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Waterfalls in Oregon

10 Famous Waterfalls In Oregon | A Natural Wonder

Oregon is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, and one of its most awe-inspiring features is its collection of stunning waterfalls. From the Columbia River Gorge to the Willamette National Forest, Oregon is home to a diverse range of waterfalls that attract visitors worldwide. In this article, we will explore some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Oregon and what makes them so special.

List of 10 Waterfalls in Oregon

  • Multnomah Falls | A Majestic Icon
  • South Falls | A Trail of Wonder
  • Tumalo Falls | A Natural Gem in Bend
  • Salt Creek Falls | A Cascade of Beauty
  • Watson Falls | A Photographer's Paradise
  • Punch Bowl Falls | 
  • Sahalie & Koosah Falls | Double Delights
  • Tamanawas Falls | A Hidden Gem
  • Proxy Falls | A Cascading Wonderland
  • Latourell Falls | A Ribbon of Beauty

1. Multnomah Falls | A Majestic Icon

Located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Multnomah Falls, Oregon, is perhaps the most well-known and tallest waterfall in Oregon. This magnificent waterfall plunges for over 600 feet, captivating all who visit. The falls are easily accessible, with a short walk leading to a bridge allowing visitors to admire the falls from above and below. The Benson Bridge offers a unique vantage point and is a popular spot for photos.

  • Location: Multnomah County
  • Hiking trail: 2.4-mile round trip

2. South Falls | A Trail of Wonder

Silver Falls State Park is a haven for waterfall enthusiasts, with South Falls being one of its most impressive attractions. This waterfall cascades more than 175 feet into a dark pool, creating a mesmerising display of natural beauty. What sets South Falls apart is the unique trail system that allows visitors to walk behind the waterfall, providing a truly immersive experience. The Trail of Ten Falls, a 7.2-mile loop that showcases multiple waterfalls, including South Falls, is a must-do for hikers and nature lovers.

  • Location: Silver Falls State Park
  • Hiking trail: 7.2-mile round trip

3. Tumalo Falls | A Natural Gem in Bend

Tumalo Falls is a natural gem in the Deschutes National Forest near Bend. With its stunning 97-foot drop, this waterfall is a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike. The best way to experience Tumalo Falls is by hiking the Tumalo Creek Trail, which offers panoramic views of the falls and takes you through a beautiful forested landscape and one of the top hiking trails near Portland with waterfalls. Whether you visit in the summer or winter, Tumalo Falls never fails to impress.

  • Location: Cascade Range
  • Hiking trail: 7 miles round trip

4. Salt Creek Falls | A Cascade of Beauty

Located in the Willamette National Forest, Salt Creek Falls is one of the largest single-drop waterfalls in Oregon. Plunging for more than 280 feet into a picturesque basin, this waterfall is a sight to behold. What makes Salt Creek Falls even more special is its accessibility. A short walk from the parking area leads to a viewing platform that offers a breathtaking view of the falls. Visitors can witness the falls surrounded by glistening snow, adding to its charm in winter.

  • Location: Willamette National Forest
  • Hiking trail: 1 mile

5. Watson Falls | A Photographer's Paradise