dubai - The Vegas of the Middle East.

1. Camel

Count memories, not calories - the phrase is apt for the stuffed camel rolls. This dish is in the Guinness Book of World Record as the largest food item in the world. Stuffed Camel is filled with chicken, sheep, fish, and eggs. These ingredients are glazed in various aromatic spices that offer it an exotic, raw, and smoky flavor. In addition to wraps, the cafes also serve camel burgers, Biryani, and stews.

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2. Luqaimat

Bliss on a plate, Luqaimat is a delicious version of dumplings that you can’t resist. These dumplings are a traditional cuisine of Dubai, which are not steamed but fried. Served with date syrup or honey, this dish is a perfect dessert to end an elaborate meal or satiate a small sweet craving. Luqaimat is made with milk, flour, turmeric, yeast, sugar, salt, and garnished with sesame seeds.

3. Knafeh

Savor the flavor of the Queen of Desserts - Knafeh! Knafeh is a cheese pastry garnished with rose syrup and pistachio. The texture of this dessert is rich and gooey. Local people prepare Knafeh or buy it for Iftar to break their fast during sunset in Ramadan.

4. Ghuzi

Just a morsel of Ghuzi will not be enough, you might end up overeating due to its divine taste! The dish is primarily a rich textured roasted lamb or mutton served with rice topped with vegetables and nuts. Guzi or Oozie is also the national food of UAE, prepared in Ramadan and on other special occasions.

5. Machboos

If you always have a mood for good food, this exquisite traditional recipe will surely leave your taste buds longing for more. Machboos is a non-vegetarian dish made with lamb, loomy (dried lemon), stew, and tomatoes. The dish is served with rice and is prepared for Iftar meals during Ramadan.

6. Madrouba