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    Japan | A Paradise for Peaceful Retreat Amidst Nature

    To the naked eye, this magnificent country appears to be a volcanic island with dramatic mountains in the north and imposing sandy beaches in the south. This futuristic island country offers an amalgamation of fascinating traditional culture replete with Buddhist temples, lip-smacking cuisine and captivating vistas. Japan, one of the most promising island countries, is a must-visit tourist destination with a myriad of magnificent landscapes and rich heritage. 

    Often considered the beautiful land of the rising sun, it is an island country of diversified culture and prominent heritage. The natural beauty of this culturally rich land is worth marvelling at, studded with towering mountains, stony shores, pristine white coastlines, bamboo forests, and majestic waterfalls over the region. All nature lovers and photographers from different walks of life are warmly welcomed in this wonderful country. The admirable simplicity of this land is far too surreal, following prodigious beaches and the impeccable history of Japan.

    Best Time to Visit Japan

    The best time to visit Japan is between March to May(spring) & September to November(autumn). During this season, you will likely come across Japan's most exciting period. Temperatures in the spring range from 2°C - 24°C, with gentle chilly breezes. Temperatures in fall range from 2° to 28°C. This time of year celebrates the lovely cherry blossoms and is ideal and relatively suitable for travellers visiting Japan. The summer months of June to August are extremely hot and humid, making it slightly challenging for visitors to explore. Visit the north of Japan in winter for a wonderful experience when everything is buried with snow, and people celebrate with brilliant and vibrant hues of numerous festivities.

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    History and Culture of Japan

    Antonio Da Mot and Francisco Zeimoto, two Portuguese traders, are believed to have been the first to set foot in this country. Its dynamic and comprehensive history spans the 11th century BCE to the 300th century BCE. Initially, Japan was designated as ‘Wa’ or ‘Wokaku’, where ‘Wa’ was dedicated to the Three Kingdoms Period. Buddhism was introduced to Japan from China in the mid-6th century, and the shrines of Nara are renowned for acquiring the power of the soil. Previously, Japan was densely inhabited by the Jomon- The Neolithic Civilisation.

    Japan is a magnificent island country where traditional culture and contemporary thought perfectly dwell together, which is observed in all facets of life. As we talk about Japan, you must know that harmony is a prime perspective highly regarded and deemed necessary in family and business. There is an age-old Japanese concept known as "loss of face," which is defined as a notion that symbolises personal dignity and peer prestige and is caused when anyone's disagreement, criticism, advice, or request is not honoured. Children are strongly encouraged to perform in teams rather than functioning individually. In Japan, modest body language and docile facial gestures are highly valued. Kyoto Gion Matsuri is one of the renowned festivals with a wonderful history that is exquisitely celebrated in Japan, beautifully dipped in vibrant hues. Another notable event in Japan is the Sakura: Enchanting Cherry Blossom Customs in Japan, which celebrates the fall season with loved ones and friends underneath the Sakura trees.

    Things to Do in Japan

    Are you planning a terrific trip to Japan? You will certainly have the greatest time of your life with its splendid attractions, imperial shrines, transcendent landscapes,  wonderful people, and incredible cultures. It offers many activities to discover, which is why we are here with a well-curated list of some of the best things to do in Japan. So, what are you holding out for? Take a closer look at the wide range of exciting adventures that will make your vacation remarkable!

    1. Dope out the adrenaline rush while climbing Mount Fuji

    This highest point in Japan is well-known for filling visitors with an enthralling experience with a jaw-dropping sunset view. Considered one of the most magical experiences, climbing Mount Fuji achieves heart-winning emotion when you finally reach the peak. This symmetrical mountain with massive cultural significance lends to the country's allure. Pack all necessary items and head for an overnight trek to witness the glorious sunrise the next day. You may capture fantastic shots of the galvanic vistas from the highest point. Early July until early September is marked as the climbing season.

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    2. Discover Japan’s most happening nightlife at Izakaya

    This mesmerising Island country's electrifying nightlife cannot be portrayed in language. From eccentric bars to world-class shopping malls, it offers something special to everyone. There are many fantastic retail shops where you can shop for souvenirs and beautiful handicrafts. Besides these, Japan is renowned for its late-night cultures infused with vibrant vibes and with laid-back atmosphere. There are many fantastic retail shops where you can shop for souvenirs and beautiful handicrafts. Besides this, Japan is renowned for its late-night culture, which is imbued with vibrant vibes and a laid-back demeanour. Relish your lively spirits in Karaoke, gaming arcades, bowling, and fine dining experience.

    3.  Witness the Jaw-Dropping Festivities of the Cherry Blossom festival

    As previously indicated, this is among the best places to visit in Japan. This season is noted to be the most welcoming time of year for new bonds, connections, and imposing love sentiments across the country. People appreciate this period by consuming flavorful dinners and socialising amid cherry blossom trees. During the fall season, nights are also cherished for wonderful outings and gatherings with friends and family. Hanami is a unique name for this event. This glorious phase in Japan is viewed as the most cheerful, welcoming, and endearing.

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    4. Pay a Close Visit To Nature At Oirase National Park

    This magnificent national park is said to feature enthralling hikes and captivating landscapes. This site's pristine splendour includes gorgeous streams rushing, a wonderful atmosphere, and the entrancing Lake Tawada. You may spend a day trekking with your companions at Oirase National Park, dotted with plush greenery and a heavenly aura.

