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The famous ruler of Medieval age, named The Great Emperor Akbar, mostly known for his remarkable ruling abilities, was given the  homage by building a tomb, after his death. The tomb named as Akbar’s Tomb and in Urdu- Akbar Ka Makbara, built in 1605-1613 at Sikandra, Agra. The mind-striking thing is that Akmar himself went through the process of construction of his tomb while he was alive. After that, his son Salim aka Jahangir proceeded it further. Best known for its Mughal architecture, beautifully carved with geometrical, calligraphy and floral designs. The spectacle will leave you miraculously stunned.

Top attractions in Akbar’s Tomb

Mariam’s Tomb

One kilometre away from the Akbar’s Tomb, there is tomb of Begum Mariam, who was the wife of Akbar. Another best creation of art is explored while honoring one of the queens of Akbar.

Akbar’s Cenotaph

Apart from the tomb of Akbar, there is a cenotaph that was erected in the honor of the gone king. Again, the architecture is such that it will give you a major instinct of mughal age and to live the past.

Things to do in Akbar’s Tomb

Roam around the galleries

Once, you are roaming to the Akbar’s Tomb complex, you will find more galleries spreading an utmost tranquil, you can sit there and get the feel of past era.   

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Sightseeing and viewing the architectural details

Standing at any corner, you will come across a beautiful spectacle and get to know “beforemath” of the creation.  

Best time to visit Akbar’s Tomb

The official opening time:

6AM-6PM for all days of the week.

Entrance Fee 

Rs 5 per person (Indians), Rs 100 (Foreigners)

Though, choosing the time is absolutely personal instinct. Still, if you want to prefer the best time to visit the place, then it would be a starting of the winter that ensures a mixed weather which lets you enjoy to the most.

How to reach Akbar’s Tomb?

Air- The nearest airport is Kheria Airport. After reaching the airport, you can take the local transport such as bus, auto or taxi to reach Akbar’s Tomb.

Rail- The Idgah Railway Station is the nearest train station to the Akbar’s Tomb. This option will be preferable also.

Bus- Another option to locals as well as adjacent regions of Agra, is the bus service. You can take the bus named after Uttar Pradesh Parivahan Nigam.

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