Clips Of The Latest Travel Updates Compiled By Adotrip

 December 17th, 2021

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Clips Of The Latest Travel Updates Compiled By Adotrip

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1. Singapore Airlines will restart its flight from New York after two years. Its services were on hold due to the pandemic. The airline’s A380 fleet is refurbished and upgraded to undertake the new journey. The announcement came after the New York-Singapore route via Frankfurt was designated Vaccinated Travel Line. 

The flight will showcase its new semi-private cabins in the first-class suites. The double-decker aircraft will have six first-class suites, 343 economy seats, 44 premium economy, and 78 business-class seats.

2. Las Vegas Airport is now named Harry Reid International Airport. Earlier the airport was named after Senator McCarran in 1948. Early in 2021, a vote was conducted in the county for renaming the airport. 

3. UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity has a new addition, right from the core of India. The Durga Puja from Kolkata is the latest addition to the prestigious list. It is UNESCO’s way of promoting intangible cultural heritage and safeguarding it.

The news is of great pride for Indians because it is the first festival from Asia to make it to the list. The 16th Committee of UNESCO took the decision on 15th December in Paris.

4. The Tamil Nadu Government has extended Covid-19 lockdown restrictions for this year. No more New Years’ Party on 31st December & 1st January, especially on beaches across the state.

5. The Delhi Transport Corporation has notified Skyline India (Motors) Pvt. Ltd. to restart the Delhi-Kathmandu bus service. The service was suspended due to Covid-19. However, all specific guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs will apply. The fare has been increased from Rs. 2300 to Rs. 2800. The bus will travel from Delhi on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

6. An air bubble agreement between Australia and India means that eligible travelers will be allowed to travel between two countries. India has a bilateral air bubble agreement with 33 countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the US, United Arab Emirates, and more.

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