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Festivals In August In India

Upcoming Festivals In August In India In 2023

As the warm summer months give way to monsoon rains, the colourful kaleidoscope of Indian culture truly comes alive. It's in the heart of August when the Indian subcontinent, vibrant in its diverse traditions, bursts forth into many festivities, celebrations, and dynamic expressions of heritage. The month teems with the euphoria of what is popularly known as the August festivals in India. From north to south and east to west, the diverse land of India resounds with joyful laughter, harmonious songs, captivating dances, and prayers of gratitude.

Let's journey across this wonderland and bask in the cultural extravaganza of India in August. Be ready to be captivated by the vivid hues of festivals that sweep across the country, binding its people in a thread of unity, diversity, and festive spirit. As Henry Miller said, "One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things". So, let's dive into India's celebration-filled August and experience these vibrant festivities, each a spectacle in its own right, a testament to India's rich cultural heritage and unity in diversity.

List of Upcoming Festivals In August In India In 2023 

Indian festivals in August bring an extraordinary spectacle of cultural and religious diversities. Each celebration's unique charm and significance captivates both locals and visitors.

  • Raksha Bandhan | Sibling Love Celebration
  • Parsi New Year (Nowruz) | Zoroastrian New Year
  • Onam | Kerala's Harvest Festival
  • Nag Panchami | Snake-Worship Festival
  • Hariyali Teej | Women's Monsoon Festival
  • Independence Day | National Sovereignty Celebration
  • Aadi Perukku | Tamil Monsoon Festival
  • Sankashti Chaturthi | Lord Ganesha's Worship
  • Shravan Somwar Vrat | Monday Fasting Ritual
  • Kala Ashtami | Lord Bhairav Worship
  • Rohini Vrat | Jain Community Fasting
  • Gauna Kamika Ekadashi | Lord Vishnu Worship
  • Pradosh Vrat | Lord Shiva Worship
  • Simha Sankranti | Solar Cycle Celebration
  • Vinayaka Chaturthi | Lord Ganesha's Birthday

Raksha Bandhan commemorates the sacred bond between siblings. On this day, sisters tie a protective thread, or 'Rakhi', around their brothers' wrists, symbolising their love and prayers for their brothers' wellbeing, while the brothers offer gifts and vow to protect their sisters. It's an endearing tradition that strengthens familial bonds.

  • Major Attraction: The ceremonial tying of the rakhi.
  • Date: August 30th 2023.

2. Parsi New Year (Nowruz) | Zoroastrian New Year

Parsi New Year, or Nowruz, is celebrated with much zeal by India's Zoroastrian community. The day begins with prayers at the Fire Temple, followed by feasts with traditional delicacies. It's a day filled with positivity, gratitude, and new beginnings.

  • Major Attraction: Prayer meetings and feasts.
  • Date: August 16th 2023.

3. Onam | Kerala's Harvest Festival

Onam is a vibrant festival that marks the annual harvest season of Kerala. It's a ten-day extravaganza filled with boat races, traditional music, folk dance performances, and the grand feast called 'Onasadya'. The festival commemorates King Mahabali, a beloved ruler whose spirit is said to visit Kerala during Onam.

  • Major Attraction: Snake boat races and the grand feast.
  • Date: Begins on August 29th 2023.

4. Nag Panchami | Snake-Worship Festival

Falling in the heart of the monsoons, Nag Panchami sees the unique custom of snake worship, as people offer prayers to images of live snakes. As per Hindu mythology, it's believed to bring prosperity and negate any harm from snakes. Religious festivals in August India wouldn't be complete without them.

  • Major Attraction: Temple rituals, processions.
  • Date: August 21st 2023.

5. Hariyali Teej | Women's Monsoon Festival

A joyful festival predominantly celebrated by women. With the backdrop of lush green monsoon landscapes, women dressed in vibrant attire swing on decorated swings, sing traditional songs and pray for marital bliss. It's a distinct part of festivals in August with local traditions.

  • Major Attraction: Swing rides, dances.
  • Date: August 19th 2023.

6. Independence Day | National Sovereignty Celebration

A proud moment for every Indian, Independence Day marks the country's freedom from British rule. Flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, and cultural programs are common sights, making it a popular August festival in India.

  • Major Attraction: Flag hoisting, patriotic events.
  • Date: August 15th 2023.

7. Aadi Perukku | Tamil Monsoon Festival

A unique festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu to show gratitude to nature during the monsoon season. The festival involves making colourful 'Kolams' or rangolis and offering a variety of mixed rice to the deities.

  • Major Attraction: Kolam making ritualistic offerings.
  • Date: August 3rd 2023.

8. Sankashti Chaturthi | Lord Ganesha's Worship

A festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. It's celebrated every month, but the one in August holds special importance. Devotees fast and offer prayers to Lord Ganesha to seek his blessings.

  • Major Attraction: Prayers and fasting.
  • Date: August 4th 2023.

9. Shravan Somwar Vrat | Monday Fasting Ritual