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Best waterfalls near Thane

17 Most Beautiful Waterfalls Near Thane You Must Visit

Thane's MesmeriSing Waterfalls | Best Waterfalls Near Thane

Discover the best waterfalls near Thane, where the marvels of nature captivate all who visit. These cascading marvels provide a refreshing retreat from the city's commotion. Their pristine waters and verdant surroundings offer serene havens for unwinding and revitalisation. Start Your exploration of these enchanting gems, each promising a distinct and breathtaking adventure. Whether you're a nature lover, an adventurer, or in pursuit of serenity, Thane's waterfalls offer a peaceful setting for an unforgettable and rejuvenating escape.

List of 17 Best Waterfalls Near Thane

Explore Thane's pristine waterfalls, a natural escape from chaos. With clear waters and lush surroundings, they invite peace and relaxation. Let's dive in!

  • Kokanipada Waterfall | Nature's Descent
  • Mumbra Waterfall | Sparkling Cascade
  • Parsik Hill Waterfall | Rocky Marvel
  • Yeoor Waterfall | Verdant Beauty
  • Chirma Devi Waterfall | Enchanted Waters
  • Lake Valley Waterfall | Pristine Retreat
  • Bholenath Waterfall | Crystal Rush
  • Pachwad Waterfall | Untamed Wonder
  • Gavli Dev Waterfall | Secret Oasis
  • Sonarpada Waterfall | Nature's Slide
  • Pandavkada Waterfall | Thundering Waters
  • Kakadwal Waterfall | Wild Rapids
  • Palusa Waterfall | Invigorating Flow
  • Podium Waterfall | Rushing Marvel
  • Vaghdevi Waterfall | Untouched Stream
  • Usgaon Waterfall | Peaceful Brook
  • Waghbil Waterfall | Clear Waterslide

1. Kokanipada Waterfall | Nature's Descent

Explore the enchanting Kokanipada Waterfall near Thane, a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Its pristine waters and verdant surroundings make it a top pick among the best waterfalls near Thane. Whether you're seeking a serene escape or an adventure in the heart of nature, Kokanipada Waterfall provides the ideal setting for a revitalising experience.

  • Distance To City: 8.1 km
  • Travel Tip: Carry insect repellent, as the area may have bugs, especially during the monsoon season.

2. Mumbra Waterfall | Sparkling Cascade

Mumbra Waterfall is a seasonal delight, flowing with vigour during the monsoon, offering an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts seeking a refreshing experience near Thane. Mumbra Waterfall, a peaceful retreat near Thane, provides a refreshing escape amidst natural beauty. Located within lush surroundings, it's the perfect place for relaxation. Explore this serene paradise with our guide on top-rated Thane nearby waterfalls.

  • Distance To City: 11 km
  • Travel Tip: Wear water-resistant footwear or sandals with good grip for navigating the rocky terrain.

3. Parsik Hill Waterfall | Rocky Marvel

Amidst the stunning Parsik Hills, Parsik Hill Waterfall invites you to explore its unspoiled charm. A unique fact about this waterfall is its seasonal nature, flowing abundantly during the monsoon months, creating a mesmerising sight. For those seeking picturesque waterfalls close to Thane, our guide will lead you to this enchanting natural wonder.

  • Distance To City: 10.3 km
  • Travel Tip: Opt for an early morning visit to avoid crowds and capture the scenic beauty in the soft morning light.

4. Yeoor Waterfall | Verdant Beauty

Venture into the heart of Sanjay Gandhi National Park to discover Yeoor Waterfall, a hidden gem that enchants with its pristine waters and lush greenery. Notably, this waterfall is an integral part of the forest's ecosystem and provides a habitat for various species of flora and fauna. For a rejuvenating retreat just a short drive from Thane, follow our guide to serene waterfalls.

  • Distance To City: 7.8 km
  • Travel Tip: Be prepared for a moderate trek, so wear comfortable clothing and carry a light backpack with essentials.

5. Chirma Devi Waterfall | Enchanted Waters

Explore Chirma Devi Waterfall, a Thane gem renowned for its unique geography. This waterfall's stream disappears underground and re-emerges downstream, creating a fascinating natural phenomenon. Discover this wonder with our guide on the best waterfalls near Thane, offering a glimpse of nature's intriguing secrets.

  • Distance To City: 6.9 km
  • Travel Tip: Respect any local customs or rituals associated with this waterfall, as it may have cultural significance.

6. Lake Valley Waterfall | Pristine Retreat

Lake Valley Waterfall, tucked amidst the verdant valleys of Thane, is a serene escape for nature enthusiasts. What sets it apart is the picturesque amphitheatre-like formation around the waterfall, enhancing its beauty. Follow our guide on exploring Thane's waterfalls to witness this enchanting spectacle hidden within the region.

  • Distance To City: 8.1 km
  • Travel Tip: Dip in the natural pool beneath the waterfall to cool off on hot days.

7. Bholenath Waterfall | Crystal Rush

Bholenath Waterfall, a peaceful paradise near Thane, is renowned for its therapeutic waters. Legend has it that the waters of this waterfall have healing properties, attracting visitors seeking rejuvenation. Plan your visit with our guide to top-rated waterfalls nearby Thane and experience the soothing effects of these pristine cascades.

  • Distance To City: 14.3 km
  • Travel Tip: Be cautious while walking on slippery rocks near the waterfall; consider water shoes for added grip.

8. Pachwad Waterfall | Untamed Wonder