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Check 10 Tips to Make your Dubai Trip Budget Friendly

Live Life King Size. Many of us believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying the best of everything. A place that comes to our mind while talking about the best in Dubai. Yes! Just like HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum mentioned in “My Vision Challenges in the Race for Excellence”, “Dubai will never settle for anything less, less than first place!” Dubai is a place where we can expect excellence and brilliance surpassing their own definition. That is precisely the reason why this awe-inspiring destination has been on most of our wish lists for quite some time. However, just as they say, “Quality comes at a price”, a trip to Dubai can surely be a costly affair for most of us!

Dubai is one of the prominent places in the United Arab Emirates situated on the Arabian Peninsula. The city is known for its splendid structures, ultramodern activities, lively nightlife, and luxury shopping experiences, among other things. Therefore, the budget allocated for Dubai needs to be high, is it? Can a trip be planned to Dubai on Budget? Is it possible? Well maybe! There are tricks and tips for planning a budget trip to Dubai. Have a look!

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10 tips to make your Dubai Trip Budget Friendly

Visiting the magnificent Dubai that too on a budget? Well! We surely need to know the tips and tricks well. Here are 10 tips to make the Dubai Trip Budget Friendly-

1. Book Your Tickets Timely

Primarily, the expenditure on a trip starts from the flight booking. While booking your tickets, you need to choose the flights carefully. An important tip that can save you a considerable amount is to book Dubai flight tickets well in advance. Usually, your plans to travel are made a few months in advance. Booking your flight tickets well in advance would save you money, while booking the tickets just a few days before your travel would cost more. Further, the choice of class of travel would also save you some money. You can travel in the economy class to save a good amount as compared to travelling in business class. Another tip while booking Dubai Flight tickets would be researching early morning and late night flights that cost comparatively cheaper as compared to other flights.

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2. Use Public Transport to Travel to Places Within Dubai

Dubai is known for its world-class infrastructure. There are excellent transport systems in places, such as the Metro runs through the middle of the city. Therefore, if you wish to travel to the airport or Old Dubai, it is advisable to take the metro route. This is a considerable amount that would be saved since travelling by metro would cost somewhere around 8 AED, which is way cheaper than travelling by taxi. You can also get an RTA NOL card. The card has two options – the Red card and the Silver card (this seems to be the best in the long run) that can be used on any public transport system, including the RTA buses, water taxis, metro and trams.

3. Booking Your Accommodation Intelligently

Another important aspect that you need to consider while booking your travel plan to Dubai is booking your accommodation. While booking your hotels, you should try researching budget hotels in Dubai that would definitely save you some costs. Further, booking your Dubai trip during the off-season would help you get good deals, thus helping you in saving further. Some travellers to Dubai have provided first-hand input into choosing the hotels or accommodations nearer to the city centre or metro station. This way, you can save costs on internal transportation.

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4. Preferably Dine Out At Old Dubai

Old Dubai, or Dubai’s Old Town, is home to traditional markets. This is in contrast with Dubai’s ultra-modern high-class lifestyles that promote malls and fine dining restaurants. However, visiting these upmarket places would surely cost more. Therefore, it is advisable to visit Old Dubai and choose the restaurant of your choice. This way, you would not only save on your costs, but you would also experience Dubai’s authentic tastes, flavours and culture all on one platter, that too in an authentic Dubai setup.

5. Be Wise While Choosing The Meals

Enjoying every single meal in Dubai can be costly. Therefore, it is advisable to find a cheap brunch and enjoy the meal completely. Enjoying a brunch is local culture, and every Friday, there are places offering a mid-day buffet of unlimited drinks and food. You can surely enjoy dining out at these places and enjoy a wholesome meal along with drinks if you like so!

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6. Enjoy During Happy Hours

In case you enjoy drinking and tasting alcohol, it is advisable to do research and find out the places that offer happy hours. Dubai is full of Happy Hours offers, and therefore, you can drink your heart out even when you are trying to organise a budget trip to Dubai.

7. Research The Things That You Can Do And Schedule Wisely