Turn into a Fashionista During a Vacay with Simple Tips by This Head-Turner

How many of us dare to chase a dream since childhood and then turn it into reality? Well, the young woman in question here has not just done that but nailed it as well. And, the one we are talking about here is none other than Aashima Lamba, a fashion and travel influencer who is going places with her work.

The fashionista, who is an engineer by qualification, has a lot of social media ad campaigns for big brands to her credit and while she works hard, the stunner makes sure that she parties harder. In a recent conversation with us, she spoke a lot about her personal life. And we have to say, she is much more than just a pretty face. Scroll down to check out the conversation.

There are a few very beautiful places in India that must be explored by all

: You must have travelled a lot so tell us what interests you the most about a destination?

Nothing in specific. If I have to travel to a place, I make sure there is something unique about the destination and, also, the food ought to be good.

: As per you which are the three most under-rated tourist destinations in India

The under-rated places in India are not actually under-rated but have less footfall than the rest of the tourist destinations. For me these places are – Ladakh, Kashmir and Spiti. These are few of the very beautiful places in India that must be explored by all.

A trip to Auli made me realize how beautiful and important the life beyond social media is

: Be it in India or abroad, what is the weirdest thing you ever ate during a vacation

I went to Thailand a few months ago where there is a huge language constraint. So, there I ordered something that I thought was a sandwich but it wasn’t. In fact, till date, I don’t know what it was. It was very sticky and weird and the worst thing I ever put in my mouth.

In India also, I ate something that I didn’t like and that was sev paao. I was in Mumbai nearly 7 years ago and it was then that I ate it. I didn’t know how to eat it and thought that the gravy is just for presentational purpose. So, I left the gravy and later when I got to know how to eat it, I couldn’t stop feeling bad about myself.

: Since you have made it big and have carved a niche for yourself in the industry, tell us about your ‘Nothing is far’ moment. A moment during a trip that changed your life and perspective.

It has to be my trip to Auli that I took earlier this year. I disconnected with everything I have here, in Delhi and let myself lose in the nature. I enjoyed the vacation thoroughly as it was like a breath of fresh air and I realized that social media is nothing. The life beyond it is what that matters the most.

: Tell us about your best and worst trip so far

The best has to be Auli and the worst would be Jaipur. I went to Jaipur a few years ago, in June or July and it was burning, to say the least. On the contrary, Auli was covered with snow and walking on it was nothing short of magical.

: Since you are a young woman who is into a lot of travelling, how do you ensure your safety?

Safety is a huge concern when I am travelling in India but I make sure that I read a lot before packing my bags to some place. See how the people react to tourists. I also go through the profiles of travel bloggers who often share their reviews of a particular place and the personal details too.

Abroad, it is very safe but when you are travelling in India, you must know where you are headed and what it has in store for you.

You are a popular fashion influencer so tell us 4 tips that you would give to every girl to look their best during a vacation

I think some women don’t wear what they want due to parents, in-laws or husbands at home. They should do something new during a vacation, try some new attires as nobody knows them at a new place. That is one thing I would definitely want them to try. Also, carry a little makeup, take care of your skin, and above all, be happy.

Moving to the rapid fire now. Give answers to these questions super quickly.

: 5 things you can’t do without during a vacation

Mobile, makeup, clothes, charger and Instagram

: 3 makeup items you ought to carry whenever you travel

Lipstick, eyebrow enhancer and powder

: 2 Indian languages that you can’t speak but want to

Kashmiri and Marathi

: How often you go traveling in a year

I try to travel every month and in the worst-case scenario, every two months

: Trekking on the mountains or chilling by the beach

It’s so cold that Delhi feels like a mountain right now so definitely I would choose chilling by the beach.

: Travel or fashion – what is more important to you

Traveling in style

: Family trips or solo ones

Solo ones, certainly

We will give you 5 situations and you have to tell us what would you do or how would you react in these situations

: If you meet the man of your dreams on a vacation and are given a chance to leave everything behind to settle with him

I don’t want to leave everything behind but if the man of my dreams is there, I am going to bring him where my everything is and then we will see how it goes from there

: If you are gifted a world trip but the condition is to drop makeup and chic outfits

I will go to the trip and at the very first destination, I will buy all the makeup and in-vogue outfits

:If you are stranded on an island without a phone and ample food

I think I will wait there for the man of my dreams that was mentioned earlier. Also, I wanted to chill by the beach so it would do.

: If a man you don’t like asks you out on a date to an exotic vacation destination

That has happened before and I said no, and I regret it now.

If you wake up one day to realize you missed your flight to a long-awaited trip

That should never happen but if it does, I am going to take the next flight, no matter how expensive it is. I will figure something out, borrow some money but I will certainly go.

: One thing about India that is unique to it and you cannot find the same in any other country

That would be its diversity. Right from planes to mountains and from beaches to lakes, the country has it all. US is also quite similar but the best part about India is that it is cheaper and still has a lot to offer.

For the unversed, Aashima Lamba is a popular social media influencer and the founder of the fashion and lifestyle portal, The Basic Rebel. The diva is nearly 90k strong on Instagram and has worked with several big brands like the Body Shop, Myntra, Jaguar, Forever 21 and whatnot!

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