Compilation Of Latest Travel Highlights Of The Week By Adotrip

 April 29th, 2022

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Compilation of Latest Travel Highlights of the Week by Adotrip

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Have a look at the latest travel news and updates from all over the world. Stay informed about what happened in the travel sector in the week gone by. We present here a few snippets from the travel industry for our readers.

1. Indians planning to travel to the UK in EU Carriers need transit or regular Schengen Visa. Indians flying by Air France, Lufthansa, and KLM have their hubs in Paris, Munich/Frankfurt, and Amsterdam respectively. As per EU officials, passengers traveling from India to any of these countries must be aware of these travel requirements to avoid getting caught off-guard. 

2. With an eye on increasing tourists from India, the South African Tourism board announced an E-Visa facility for Indians traveling to South Africa. They are anticipating 64 percent year-on-year growth in tourist numbers from India. They have come up with many marketing initiatives to capitalize on strong consumer demand. 

3. The Government of India has taken a few initiatives to change the process of registration for Digi Yatra, enabling paperless air travel for passengers. As per the new process, passengers can self-enroll or register for Digi Yatra by digitally validating Government-issued credentials like a driving license or Adhar Card. 

4. Hyderabad International Airport has added one more international destination to its portfolio by adding a direct flight service from Hyderabad to Dhaka. This destination is going to give a great fillip to leisure and medical travel to Hyderabad. 


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