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    One of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Dubai’s ultra-modern skyline seems to rise above the vast expanse of sandy desert. This destination is the finest example of a fantasy turned into a reality. Bordered by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, Dubai (the United Arab Emirates) is considered the most modern and fast developing city in the world. Referred to as the City of Gold, the destination has registered a stunning growth into a world-class business crossroad from a sleepy Golf Port. A hub of culture, shopping, sports, adventure, and iconic architectural landmarks, Dubai is one of the wealthiest of the seven Emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates. 

    Palm-shaped islands, skyline kissing high rises, indoor ski slopes, ultra-modern architectures, several city-sized malls, sand dunes, luxury, and more make this place truly the ultimate vacation spot. Peppered with luxurious sites, Dubai has a lot to offer to every genre of traveler. From shopping enthusiasts to adventure seekers, a destination perfectly suitable for families to foodies, spine chilling sand dune safari to exotic nightlife, this ultra-luxurious destination has a mix of attractions that suits every taste. 

    It boasts eye-catching man-made structures such as Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeriah. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the view atop the observation deck of Burj Khalifa, the lofty buildings diminishing in size when compared to the world’s tallest buildings. Sightseeing in Dubai is an enchanting experience when you are aboard a dinner cruise offering panoramic night views along with the most delectable of Middle Eastern flavors. The Dubai nightlife is another attraction that can’t be missed, with its hookah bars, clubs and lounges, and a variety of restaurants to choose from. Check out Dubai and its fascinating attractions before planning a trip to this luxurious destination.

    Best Time to Visit Dubai

    Dubai experiences scorching summers. Thus, the best time to visit this stunning destination is during winter, from November to April. Heavy tourist traffic can be seen in the months of January and February. The famous Dubai Shopping Festival is also organized during this time which further enhances footfall in the majestic city. The entire city comes alive with shopping fiestas running in several malls and spaces. Moreover, pleasant weather in these months makes it easier to engage in a variety of outdoorsy activities. This is the time when Dubai witnesses heavy crowds. The temperature starts rising in April, reaching its crescendo by June. During this time, only water-based activities appeal to the visitor’s senses. However, malls, restaurants, shops, etc., are air-conditioned, making them perfect for much-needed retail therapy. 

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    History & Culture of Dubai
    Dubai is known for its rich culture and history deeply rooted in Islamic traditions. These traditions have shaped the lifestyle of people residing here. Visitors coming to Dubai need to be mindful of these traditions and respect them. Famous as the Entertainment Capital of the Middle East, Dubai attracts party lovers from all over the world. But local people following Islamic traditions are discouraged from indulging in such activities. Although alcohol is not banned in Dubai, it is largely limited to touristy areas like hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. Moreover, it is illegal to drink in public places. Visitors and expatriates are advised not to follow Western culture in the streets because conservative nationals of Dubai may feel offended about it.

    The history of Dubai goes back to the mid-1800s when the Bani Yas tribe came to this area we know as Dubai today. There were only waterways and land in this nature-blessed region. Gradually, it developed as a significant port city. In the 1900s, trades like pearling, fishing, and sea-related activities began. The Deira region saw the development of a lot of shops that attracted an ever-increasing number of shoppers. Earlier it was a low population-dense area, but gradually people started settling down in the area. By 1930, Dubai's population had touched the 20,000 mark. In the middle of the 1050s, the creek became a challenge for Dubai. It started to silt, and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the then ruler, planned to fix the issue. He got the area dredged and encouraged future business. Revenues from the oil business and cargo shipping gave further impetus to this area, and Dubai started to prosper. A friendly living environment and innovative measures helped Dubai to develop at a rapid pace. In 1971, Dubai joined the other five emirates and became a part of the United Arab Emirates. Today, Dubai has become one of the most modern cities. 

    Best Places to Visit in Dubai

    One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Dubai is visited by hordes of travelers every year. Culinary delights, shopping festivals, and a wide range of adventure activities define a Dubai vacation. Brimming with architectural giants and innovation,, Dubai is a hive of activity. Whether you come here on a trip with your friends or your family, this city ensures that you keep coming back. Have a look at some of the best places to visit in Dubai.

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    1. Burj Khalifa
    The major attraction and the iconic architectural marvel of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world with a whopping 829.8 m in height. Check out the impressive cityscape from the Observation Deck of Burj Khalifa on the 124th floor. The birds’ eye view of the city spread around the building is simply staggering, to say the least. Enjoy a multimedia presentation on Dubai and Burj Khalifa to know more about how this impressive building took shape. A ride to the 124th floor in a high-speed elevator is another thrilling experience for the visitors. Photography enthusiasts can capture the sparkling city at nighttime to capture the city-light panorama. 

    Things to Do. Arrive at the top of Burj Khalifa in style, enjoy lip-smacking delicacies at At.mosphere, visit schools for the little ones, stay fit by working out at the Burj Club, relax and unwind at the lounge, and enjoy a musical fountain show from a high vantage point. 

    2. Burj Park 
    Famous for the world’s tallest performing fountain, the Burj Park is located close to Burj Khalifa. The fountain stretches 275 m in length, equivalent to two football fields. The fountain is located in a sprawling 30-acre Burj Lake. Enjoy magnificent views of bustling Downtown Dubai from the park. The park comes alive with art soirees, food truck festivals, etc. It has emerged as one of the most-visited tourist spots in Dubai.

    Things to Do. Cycling in the morning while enjoying the cool breeze, jogging on the running track, check out Wings of Mexico, an interesting artwork installed in the park, witness the world’s tallest performing fountain, visit events like Dubai Light Show, Market OTB, Auto Show, etc.

