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Culture Of Mauritius

Culture of Mauritius : Celebrating Creativity, Culture and Expression

Beginning from its colonial past to its multicultural present, the Culture of Mauritius is a reflection of its rich history and the influences of various ethnicities that have shaped its identity over the centuries. Just like other nations, Mauritius is famous for its unique dances, cuisines, religions, festivals, and whatnot.

The melting pot of people from different religions from several countries, Mauritius houses churches next to Chinese pagodas and mosques next to Indian temples. So, when you are here, don’t forget to communicate with people to know about their culture extensively. Let’s dive into this blog and explore more about the rich history and culture of Mauritius.

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Getting to Know More About The Vibrant Culture of Mauritius

Mauritius is a heavenly destination that entices every soul with its soul-captivating aura! Let us discover more about this beautiful destination, along with:

  • History of Mauritus | A Soul-Captivating Journey
  • Traditional Mauritian Dance | Exploring the Creative Edge
  • Festivals of Mauritius | The Enthusiastic Side of Mauritius
  • Creole Cuisine in Mauritius | The Lip-Smacking Delicacies
  • Music and Arts in Mauritius | The Enticing Chapter of Mauritius
  • Historical Sites in Mauritius | Exploring What Past Beholds

History of Mauritus | A Soul-Captivating Journey

Let’s begin with the Mauritian history!

In an abstract, the island of Mauritius has served as colonies in the past. It was first discovered in 975 CE when the Arab sailors named it Dina Arobi. In 1598, the island was renamed Mauritius by a Dutch squadron. This name was used to honour Prince Maurice Van Nassau.

From 1638 to 1710, the island served as colonies for the Dutch. Further, for the next century, from 1715 to 1810, Mauritius was a French colony. Next, the island was taken by the Britishers, who used it as a colony from 1810 to 1968. In 1968, Mauritius achieved its independence.

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Traditional Mauritian Dance | Exploring the Creative Edge

Though the pop culture of Mauritius has been influenced by European, American, and Indian music, their traditional music and dance is Sega. It is sung and performed with the help of several musical instruments, such as the Ravanne, Triangle and Maravanne.

These traditional instruments amplify the native music style. Sega songs and dance are performed as self-expression, representing the life and experience of the Mauritian people. With time, European, Indian, and American music has influenced Mauritian music too. When here, you will see Western musical instruments used by the local artists.

Primarily, Bhojpuri music has seen widespread popularity among the Mauritian population. Thanks to The Bhojpuri Boys, several international artists and DJs perform in Mauritian clubs and pubs.

Festivals of Mauritius | The Enthusiastic Side of Mauritius