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Famous Food in Dubai

10 Famous Food in Dubai You Must Try in 2024

For years, Dubai's culinary scene has overlooked Emirati food. However, there's been a shift, with more Emirati eateries in the city. From bread and pastries to coffee and camel burgers, we've discovered some top local dishes and drinks to savour while exploring this Middle Eastern gastronomic hub. Food in Dubai is worth trying and savouring because of its blend of flavours.

Emirati cuisine blends Lebanese and Indian flavours, offering vegetarian and meat-based options. Infused with herbs, Dubai's culinary offerings are both nutritious and flavourful. While classics like hummus and falafel enjoy fame, we've curated a selection of local dishes that may be less well-known to most tourists. This compilation of must-try foods in Dubai serves as an introduction to Arabic fare.

List of 10 Famous Dubai Food 2024

Ready to experience the best of Dubai's culinary delights? Check out our hand-picked list of the 10 best food experiences in the city. Indulge in traditional Emirati dishes and international flavours that will leave you craving for more. Don't miss out on the gastronomic expedition of a lifetime!

  • Shawarma - Flavourful Wraps

  • Al Harees - Creamy Wheat-meat Dish
  • Mezze Platter - Vibrant Middle Eastern Bites
  • Fish Machboos - Fragrant Seafood Rice
  • Al Machboos - Emirati Meat Delicacy
  • Luqaimat - Crispy Sweet Dumplings
  • Camel Milk Ice Cream - Unique Frozen Delight
  • Manakish - Irresistible Levantine Flatbread
  • Khubz- The Arabic Bread
  • Falafel - Crispy Vegetarian Balls

1. Shawarma - Flavourful Wraps

Shawarma, a beloved Eastern street food, is a favourite dish among Dubai locals, even though it isn't traditional UAE cuisine. Originating from the Levant region rather than the Arabian Peninsula, shawarma has earned its spot as one of the most cherished grab-and-go snacks in the Emirates. Whether for lunch or a satisfying late-night bite at 2 a.m., there are great spots throughout town where you can find delicious shawarma.

  • Ingredients. Veal, mutton, lamb, chicken, turkey, bread.

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2. Al Harees - Creamy White Meat Dish

Harees stand out in Emirati cuisine. This hearty meal is commonly savoured during family gatherings like weddings and national and religious occasions, particularly during the Holy Month of Ramadan. To prepare Harees, wheat is simmered in salted water for hours. Subsequently, meat—lamb or chicken—is slow-cooked for an extended period (at least four hours). The dish is then garnished with ghee drizzled on top. Harees are recognised for their digestibility. It is cooked in a pot known as a "mash pan" and stirred using a wooden spoon called a "Masad Masr."

  • Ingredients. Meat, chicken, ghee, wheat.

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3. Mezze Platter - Vibrant Middle Eastern Bite

Mezze, or meze, consists of dishes enjoyed as appetisers or light meals. The specific ingredients included may differ depending on the region, but the idea of savouring a selection of treats on a platter remains consistent. Common offerings often feature dips. Spreads like hummus, yoghurt and baba ganoush. Additionally, you might come across muhammara, a blend of pepper and walnut that offers a robust taste without overwhelming spiciness. Accompaniments like pita or lavash bread are typical alongside items such as olives, cheeses, tabbouleh salad, fresh and pickled vegetables, and fruits.

  • Ingredients. Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Yoghurt, Walnuts, Pita, Lavash Bread, Cheeses, Olives, Fruits, and Vegetables.

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4. Fish Machboos - Fragrant Seafood Rice

Machboos is a rice dish in Kuwait but relished in Dubai too. It features rice combined with fish. Popular fish choices for this dish include Zubaidi ( pomfret) or substantial, meaty varieties. If you reside in Dubai, you're likely familiar with Majboos, Mandi or Kabsa. The locals loved all the rice dishes. You may notice similarities between this cuisine and Indian rice dishes. The critical distinction is that their food isn’t fiery hot; it boasts a medley of flavours derived from various spices and herbs.

  • Ingredients. Fish, rice. 

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5. Al Machboos - Emirati Meat Delicacy

Al Machboos is a rice dish in Emirati Cuisine typically prepared with chicken, lamb or fish. The meat pieces are intentionally kept large in this dish. Besides onions and tomatoes, the essential seasoning for this dish includes Baharat, a Middle Eastern Spice Powder containing a blend of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, chilli powder, nutmeg, cloves, and black peppercorns mixed in varying proportions. This spice blend is commonly found in shops or can be made at home. Another critical ingredient is Loomy. Dried Black Lime is widely used in Eastern dishes to add a tangy flavour. If unavailable, lemon juice and zest can be used as substitutes. The dish can be prepared using ghee, olive oil or any vegetable oil you choose.

  • Ingredients- Fish, chicken or lamb, Baharat, Loomy, Dried Black Lime.

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6. Luqaimat - Crispy Sweet Dumplings

Your culinary journey to Dubai is incomplete without a sweet dessert. Enjoy Luqaimat, a popular sweet treat in Arab countries. These sweet dumplings are deep-fried until golden in colour and then dunked in sweet syrup made from dates. With every bite, you will experience sweetness melting in your mouth.

  • Ingredients. Sugar, Rose Water, Cornstarch, yeast, flour, and vegetable oil. 

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7. Camel Milk Ice Cream - Unique Frozen Delight

Another classic dessert that you must try when visiting Dubai is camel milk ice cream. Yes, you heard it right. This frozen dessert is made using camel milk. It is a delightful creation with a smooth texture. You may notice a slightly nutty flavour, but all in all, this is a must-have dessert in Dubai.

  • Ingredients. Camel Milk, Natural Essence, stabiliser, and emulsifier.   

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8. Manakish - Irresistible Levantine Flatbread