Anita Nayyar: Travel Interview Of COO Of Patanjali (2021)

Expert traveler is maybe one of the many hats that the COO of Patanjali Ayurved, Anita Nayyar wears. She is one of those people who believes that traveling liberates you and grants you freedom, and we couldn’t agree more. Hopping from one life role to another, she knows how to travel like a freak. Let’s see what we can learn from an enterprising leader.

In Talks With Anita Nayyar - Patanjali Ayurved’s COO

: What is travelling for you?

Liberation and freedom

: What’s your dream destination in India?


A photo of beautiful tulip garden in Srinagar

: What's the most fun childhood travel memory you have?

My fondest childhood memory is when I used to travel from Mumbai to Delhi to visit my grandparents.

: 3 things you always carry in your bag while traveling?

Speaker, my phone, and my hairdryer

: Who is your favorite travel buddy?

I mostly travel with my family but I would like to travel solo sometime.

Anita Nayyar Meditating

: If you are making a travel documentary, which place would you choose?

Srinagar! I have never been to Srinagar and I want to go there. I would like to go and make a travel documentary there.

: Which place you won’t mind being stranded at?

Anywhere in the hills!

: Name one festival of India that is a must-see?

Everyone should attend Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai at least once

Lord Ganesha Idol in Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

: Name a person whose travel diary you would like to read?

I would really like to read the travel diary of Shivya Nath. She is an Indian female solo traveler, at the age of 23, Shivya Nath quit her corporate job to travel the world. She leads the best kind of life; the nomadic one! Shivya Nath describes herself as a vegan soul without a home. She has also been featured in renowned shows of BBC, TEDx, and Nat Geo among others. Those are serious life goals!

: Name one place in India from where nothing is far?


: If you have to go on a girl’s trip, which places in India would you choose?

Srinagar and Leh

Anita Nayyar Traveling

: What's your biggest fear when it comes to traveling?

Missing my flights

: What's your all-time favorite dish from the Indian menu?

Dal Makhani

: What's the best travel advice you've ever received?

The best travel advice that I have received is don’t be anxious while traveling and always travel like a freak.

Travel photographs of Anita Nayyar COO of Patanjali Ayurved

: What's one travel habit that you want to change?

I would like to use different modes of transport other than flights if there are options to do that. Because traveling by train or driving to a place are more eco-friendly ways of transport than flying.

: What will you drop if your baggage exceeds?

I travel very light so I never have to drop anything out of my baggage.

: What's the most expensive thing you bought on a trip?


Anita Nayyar COO Patanjali Ayurved

: Would you like to plan your road trip with our free circuit planner?

Yeah, definitely!

: Do you prefer an action-packed trip or a relaxed, laid-back vacation?

A relaxed trip

: One thing you liked about Adotrip?

I like everything about Adotrip but If I have to name just one thing then I would say ease of use.

Anita Nayyar is a Chief Operating Officer - Media & Communications at Patanjali Ayurved. A veteran in the advertising & media agency, she knows how to manage the work-life balance and excel at traveling. After finding success in both personal and professional lives, she likes to hone her traveling skills even further by reading travel journals of young female Indian solo travelers.

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