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    3. Dubai Aquarium
    Housing 140 species of marine life, the Dubai Aquarium never ceases to amaze the tourists interested to know more about sea life. It is a huge suspended tank installed on the ground floor of the famous Dubai Mall. Although the aquarium is visible from the mall, the experience of visiting this three-storeyed underwater aquarium cannot be described in words. 

    Things to Do. Enjoy shark feeding encounters, diving into the aquarium, cage snorkeling, and more. 

    4. JBR or Jumeirah Beach Resident Beach
    A vast stretch of white, sandy beach is one of the major attractions among Dubai visitors who love soaking in the sun and relaxing while enjoying scenic vistas all around. The beach is bordered by some of the most ultra-luxurious resorts, replete with modern amenities and conveniences. The azure blue waters of the Gulf lapping at the shores is a magnificent sight to behold. Stay at any of the best hotels in Dubai and enjoy scenic views of the Gulf!

    Things to Do. Engage in water-based activities like kayaking, jet skiing, boat rides, a stroll across the beach, workout with a view, enjoy cool, refreshing drinks at restaurants close to the beach, and more. 

    5. Maleha
    A trip to Maleha, known for its orange-hued dunes, away from the sky kissing skyscrapers of the city is another magnificent attraction of Dubai. Enjoy a variety of adrenaline-thumping activities as part of the Desert Adventure Tour and get the taste of unique desert life. 

    Things to Do. Dining under the stars in the desert, camel rides, desert safari, sandboarding, belly dancing show, a sunset barbeque, a trip to Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and more. 

    6. Al Fahidi Quarter
    A walk through Old Dubai or Al Fahidi Quarter also called the Bastakia neighborhood, gives a glimpse into the rich historical heritage of the city. This 19th Century area was once home to affluent Persian merchants. Old limestone and coral buildings are beautifully preserved and speak volumes about erstwhile times. A lot of holy places in Dubai can be found in this area.

    Things to Do. Visit museums, shop at old shops, drop by art exhibitions and art galleries, and take a leisurely stroll through the cobbled streets of Al Fahidi Quarter. 

    7. Mall of The Emirates
    A visit to mesmerizing Dubai is incomplete without checking out its city-sized malls selling a range of luxurious and fine living products. One of the best shopping places in Dubai, Mall of the Emirates is one of the most well-known malls in Dubai that offers boundless shopping opportunities, a family entertainment center, a cinema complex, and an indoor ski center. Moreover, you can enjoy every conceivable world cuisine and typical Dubai cuisines at the posh restaurants located in the mall. 

    Things to Do. Engage in high-end window shopping, fun at Magic Planet, coffee at More Cafe, Skiing at Ski Dubai, adventures at Dreamscape, dinner at a fine dining restaurant, grab a movie at the theater, and more. 

    8. IMG Worlds of Adventure
    Located close to Global Village, IMG Worlds of Adventure is a theme-based park that is perfect to experience thrills and spills for adults and kids. The park has several zones dedicated to Cartoon Network, Dinausaur, Marvel, and more. Enjoy a fun-filled day with friends or family. 

    Things to Do. Swing through the city as Spiderman, get scared silly in the haunted house, and enjoy a variety of rides and activities, some of the best things to do in Dubai! Visitors can also enjoy excursions to nearby destinations like Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, and more to explore the region thoroughly. There are many more tourist attractions in Dubai.

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    How To Reach Dubai
    Dubai, a destination known for its traditional souks to relatively less-known beaches, architectural marvels, and gastronomic delights, Dubai has it all. Accessible from different parts of the world, Dubai can be accessed through diverse modes of transport. Here’s the best way to travel to this stunning destination without any hassle. Check out!

    International Airports of Dubai

    • Dubai International Airport (OMDB or DXB)
    • Al Maktoum International or Dubai World Central (OMDW or  DWC)

    By Air
    One of the best and fastest ways to reach Dubai, a city of architectural delights, is through the flight. The national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, enjoys excellent connectivity with some of the major destinations all across the world. Passengers can also take Air Arabia flights to reach Dubai. 

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    By Train
    Emirates Express with the UAE connects Dubai with neighboring Emirates and offers excellent connectivity with other popular destinations in the UAE.

    By Road
    Dubai is well-connected with neighboring countries by road. Options like buses, Metro, taxis, and cabs are available for easy and convenient travel. When traveling by road to Dubai from a neighboring country, travelers can avail of visas on arrival festival depending on the originating country. In case a visa on arrival facility is not available, travelers can apply for a pre-arranged visit visa with Dubai Immigration Office. 

    • Distance from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. 138.7 km 
    • Distance from Dubai to Oman. 534.7 km 
    • Distance from Dubai to Saudi Arabia. 990 km 
    • Distance from Dubai to Qatar. 411 km 

    Frequently Asked Questions Related to Thailand

    A 1.Dubai is one of the wealthiest of the seven Emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates and is famous as a hub of culture, shopping, sports, adventure, and iconic architectural landmarks.
    A 2.Arabic, Hindi, and English are a few of the popularly spoken languages in Dubai.
    A 3.Dubai Shopping Festival is usually organized in the months of December and January.
    A 4.Dubai is undoubtedly one of the best places to live as the city invests heavily in infrastructure development. It enjoys excellent medical and education services that are at par with global standards.
    A 5.Dubai is a small city, and its popular attractions can be covered in 4-5 days.
    A 6.Turkish cocktails, luqaimat, knafeh, samboosa, camel, chebab, etc., are a few of the must-try dishes of Dubai.
    A 7.Depending on which country you belong to, you may need a visa or avail of visa on arrival facility.
    A 8.Yes, Dubai is an expensive place to live in.
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