‘Corporate Travel To Be Permanently Slumped Down By 10-15%’: Yatra CEO Says

 November 12th, 2020

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‘Corporate Travel to be Permanently Slumped Down by 10-15%’: Yatra CEO Says

Short article by Adotrip.com

During a recent briefing, the Yatra.com CEO, Mr Dhruv Shringi expressed his opinion, that with the whole COVID scenario in place, the corporate travel is expected to witness a permanent slump of about 10-15%.

He also added that all the travel activities happening right now amid the ‘New Normal’ is essential in nature and even after the relaxations and several updates rolled out during the series of unlocks, leisure travel hasn’t seen a significant boost yet.  

"The recovery in travel is gradual. It may not be a V or W-shaped recovery," said Mr Shringi. Talking about the daily travel data, he further explained "If one goes by the daily update provided by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, about 60,000 to 70,000 people are travelling a day. This is in comparison to about 4.5 lakh tickets that were sold on an average daily, before COVID-19,".

Although overall profits are down and the ticket prices are also low significantly as compared to last year, all we can do is hope to see the travel bounce back and returning to its normal pace. 

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