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Safar Suhana in india

Do You Know The Insides Of Train 18, All Set To Make Your Safar Suhana?

Train 18 is now all set, after the hardships of several years and the train will leave you amaze for sure. The very first engine less train in India, replacing the Shatabdi Express between the cities of Delhi and Bhopal. There would be a question in mind, now what’re the surprising things in Train as the Shatabdi Express already offers the premium services. Get set as we are here to depict you the insides of Train 18, a world-class train.  

The combination of white and dark blue offers a wonderful mix, such combination is always imagined in the international trains. Display boards are fixed in every coach in order to show the destination.

A fully air-conditioned train along with the coaches of executive and non-executive chair type where you’ll find only two coaches for executive and rest of the non-executive/economy.

Standard features of the Train include Wi-Fi facility with pre-loaded content for your smartphones, laptops and other devices. Not just pre-loaded content, diffused aircraft like LED lighting, personalized reading lights, CCTV cameras for the security purpose, mobile charging fixed on every seat, touch-friendly blinds for windows, braille integrated stickers, cushioned luggage racks, and toilet occupancy indicators are fixed at the end of every coach.

Entry/exit doors are automatic with an optical sensor that automatically maintains the opening/closing of the door.

The two GPS based information screens are fixed to display the information of the upcoming stations.

Now the person sitting behind your seat won’t be disturbed, the armrest permits you to adjust the seat with ease, and in the non-executive chair a holder below the seat completes this action.

In Train 18, fully sealed gangways that offer seamless movement for the passengers between coaches. Not just gangways, it also offers a dust-free environment.

The non-executive chair offers 3+2 configuration quite similar to Shatabdi Express, The leather-like material in the seats with a mix of pink and purple color adds the charisma.

Better bottle holders in the Train 18 can be experienced, as per the ICF, the train has swanky equipment in its pantry offers the superb heating and cooling facility to the food items.

Now foldable snack tables have been connected to the main table at the centre table area in the non-executive chair car, it is best to keep food items/ consuming them with more comfort.

Same like Metro Trains, Train 18 also provides you with the emergency communication/talk-back system between passengers and train driver.

Train 18 is advanced and works under-slung propulsion system that offers quicker acceleration and deceleration, thus helps in reducing the travel time.

The above listed inside facts is a small representation, however, the list does not end here. It’s a proud feeling for the people of India as we are evolving in the list of developed countries. Incredible India, indeed!

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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