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    5. Soak Into The Divine Essence at Kiyomizu- Dera Temple

    This enchanting site is a vital attraction of Kyoto and is dedicated to several natural treasures and forms of culture. This majestic temple is hooked 13 m above the hillside offering panoramic vistas peppered with cherry and maple trees. Get ready with your cameras, for you will experience something highly hypnotising wrapped in the arms of nature. Right behind the main hall of this temple lies a splendid shrine purely dedicated to the deeply believed deity of love and matchmaking. Furthermore, be ready to witness the Otowa waterfall cascading water into three separate streams. The Visiting hours are from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. 

    6. Feel the Excitement of Exploring Universal Studios

    Do not miss out on the fun and adventure of exploring Universal Studios for an epic seasonal experience and electrifying Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Witness the incredible Universal Spectacle Night extravaganza, which excellently features projections of Transformers, Minions, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park on nearby buildings.

    7. Relish a Soothing Escape in the Relaxing Onsen

    Relaxing in hot mineral spring waters infused with essential minerals is the most exciting experience to accomplish in Japan. You may relax and socialise while basking in the onsen, as many individuals gather here daily to embrace the essence of relaxation and quality time physically & mentally. You can even pay a visit to Onsen town in vibrant cotton kimonos (yukata) and wooden sandals (geta) and explore the appeal of the local villages.

    8. Discover the terrific Tokyo National Museum

    The National Institutes for Cultural Heritage operate Japan's oldest and largest museum, which houses 110000 arts and archaeological artefacts and nearly a hundred national treasures such as painting, metalware, swords, proto-historical objects, ethnographic material, sculpture, calligraphy, oriental archaeology, and oriental art. You will have a wonderful experience admiring these wonderful artefacts and learning more about Japan's heritage and history.

    9. Tour to Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

    It will be a thrilling experience to visit these two historical ruins in Japan. Hiroshima is located in southern Japan and is renowned for its terrific history related to the dropping of the atomic bombs. Another notable attraction in the city centre is the Hiroshima Peace Park. You may even venture to Miyajima Island, where the view from the gate is ranked one of the top three in Japan. Nagasaki, another city impacted by the atomic bombing, is a scenic port city encircled by Nagasaki Bay with a plethora of European-style sightseeing locations in the city with a fantastic ocean view.

    10. Watch the admirable Noh- A spiritual drama

    This oldest surviving form of Japanese theatre wonderfully communicates Buddhist principles by reproducing iconic moments from well-known works of Japanese literature. 'No' in Noah signifies talent or skill. They emphasise as storytellers who employ visual appearances in a befitting way to indicate rather than enact the substance of their narrative. This is a must-see show for those who want to know about the actual core of Japanese traditions.

    How To Reach Japan

    With such a magnificent legacy, Japan, also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, has much to offer its visitors, from mesmerising aesthetic sights to thrilling adventurous activities. Enjoy the vintage lodgings while discovering Japanese culture and enjoy wonderful cuisine. Its breathtaking splendour will undoubtedly make you fall madly in love.

    International Airport of Japan

    • Kansai International Airport (Osaka)
    • Tokyo International Airport(Tokyo)
    • Osaka International Airport (Osaka/ Hyogo)
    • Narita International Airport (Chiba)
    • Chubu CentrairInternational Airport (Aichi)

    By Air. Japan has excellent airline connections to other countries. Air travel is the fastest and most convenient way of reaching Japan.

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    By Train
    Japan is not connected by train as it is an island nation. 

    By Road
    Japan is an island country and is not connected by road. 

    By Cruise
    There are multiple cruise options to Japan, including services from Singapore and China and a few from the United States. East Asia Escapade, SilverSea Cruise ships, and Costa cruises are some of the well-known cruise services. There are no direct cruises from India to Japan; you must first travel to Singapore or China and then take a cruise service to Japan. 

    Frequently Asked Questions Related to Japan

    Q 1. What is Japan famous for?
    A 1.Japan is famous for its delectable cuisines, spectacular landscapes, rich heritage, vibrant culture & attire, and shopping options. 

    Q 2. What language is spoken in Japan?
    A 2.The national language spoken in Japan is Standard Japanese.

    Q 3. Do they speak English in Japan?
    A 3.Yes, very few people in Japan speak English. 

    Q 4. Why is Japan the best place to visit in Asia?
    A 4.This land's beauty is one-of-a-kind and is a retreat for soul seekers. Tourists can have a wonderful time exploring the eye-popping landscapes, magnificent shrines and gardens of this marvellous Island country. 

    Q 5. How many days in Japan is enough?
    A 5. You can explore major attractions of Japan in 7-10 days. If you wish to soak in the culture of this destination, you can plan to spend some more time here.

    Q 6. What is the most famous food in Japan?
    A 6.Sushi, Sashimi, Ramen, Donburi, Soba, Unagi grilled Eel, Udon, and Tempura are some of the famous and authentic cuisines of Japan. 

    Q 7. Do I need a visa to Japan?
    A 7. Yes, a visa is a must for visiting Japan. The validity is for three months. 

    Q 8. Is Japan safe to travel to?
    A 8.Yes, Japan is completely safe to travel 

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