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A religious festival which take place in the Garhwal region which is a beautiful hilly area in Uttarakhand. People wanting to know more about Hindu history and epics must definitely be present there. See the locals performing the characters of Ramayana live and gel in with the simplicity and modesty of the volunteers. It is celebrated by the local inhabitants of nearby villages. The name of the festival is derived with the epic Hindu story Ramayana. It is cultural festival which is more like a theatre and is performed by locals of the area.

Major attractions of Ramman

People perform skits, acts based on the parts of the epic. The roles are distributed among 18 people who play their part in front of everyone. It is a nice gathering which is united with people of all castes and statuses to enjoy and remember the scenes of the Ramayana.

The festival is surely not a new born concept and is being practiced since ages. It is really entertaining and educating at the same time watching people enact their roles and teaching new generation and outsiders about the history.

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The culture and spirit of religion will inspire you and will motivate you to dwell in their happiness along.

How to reach Ramman?

Ramman is celebrated in Garhwal region of the state of Uttarkhand. To reach the region, the nearest railway station is Kotdwara which is about 101 kms from there. People need to take tazis from here to reach the place.

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  • 1 Day

  • Religious

  • Uttarakhand
  • Festival Date

    26 April 2020

  • Venue

    Garhwal, Uttrakhand

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