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Things to Buy in Singapore

15 Must-Buy Things in Singapore

"When in Singapore, shop as the Singaporeans do!"

Ah, the Lion City, Singapore! A land of incredible diversity and contrast, melding together the old and new, the East and the west, in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and flavours. It's a bustling hub where tradition meets innovation and your shopping bags will never remain empty!

"Find your treasures, one shop at a time in Singapore!"

From cutting-edge electronics to aromatic teas, Singapore is the ultimate shopping paradise. Whether you're a seasoned shopper or a curious wanderer looking for something to take home, the city-state never surprises you. As they say in Singapore, "Got money, got things to buy lah!"

So buckle up because this is your all-in-one guide to shopping in Singapore!

What To Buy In Singapore

So, are you ready to fill your bags? Scroll it down to give a glance:

  • Merlion Souvenirs | Iconic Symbol
  • Peranakan Batik Prints | Vibrant Heritage
  • Electronics and Gadgets | Hi-tech Essentials
  • Orchid Perfumes | Fragrant Florals
  • Traditional Chinese Medicines | Herbal Remedies
  • Asian Arts and Crafts | Cultural Expressions
  • Designer Fashion | Luxury Elegance
  • Local Snacks | Tasty Delights
  • Singaporean Tea Blends | Aromatic Infusions
  • Singlish Slang T-shirts | Quirky Fashion
  • Jade Jewelry | Symbolic Gems
  • Artisanal Chocolates | Handcrafted Delicacies
  • Singaporean Books | Local Literature
  • Asian Antiques | Timeless Treasures
  • Asian Spices and Condiments | Flavorful Enhancements

1. Merlion Souvenirs | Iconic Symbol

Want a souvenir that screams Singapore? Look no further than the iconic Merlion souvenirs. From keychains to statues, these are unique souvenirs to buy in Singapore. Symbolising the nation's history, the Merlion captures the essence of Singapore's origins as a fishing village and its transformation into a modern city. Take home a piece of Singaporean pride and let the memories of the city-state linger.

2. Peranakan Batik Prints | Vibrant Heritage

Need a burst of vibrant heritage in your life? Peranakan Batik Prints offer stunning fabrics rich in cultural significance. Meandering through the best shopping streets in Singapore, you'll find exquisite patterns and intricate designs that tell a story of Singapore's multicultural heritage. These textiles are not just beautiful; they're a lively reflection of Peranakan culture and a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

3. Electronics and Gadgets | Hi-tech Essentials

Who's ready for the future today? With cutting-edge technology, the must-buy electronics in Singapore range from the latest smartphones to advanced laptops. Singapore duty-free shopping ensures you can get these gadgets at incredible prices. Whether you're a tech-savvy guru or simply want to update your devices, Singapore's tech market is a playground for innovation.

4. Orchid Perfumes | Fragrant Florals

Smell like the tropics? Singapore's Orchid Perfumes offer a hint of exoticism that lingers long after you leave. With various shopping malls offering tax refunds in SG, these fragrances represent the national flower and come in numerous scents, catering to different preferences. Orchid Perfumes aren't just perfumes; they're an aromatic experience that embodies the tropical allure of Singapore.

5. Traditional Chinese Medicines | Herbal Remedies

Where to find local crafts in Singapore includes herbal pharmacies offering ancient Chinese remedies. These traditional medicines promise a natural pathway to health and wellness. From Ginseng to Goji berries, these products blend centuries-old wisdom with modern-day understanding. They testify to the harmony between man and nature that Chinese culture celebrates.

6. Asian Art and Crafts | Cultural Expressions

Want to bring culture into your living room? Singapore offers a wide variety of Asian art and crafts. These range from delicate porcelain to intricate wood carvings. Whether it's a Balinese mask or a Chinese scroll painting, these objects are more than decorations; they express Asia's rich and diverse cultural tapestry.

7. Designer Fashion | Luxury Elegance

Fancy a touch of elegance? Designer fashion in Singapore is a cornucopia of luxury and innovation. With top global brands and emerging local designers, you can find everything from haute couture to bespoke pieces. It's not just about clothing; it's about defining your style with elegance and class.

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8. Local Snacks | Tasty Delights

Hungry for something exotic? Investigating Singaporean snacks is a culinary adventure you won't want to miss. From salted egg chips to durian candy, the local snacks offer a taste explosion unlike anything else. Every bite represents Singapore's melting pot of cultures. Don't leave without trying some; your taste buds will thank you!

9. Singaporean Tea Blends | Aromatic Infusions