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Ahmedabad’s Lucky Restaurant

Bored With the Conventional? Dine With the Dead at Ahmedabad’s Lucky Restaurant

When we say a diner or a restaurant has 'grave interiors', we are sure most of you wouldn't take that literally, right? Well, but in this case, we are talking about one such restaurant in India which is gaining a lot of popularity because of its offbeat interiors. Lucky Restaurant Ahemdabad is one such place where, unlike any other food joint, you will have a very different experience of dining with the dead. Well, you wouldn't be alone if this sends chills down your spine. However, it is quite normal for the people of Ahemdabad to enjoy their meals surrounded by coffins.

When in India, travellers can expect the unexpected and having meals with the dead at the Lucky restaurant is one of the finest examples of it. While there are numerous places to visit in India, this small roadside eatery is gaining a lot of attention from travel enthusiasts all around the globe. Lucky Restaurant is located in the Lal Darwaza region, opposite of City College.

Lucky Restaurant Ahmedabad History

Talking about the place, Lucky Restaurant is a local roadside eatery with 12 graves around it. The restaurant is popular among the locals for the last 50 years but now it is slowly making its way on the checklist of the travellers, both from India and abroad.

The owner of the restaurant Krishnan Kutti brought this land in Ahmedabad, unaware of the fact that it was a cemetery. However, this revelation did not alter his plan to build a food joint on it. The place slowly started pacing up and became one of the most loved spots to hang out in the city. Space gained momentum among both young and old and in no time transformed into a local hangout spot.

The name of the restaurant was later decided as Lucky Restaurant, as the owner felt that these graves brought with them good luck.

Every morning, the workers of the restaurant humbly clean all the graves and place fresh flowers on it and cover them with a clean cloth. To create a distance, preserve the holiness and protect people from mistakenly tripping over the graves, steel bars have been erected on the surroundings and the eatery tables are placed surrounding the graves. Both the owner and the workers do their best to preserve the graves as they believe that these graves bring in good luck to their business.

The Must-Know Facts About Ahmedabad Lucky Restaurant

Krishnan Kutti, the owner of the place started with a little tea stall and today he runs a full-fledged restaurant which serves bun-maska, chai, cheese bun, coffee, noodles, fried rice, soups and various other delicious delights. The rava masala dosa and paneer bhurji at this vegetarian restaurant are delicacies to die for.

The restaurant which runs with the motto of "respect the dead, as you respect the living" was one of the favourite places of a legendary artist M.F. Hussain. The world-known painter once said that place brought him close to both - life and death. He even gifted a self-made painting to the owner which, till date, adds charm to the place.

Unlike what many might believe, no one has ever witnessed any kind of spooky or paranormal activity. Be it lunchtime, dinner or casual chai hangout hour of the day, the place is always full of customers chit-chatting and enjoying their meals. Both customers and the waiters make their way to their respective tables by navigating in between the graves and no matter how weird it might sound, it is a completely normal course of the day at the Lucky Restaurant. The tables are placed adjacent to the coffins and customers simply enjoy each others' company without paying much attention to their surroundings.

So that was all about this amazingly unconventional restaurant. 

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--- Published By  Shalini Singh

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