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10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Switzerland

10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Switzerland | That You Must Visit

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland ranks as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Popular for its snow-capped Alps, chocolate, and cheese, it is a wonderland for visitors. However, this is not it!

The country is also widely famous for its beautiful and serene waterfalls. So, are you planning to go to Switzerland already? Here is an article highlighting Switzerland's best waterfalls, whether it is summer or winter.

List Of Top 10 Waterfalls In Switzerland

Seriously, if you are looking for a romantic voyage with your partner, nothing can beat the beauty of Switzerland. Not only does it have beautiful snow-capped elves, exotic scenery, and various activities, but the waterfalls add more grace to your journey.

  • Engstligen Falls | Breathtaking Panoramic Views
  • Rhine Falls Switzerland | The Mighty Rock
  • Staubbach Falls | Aka Lauterbrunnen Waterfall
  • Reichenbach Falls | Sherlock Holmes!
  • Mürrenbach Falls | Year-round Waterfalls
  • Giessbach Falls | View it From a Hotel!
  • Rosenlaui Falls | The Glacier Waterfall
  • Foroglio Falls | Wildflowers All-Around
  • Trümmelbach Falls | Largest Subterranean Waterfalls
  • Tine Conflens | The Meet Up Point

1. Engstligen Falls | Breathtaking Panoramic Views

Ranking at number two and considered one of the Best Swiss Waterfalls, Engstligen Falls is a true natural spectacle worth witnessing. Falling over rocky terrain for 600 m and collecting into the Engstligen River, the waterfall has several stunning features around it.

Flowering patches, rustic mountains, and grazing cows seamlessly complete the dreamy scenery of nature. The best thing is to look at the waterfalls up close by taking the circular trail or the overhead cable car. The circular trail is ideal for all ages so that you can take your kid and elders.

  • Location: 3715 Adelboden, Switzerland
  • Season: Year-round

2. Rhine Falls Switzerland | The Mighty Rock

For those who like Aquaman, you can witness the thrill of being the superhero here at Rhine Falls. Ranking on the top of the largest waterfalls in Switzerland, Rhine Falls features a rock in its middle. You can take the boat to this rock and climb to the top to feel the vibrations and roar of the water.

There are several platforms on both sides of the waterfall to witness its thrashing and thundering water that falls from 23 meters. The best thing is that it is just 45 minutes away from North of Zurich.

  • Location: Rheinfallquai, 8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall
  • Season: Spring and Summer

3. Staubbach Falls | Aka Lauterbrunnen Waterfall

Staubbach Falls ranks number 3 on the list of waterfalls in Switzerland. Lauterbrunnen is a valley in which the waterfalls are located and acts as a perfect sprinkler of mist in the summers. The summer winds break the waterfalls into tiny mist droplets that give it the name. Staub stands for dust.

To get a better look at this stunning masterpiece, you must take a steep and slippery trail that will lead you to the rock balcony. Along with being an excellent vintage point, the trail also provides crucial information about the history of the falls.

  • Location: Lauterbrunnen
  • Season: Summer

4. Reichenbach Falls | Sherlock Holmes!

The subtitle of the waterfalls should not surprise you. Sherlock Holmes fell to his death from the 250 m high Reichenbach Waterfall. Produced from several waterfalls on the Reichenbach stream, this waterfall stands unique because of its way of reaching the vantage point.

You can take a trail or go on a funicular to the viewpoint. Once at the vantage point, the view will be rewarding. Other than this, you can also visit the nearby museum dedicated to Sherlock Holmes.

  • Location: Hausenstrasse 34, 3860 Meiringen
  • Season: Summer

5. Mürrenbach Falls | Year-round Waterfalls

If you are visiting Switzerland in the springs, then Mürrenbach Falls is a must-visit for you. Attaining a massive height of 470 m, the waterfall is the highest in the country. Coming down over five cascades, it acts as the perfect place to capture some natural shots.

When you are here, you can take a closer look at the waterfall by taking the cable car. The cable car station at Schilthornbahn provides you with the best view of the curtain waterfall. The best thing is that it flows year-round. However, spring is the preferred time.

  • Location: 3825 Lauterbrunnen
  • Season: Springs

6. Giessbach Falls | View it From a Hotel!

Giessbach Falls is one of the top natural falls in Switzerland. Falling over its 14 stages and covering 500 m, this beautiful crystal clear waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery. It includes dense forests, meadows, and mountains. There is a grand hotel named Giessbach located at the foot of the waterfall.

From here, you can witness the stunning beauty of the waterfall and the calmly running water of Lake Brienz. The easiest way to get to this hotel is by taking Europe’s oldest funicular.

  • Location: 3855 Brienz BE
  • Season: Following the rainfall

7. Rosenlaui Falls | The Glacier Waterfall