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Skydiving in the world

10 Best Places for Skydiving in the World

Those who don’t jump never learn to fly! I second this thought because I have experienced an unimaginable evolution ever since I plunged myself into free falling and other mind blowing adventures. I never wished to exhaust my entire life in cubicles doing mundane stuff and one day contemplating the past and regretting this forever. Hence, I decided to make the most of my life by doing everything that sounds bizarre. Right from floating on the air currents to diving down to the beds of the ocean, I began my pursuit of happiness by indulging in adrenaline pumping activities along with globe trotting. So here is the list of 10 best places for Skydiving in the world where you can live up to your fantasies of freefall and everything in between.

Top 10 Famous Places for Skydiving in the World 

These extraordinary skydive spots in the world are certainly the best bet for adventure junkies as here you not only get a lifetime opportunity to experience the hair raising plummet but will also grab the most eye popping vistas whilst floating amidst the vivid skyscape. Take a look at these enthralling drop zones!

  • Interlaken, Switzerland
  • Sevilla, Spain
  • Hawaii, United States
  • Mount Everest, Nepal
  • Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE
  • Pattaya, Thailand
  • North Wollongong Beach, Australia
  • Fox Glacier, New Zealand
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Mauritius

1. Interlaken, Switzerland

Reckoned as the most amazing skydiving destination in the world, Interlaken is truly a paradise for beginners and experienced divers. This skydiving destination offers the most exhilarating freefall right from the soaring height of 15,000 ft above the sea level. You can also grab the most dramatic vistas of snow covered peaks of the Alps such as Jungfrau, Eiger, Matterhorn etc along with shimmering lakes of Switzerland such as Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

Best Time to Skydive in Switzerland: December to February

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2. Sevilla, Spain

You can’t agree more that barreling down the most scenic drop zones in the world is something close to a lifetime experience and this place in Spain is just about living this dream. You can enjoy the heart pumping free fall in Sevilla along with grabbing the aerial view of the wondrous landscape of Spain. It is the number one drop zone in Spain that provides tandem skydive jumps and an array of skydiving courses right from the beginner level. The instructors here are well trained and highly qualified helping in making your skydiving experience worth remembering. You also get the facility of photographing and filming this epic moment of your life.

Best Time to Skydive in Spain: April to October

3. Hawaii, United States

Waialua is the place in Hawaii that has made to the list of best places to skydive in the world for all the good reasons. Besides offering the exotic free fall ranging from 8,000 ft to 20,000 ft, this dream destination for skydivers is also known for the most majestic bird’s eye views of its jaw dropping landscape that includes shimmering coastline, palm fringed valleys, incredible sites of volcanoes and whatnot. It is indeed one of the best skydiving experiences that can surpass your imagination, so go for it if you are contemplating on the idea of skydiving.

Best Time to Skydive in United States: May to October

4. Mount Everest, Nepal

If you are looking for the most exciting skydiving experience without burning a hole in your pocket then trying this adrenaline pumping sport in Nepal is the best option for you. It is among the highly recommended skydiving places in the world that is also budget friendly in comparison to other free fall spots around the globe. The main highlighting feature of skydiving here is that you will get an opportunity to indulge in free-falling past the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest. Besides unmatched skydiving from soaring heights of 23,000 ft, you will also get a chance to enjoy the enchanting vistas of snow-covered Himalayas and gorgeous valleys.

Best Time to Skydive in Nepal: October and November

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5. Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE

UAE is among the fast growing travel destinations in the world that has evolved exponentially in multifaceted dimensions. Be it luxury living, heritage tours, desert safaris, amusement parks, shopping arcades, entertainment hubs, night clubs, culinary experience or adventure activities, it has carved its niche in almost every attraction. Besides this, it is also the top notch skydiving hub that is home to world's largest skydiving destination, CLYMB (UAE) in Abu Dhabi which is known for indoor skydiving and the premium drop zones in the world at Al Sufouh, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.   

Best Time to Skydive in Abu Dhabi & Dubai: October to March

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6. Pattaya, Thailand

Sriracha in Pattaya which is the famous beach destination of Thailand is a dream place for skydivers as it offers one of the best experiences ever. It is the only place in South East Asia where this adventure activity can be enjoyed along with many other memorable Thai experiences such as nightlife, party scene, massage, food, shopping and more. Tandem diving is quite popular in this region as there are well trained divers who plummet with you and make your experience of skydiving totally worth cherishing. You can grab the kaleidoscopic view of the surreal landscape of Gulf of Thailand which will definitely make you rub your eyes in dismay of its paradiscial beauty. So keep your cameras ready! 

Best Time to Skydive in Pattaya: November to February

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7. North Wollongong Beach, Australia

Have you ever imagined grabbing the bird’s eye view of sea creatures such as whales and dolphins frolicking in the deep blue waters. Well, it is possible if you pick on the idea of skydiving near the North Wollongong Beach in Sydney, Australia. This place is indeed one of the most exotic skydiving places in the world that fulfils every dream of the divers. The adrenaline pumping free falling from the height of 14, 000 ft above the sea level, enjoying the view of whales and dolphins, swimming in the waters at North Wollongong Beach right after touchdown, what more an adventure junkie wants?

Best Time to Skydive in Australia: December to February

8. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Well, this curated list is going to take you to places on the world map where fun awaits you. Another such mind blowing destination on our chart is Fox Glacier in New Zealand that is reckoned as the skydiving hotspot in the world. The drop zone here lies on a 13 km long glacier and gives you an opportunity to fall from the height of 9,000 ft ranging upto 16,500 ft depending on the endurance level of the diver. Besides enjoying the most exhilarating jumping experiences, divers also get an opportunity to witness the rugged coastline along the Tasman Sea and the snow covered peaks of the Southern Alps which indeed is a sight to behold.

Best Time to Skydive in New Zealand: December to February

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9. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is definitely among the best travel destinations in the world that is known for an array of hair raising experiences. Known as the adventure capital of South Africa, this place is indeed worth visiting if you are planning for skydiving and other immersive experiences. This South African treasure is popular among adventure enthusiasts for tandem skydiving. Whilst taking a plunge from 9000ft you get to enjoy an adrenaline rush along with jaw dropping beauty of its rugged landscape that includes Table mountain, shimmering bays, Langebaan lagoon and whatnot. This is surely going to be the best freefall ever, we guarantee!