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Banganga Festival in Maharashtra

Know Why Banganga Festival is Truly an Incredible Festival to Explore

Banganga Festival is a two-day music celebration celebrated annually in the period of January in Malabar Hills, Mumbai, directed together by MTDC ((Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) and Indian Heritage Society Mumbai. The purpose of this festival is to secure the social legacy of the nation.

What’s interesting is that the celebration of this festival owes its name to the Banganga tank. This is a sacred tank situated in the complex of Walkeshwar Sanctuary in the Malabar mountains. Historically, the celebrations of this festival were first held in the year 1992. It also witnessed the live music show exhibitions of famous artists from everywhere throughout the nation.

The Banganga celebrations in Mumbai encourages awareness with respect to conservation of the related Banganga tank and its condition. The celebration witnesses show and melodic exhibitions of eminent artists from all over India, captivating the gathering of people with their performances. Continue reading this blog to find out about Banganga festival celebrations, its social importance and the marvels that are related to it.

Banganga celebrations in Mumbai


The Banganga Tank is truly one of the most significant tourist attractions located in Mumbai. Talking about its history, the origin of this tank dates back to the 12th century. It is believed that this tank was constructed in the year 1127 A.D. This was done so under the initiative of a minister of the Silhara dynasty that had ruled the region from 9th to 13th century.

The Banganga tank was destroyed by the Portuguese and was also rebuilt sometime in 1715 utilizing a donation made by the Rama Kamath who was a rich philanthropist as well as a businessman of Mumbai.


Banganga Tank also has a fascinating legend related with it. Yes, it is believed that Lord Rama, who was headed to Lanka, had to stop at the Malabar Hills due to thirst. However, he couldn't locate any freshwater source to quench thirst. Thus, he shot an arrow in the ground from where a lot of water started coming out. It is believed that the water that came out from this spot was the water of the sacred Ganges flowing many miles away from where Lord Rama had shot his arrow. Thus, this tank derives its name from two words namely Baan (Arrow) and Ganga (River Ganges) 

Bangana Festival Music Show Celebration in Mumbai

Major Tourist Attractions

Tourists visiting Banganga not just get to know and witness something interesting but also get to know a lot about our own culture. Here are some of the popular tourist attractions to explore around. 

Walkeshwar Temple - This temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Lord Shiva. A lot of devotees flock here regularly, especially during the night of the full moon. And currently, it is only here that the Banganga Festival takes place.

Shri Kashi Math - It was founded sometime in 1540. It is said that the first Swamiji of this place was given Deeksha by none other than the much-celebrated H.H.Shrimat Vijayeendra Tirth Swamiji who belonged to the Kumbhakonam Math.

Truly an Incredible Festival to Explore

Over the span of the celebration, the whole hillocks and the encompassing district is adorned with lights, blooms and exhibitions. The scene turns enthusiastic by melodic exhibitions and shows by driving artists, making it a treat for the melodic devotees. The celebration witnesses exhibitions of famous artists like Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Ustaad Zaakir Husain and so forth.

Music lovers from all over India rush to this place either to see or to take part in these exhibitions. For the two days of the celebration, the whole region is lit up and decorated. Banganga tank additionally has a lot of vacation spots close-by, including sanctuaries and buildings which frame the ideal foundation for this commended music festival in India

So, if you are an art lover then you cannot hope to miss on this feisty combination of music and culture. 

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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