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Street Food in Dubai

10 Best Street Food In Dubai You Must Taste

Every place has its unique delicacies which make up a cuisine. There are numerous cuisines worldwide, such as Indian, Thai, Italian, etc., and each has its unique significance. Though Dubai does not have a dedicated cuisine, there are a plethora of delicacies in the city that you can savour.

From Falafel, Shawarma, and Samboosa to harees and Oman Chips, the list goes on for the best street food in Dubai. Yes, there are many food items, but you may only find them in some places in Dubai. Check out the list of popular street foods in  Dubai   and where to find them.

List Of 10 Famous Street Food In Dubai 

You should try its scrumptious dishes in this Middle Eastern nation rather than just gazing at its architectural landmarks. And no matter how fancy a restaurant is, nothing can beat the unique taste of street food. Here are some authentic street foods that you must try in Dubai.

  • Oman Chips Roll | The Perfect Food for Children
  • Shawarma | The King of Street Food
  • Samboosa | The Indian Samosa
  • Falafel | The Vegetarian Alternative Dish
  • Harees | The Festive Food
  • Fareed | The Light Dish
  • Karak | The Dubai Version of Indian Chai
  • Luqaimat | The Sweet Truth
  • Knafeh | The Queen of Desserts
  • Shish Tawook Sandwich | The Master Sandwich

1. Oman Chips Roll - The Perfect Food for Children

The first food on the list is the Oman Chips Roll. In Dubai, the craze for Oman chips is high. Though it is a favoured street food of children, it is liked by adults alike. And its formation is different from the name.

Oman chips are served as a roll. The roll has Oman chips stuffed after layers of cheese are applied. The delicious combination of cheese moisture with the crunchiness of chips elevates the taste to a new level. Therefore, its simplicity and taste rank it at the top of this list.

  • Price: AED 3 - 5
  • Where to find: IL Donaccino, HumYumm, or Freez

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2. Shawarma - The King of Street Food

Your trip to Dubai is incomplete if you haven’t tried Shawarma. Unlike other items on the list, this one is in high demand and is served everywhere across the city. Though fancy restaurants offer add-on services with the dish, the authentic taste of Shawarma is always found on the streets of Dubai.

Shawarma may seem complex, but it is just a roll. It is a non-vegetarian flatbread roll that rolls in chicken, beef, or lamb (based on your preference). It is filled with several veggies, onions, sauces, and pickles to make it spicy and juicy. Some places may add french fries and hummus to Shawarma, making it more delicious.

  • Price: AED 6 - 10
  • Where to find: Al Mallah, Bur Dubai, Al Mateena and Muraqqabat Streets
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3. Samboosa - The Indian Samosa

If you are from India and looking for an Indian taste of Samosa, this one will be a great alternative. Samboosa may seem odd in name, but it has almost the same vibe as the Samosa. It is a savoury triangular snack that can be consumed at any time.

The Indian Samosa has potatoes mixed with numerous spices. But the Middle Eastern Samosa has meat of several types mixed with spices and vegetables. The best thing about Samosa is that it is deep-fried. Further, it tastes best with tomato ketchup or mint sauce.

  • Price: AED 15
  • Where to find: Al Abra Cafeteria, Satwa Palace, and Farzi café

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4. Falafel - The Vegetarian Alternative Dish

Finding authentic street food stalls in Dubai can be tough if you are a pure vegetarian. However, Falafel will be ideal for you if you search a bit. Falafel is also from the Rolls family of Dubai, which stands proudly as a vegetarian snack.

This yummy snack is made by deep-frying patties made from chickpeas. Some chefs also use Fava beans for the patties. Ideally, these patties are known as Falafel. However, their taste becomes magical when they are rolled with added veggies, hummus, pita, and other scrumptious dressings. Falafel is an excellent source of protein and is pretty easy to make.

  • Price: AED 6 - 30
  • Where to find: Operation Falafel, Arabian tea house restaurant, Deira Street Food

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5. Harees - The Festive Food

Harees has a unique spot on this list. Though other food items so far can be cooked and eaten daily, harees is an occasional dish. People in the Arab peninsula consume harees during Ramadan or Eid ul-Fitr. It also forms part of the Arab wedding buffet.

Based on the peninsula's location, the dish is cooked differently. For example, some people boil meat with coarsely ground wheat, whereas some use raw wheat with meat. Further, the way of consumption also varies. Omanis like it blended with dry fruits and baristas, and others like it with different spices and toppings. The popular and posh dish is also known as Jareesh or Arizah.

  • Price: AED 20
  • Where to find: Al Mallas, Jumeirah beach road

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6. Fareed - The Light Dish

The ideal selling point of this dish is its lightness. If you take a street food tour in Dubai, taste it as it is toothsome. Fareed, which may sound like a person’s name, is a popular street food in Dubai.

It is prepared by making a stew of potato and meat. But this is not it. The magic to its taste is added by the flatbread on which this thick stew is served. The range of exotic spices in the stew transforms its taste to another level while keeping it light on the stomach. It is primarily consumed during the month of Ramadan.

  • Price: AED 20 - 30
  • Where to find: You can relish the original taste of Fareed at Seven Sands, Al Mallas, and Jumeirah Beach.

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7. Karak - The Dubai Version of Indian Chai

Karak is the best option for those looking for a refreshing beverage after or before their meal. It is similar to Indian Chai, made from milk, tea, and sugar. Ideally, Karak is best served in Dubai on street-side shops for as low as 1 AED.

It is a creamy beverage with a strong tea taste, making it Dubai's most favoured and national drink. The shops serving Karak also add a scent of cardamom to make it more alluring. Karak is usually served along with a sweet cake or doughnut on the side in Dubai. Hence, give it a try at the street food market.

  • Price: AED 7
  • Where to find: You can get the best Karak at Karak house restaurant and Karak time.

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8. Luqaimat - The Sweet Truth

A sweet dish is always imperative after a meal. And if you are seeking a sweet dish after a meal in Dubai, Luqaimat is the best. It looks similar to the famous sweet Gulab Jamun of India. The beautiful-looking reddish balls are a traditional Emirati dessert that will surely make you lick your fingers.

These little balls are made from dough and are served with date syrup or honey. They are chewy and so soft that they will melt in your mouth. You can also serve them with Nutella or without anything, as they have a light, sweet flavour.

  • Price: AED 10 - 30
  • Where to find: The best-tasting Luqaimat is served at Seven Sands, Hum Yum, and Mirdif.

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9. Knafeh - The Queen of Desserts