Garhwal is a fascinating mix of Indian culture and heritage. It includes the districts of Chamoli, Dehradun, Haridwar, Pauri Garhwal, Rudraprayag, Tehri Garhwal, and Uttarkashi.

This beauty is no less than a paradise of myriad hues, so, if you are looking for nature’s solace then, Garhwal is one travel getaway which can quench your travel cravings.

From the snow-clad mountains to the verdant forests, lakes, and the people, everything about this wonderful destination is worth experiencing at least once in your life.

There are many many reasons to visit Garhwal; to name a few would be its ethereal sunsets, hills, mountains, the people and whatnot. Talking specifically about Tehri Garhwal, this is a place where you will find abundant remnants of Hindu mythology as well.

It is in Garhwal, where River Ganga arrives in its real form at Devprayag. This is also the point where Bhagirathi and Alaknanda merge together.

Best Time to Visit Garhwal

To witness this natural wonder, the best time would be the summer season. Although, you can travel here at any time of the year. It is just that, if you don’t like the chilly winter season, you can consider travelling here in the summer months, otherwise, any time of the year will suit you fine.

History of Garhwal

Garhwal holds a great significance historically too. One can find the earliest reference to this pristine land in the Skanda Purana as well as Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Van Parva.  

Speaking about its medieval history, in the 15th century, a king named Ajai Pal merged the then 52 separate principalities of the region with his fortress aka Garh. It is believed that for about 300 years, Garhwal remained a unified kingdom with its capital being Srinagar.

However, in the beginning, as per the historical records, the earliest ruling dynasties of Garhwal was of Katyuris. The regions of Kumaon and Garhwal came under the rule of Sri Basdeo Giriraj Chakara Churamani who was the ruler during those times.

Under his rule, as well as his successors, the geographical boundaries of Garhwal stretched from Satluj to as far as Gandaki plains, that included the whole land of Rohilkhand.

Major Attractions in and Around Garhwal

1. Mussoorie

Mussoorie is located at a distance of around 71 km from Garhwal. The beauty of this place needs no introduction as it is frequented by thousands of visitors on a yearly basis to enjoy the panoramic views of nature.

2. Tehri Dam

It is one of Asia’s largest and highest dams offering amazing scenic views of nature which are just too exotic and magnificent to watch. This dam also serves as the world's largest hydro-electrical project that draws water from two great Himalayan rivers namely Bhagirathi and Bhilangana. 

3. Chamba

Situated at a distance of 18 km from Garhwal, Chamba is one of the major tourist attractions and is quite frequently visited by tourists and travellers alike. The best part about Chamba is that you get to witness the holy river of Bhagirathi, flowing in a graceful manner.

4. Khirsu

This is a very calm and serene village wrapped in the lush greenery of nature. If you want to unwind yourself at someplace truly peaceful and away from the chaos of city life, then Khirsu is just the ideal tourist attraction to visit.

How to Reach Garhwal

Although Garhwal comprises of various districts, Pauri Garhwal and Tehri Garhwal are considered to be its highlighting geographical features. Both these districts are situated at an approximate distance of 320, 1,700, 1650, 2,435 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can reach Garhwal by the following means of public transportation. 

By Air

To reach Garhwal by air, you will need to land at Jolly Grant Airport aka Dehradun Airport (DED). The airport is situated 25 km south-east of Dehradun. It is 25 and 35 km away from Rishikesh and Haridwar respectively. Talking in terms of traffic, it is considered to be the 27th busiest airport in India. To reach here, it is advised to take connecting flights from Delhi and Chandigarh. Once you get off the flight, you can book a taxi or take a bus to reach your destination. From the airport, Tehri Garhwal is about 80 km and Pauri Garhwal is about 140-150 km away, thus, accordingly, you can choose the mode of your travelling.

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Garhwal

By Train

If your destination is Pauri Garhwal, then you will need to deboard at Kotdwar station (KTW) situated 120 km away. It is one of the oldest railway stations in India. Otherwise, you will need to get off at the Rishikesh station (RKSH) that is nearest to Tehri Garhwal, about 120 km away. Garhwal Express, Mussoorie Express, Rishikesh-Haridwar Passenger, and Rishikesh-Delhi Passenger are some of the trains connecting these regions to and fro to other towns. After deboarding at either of the stations, as per your convenience, you can book a taxi or take a bus to reach your destination further.

By Road

Both Tehri and Pauri Garhwal have been well connected to other nearby cities and states by motorable roads and national highways. You can book interstate/private buses, taxis which are easily available from nearby towns to reach here. Otherwise, you can also consider travelling by your own vehicle.

  • From Rishikesh - 120 km via NH7 to Tehri Garhwal/ 155 km via NH7 to Pauri Garhwal
  • From Haridwar - 115 km via Rishikesh-Chamba-Tehri-Road to Tehri Garhwal/ 175 km via NH7 to Pauri Garhwal
  • From Bijnor - 180 km via NH34 to Tehri Garhwal/ 166 km via NH534 to Pauri Garhwal

Frequently Asked Questions about Garhwal

Q. Where is Garhwal located?
A. Garhwal is a region located in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Q. What are the main tourist attractions in Garhwal?
A. The main tourist attractions in Garhwal include the Char Dham pilgrimage circuit (Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath), the Valley of Flowers National Park, the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara, and the Auli ski resort.

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