Timeless Singing of Sukhwinder Singh Has Crossed Many Borders

This world is known by special people and special people are few. And from the rarefied list, is our eminent guest Sukhwinder Singh Ji who is a musician who changed the contours of our culture. He is a gifted singer who first rose to stardom after the release of Chhaiya Chhaiya and since then has been dazzling the stage with his sensational performances. Internationally acclaimed artist, Sukhi Ji’s epic song Jai Ho created history as the song was graced with prestigious awards such as Oscar and Grammy. He truly has made India proud on global platforms as well.

When he sings, not just our heart overwhelms with joy but even the birds stop by to listen.

Apart from breaking records and singing chartbusters, Sukhi Ji is a jovial person with a great sense of humor. In an exclusive conversation with Adortip, he shared many heartwarming stories from his travel diary. Hold your horses, we have a whole lot of information for you to discover. JUST SCROLL DOWN!

: You belong to Amritsar, what is one thing that you owe to this vibrant city?

Punjab is divided into three major regions Majha, Malwa, and Doaba. I belong to the Majha community who settled in Amritsar post-partition. The idiosyncratic element of this community is that they are jovial, super talented and don’t allow sorrow to creep into their lives, no matter how tough the situation is. I have inherited these traits from the city I was born in, Amritsar is a pool of talent, comedy, and valor.

: You have experienced living in many parts of the world, what makes India unique?

I have traveled to many countries and I find that India has supremacy in talent. Soaked in ancient history and deep-rooted traditions, our culture is a burst of hues and vivid descriptions of mythology. Be it music, art, literature or dance, Indian art forms are unique as they reflect our rich culture in every aspect.

India is a culturally vibrant and historically rich country that has a lot more than eyes can meet.

: You travel the world to represent our country. What kind of traveler are you?

I am a traveler who travels with music and my music is what travels with me. Even if I am in the aircraft or sitting in my car, music is my constant companion. I believe in silent practice and chromatic singing so while I am traveling, I spend hours practicing. I try to make my learning so interesting so as to keep me engrossed. If the travel time is spent in personal growth and not cribbing then probably a traveler would never get tired. So basically I am a curious traveler who knows how to make most out of the long hauling flights.

A life in music is a life beautifully spent and A time in learning is a time well spent.

: You are the most versatile singer in our country with a touch of Indian folk music in your voice. Which folk music in India is your favorite and why?

I believe folk music is the most pious and profound form of art as it depicts the soul of the culture. An artist needs a lot of depth to connect with the soul of any culture. I maintain a lifestyle that includes paying respect to my masters and staying honest with my inner self. During my soul searching exploration, I often come across various expressions of music. I get moved and so engrossed, almost hallucinated until I absorb that quality within me. This probably could be one of the reasons why I have a folk touch to my voice. And certainly there is no substitute for self-discipline and hard work

: India is a land of many festivals and fairs. Which is your favorite festival and how do you celebrate it?

To be honest, when I help someone in need that day becomes a festival for me. Apart from my own way of festivity, I celebrate Janmashtami with great enthusiasm. I have always been an ardent fan of Krishna. My festivity begins two days before as I love to paint and decorate the mountains and platforms all by myself. After completing the decoration, I place the idol of Laddu Gopal with idol of Nihang (armed Sikh warrior) by his side. It signifies that the festival is going on and no enemy is allowed. This is my way of addressing the festivity and I love to relive my childhood days through Janmashtami .

: One place in India where you frequently travel to unwind yourself and why?

To be honest, I don’t take any stress so practically I don’t need to de-stress. I feel truly blessed to be in a profession that is actually my passion. I travel almost 6 times in a month so there is always a time crunch for leisure trips. However, whenever I get time, I love visiting Dharamshala. The hilly terrain in Kangra district has serenity in abundance and a charm of monks and monasteries that has always allured me, somehow.

: One travel memory that is close to your heart?

I was once invited to perform at an event organized by the Police Department of Jammu and Kashmir. I wrote a song of peace for this heaven on earth and the kind of affection I received from the local folks of the valley left an everlasting impact on me. Also, when I represent India on the International platforms, those priceless moments fills my heart with immense contentment. When people of different nationalities give a standing ovation to my songs, those overwhelming claps and whistles echo in my ears for days. In that moment, my travel to far off land feels worth an accomplishment.

After all the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Rapid Fire

: 3 Travel Essentials

My travel bag in which I carry a photo of Lord Shiva and Sukhmani Sahib. My mobile phone, not to talk but for listening to music. Dhundi Raj Pokhrel, my caretaker whom I fondly call Michael.

: One thing you practice other than music

Comedy, I love to make people laugh.

: One thing you miss about India when you are abroad

Food, I miss desi Daal Chawal and home-cooked food.

: The exquisite souvenir you bought

Mexican artifacts attract me. Mexican hat, boots, shawls, etc.

: Google Maps or Local Folks

My google map or local folks are my sponsors who take me to the right place.

: One Indian dish you crave for

Aloo Methi with desi ghee drizzling over it.

: First thing you do when you wake up

Bajrangbali Ji ka naam. I offer prayer to him as soon as I open my eyes.

: Five Star Hotel in the bustling city or Boutique Resort on the outskirts

I love to stay in resorts on the outskirts.

: Your favorite songs

Aap ke kamre mai koi rehta hai by Kishore Kumar and Fashion ka Jalwa.

: Your favourite destination



: If you have boarded the flight and suddenly you realize that your phone is missing, what would you do?

I don’t stress over anything, leave aside my phone. I would go ahead and explore what is in store for me.

: If you have to take one person to travel with you for 1 long year, who would you travel with?

Michael. He is one person who understands all my needs and he is more than a family to me.

: If a fan of yours is ready to give you everything he has to learn music from you, what would you do?

I genuinely feel that I myself have to learn a lot yet. I am finding a way to learn classical music. However, I shall never break the heart of a person who shares a similar passion. I would rather guide him with whatever little I knowledge I have gathered about singing so far. And I don’t barter the exchange of experience with material things.

: If you are asked to describe singing and traveling in one line, how would you put it?

I sing to travel and my destination is in the heart of my audience.

Humility being his X-Factor, Sukhi Ji certainly knows how to win hearts. He creates a magic on the stage every time with his bang on performances. He is a singer par excellence, a curious learner, an avid traveler, a big time entertainer and above all a great human being who is here to spread happiness and love.

Trip Talkies has a lot more in store for the curious globetrotters. Watch out for this space at Adotrip to know how your favorite celebrity travels.


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