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5 Best Water Parks In Hanoi

5 Best Water Parks In Hanoi You Must Visit In Summer 2024

Get ready to beat the heat and embark on a refreshing adventure as we unveil Hanoi's Top 5 Water Park Destinations. These aquatic wonderlands offer an oasis of fun, making them the ultimate escape for families and thrill-seekers alike. Dive into a world of exhilarating water slides, meandering lazy rivers, and lively wave pools that promise endless smiles and laughter.

In the midst of Hanoi's bustling city life, these water parks provide the perfect respite for anyone seeking a cool and invigorating experience. Whether you're looking to plunge into wild adventures, unwind in a tropical paradise, or simply relax under the sun, there's a water park for you. Discover the joy of making a splash in style as we introduce you to the unique charm and unbeatable excitement of these aquatic gems. With its welcoming atmosphere and a dash of adventure, Water Parks in Hanoi are the go-to destinations for unforgettable summer memories.

List Of 5 Coolest Water Parks In Hanoi

Swim, dive, and slide for unlimited fun and joy. Some of them are the best family water parks. Here is the list of the top 5 Water Parks in Hanoi to beat the Summer heat:

  • West Lake Water Park | Best in Vietnam
  • Bao Son Paradise | Welcome to Exciting Paradise
  • Hanoi Tuan Chau Beach Park | Family Weekend Spot
  • Water Fun | Floating Water Park
  • Thu Le Park | Spend Quality Time

1. West Lake Water Park | Best in Vietnam

West Lake Water Park offers a variety of water attractions, including water slides, wave pools, and swimming areas. It's an ideal place for families, kids, and adults to cool off and have a blast. The water park provides dining options and other amenities such as changing rooms, lockers, and sun loungers, making it convenient for a full day of enjoyment and one of the most affordable aqua parks. While you're in the area, you can explore the vibrant Tay Ho neighbourhood and experience local culture, including a variety of dining options, cafes, and shops.

  • Address: No. 614, Lac Long Quan Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

2. Bao Son Paradise | Welcome to Exciting Paradise

The park offers a diverse array of amusements, including thrilling rides, water parks, roller coasters, and family-friendly attractions. It's a place where visitors can enjoy heart-pounding adventures and classic theme park fun with splash zones for kids. Bao Son Paradise often hosts cultural events, performances, and festivals that showcase Vietnamese traditions, adding cultural depth to the entertainment offerings. The park operates throughout the year, offering both seasonal and year-round attractions and activities but don’t forget to check the water park opening hours. The water park section of Bao Son Paradise includes water slides, wave pools, and other aquatic attractions. It's a perfect place to cool off and have a splashing good time, especially during the hot Vietnamese summers.

  • Address: Le Trong Tan Street, An Khanh Ward, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

3. Hanoi Tuan Chau Beach Park | Family Weekend Spot

If you want to cool off your Summer heat but in an interesting and stylish way, this Water Park is a must-visit destination for you and your family. Children especially enjoy this place because of the rides like Tornado Swirls, Twin Spiral Slides, and much more. You don't have to travel far from the city to unwind your stress and spend some quality time with your family members. It has one of the best water slides near Hanoi that will for sure bring a smile to your kid’s face.

  • Address: Da Phuc Hamlet, Sai Son Commune, Quoc Oai District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

4. Water Fun | Floating Water Park

Water Fun is regarded as Hanoi's most attractive water park, having been the first to have a massive inflatable castle. But, before you enter and enjoy go through the water park safety tips especially when with kids.

This distinguishing feature distinguishes Water Fun from the other Hanoi water parks. Aside from the recreational zones, Water Fun offers a variety of services such as restaurants, hotels, and other family-friendly attractions.

  • Address: Kien Hung Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM

5. Thu Le Park | Spend Quality Time

One of the notable features of the park is the picturesque lake where visitors can rent paddleboats and enjoy a leisurely ride on the water. There's also an aviary within the park, home to various bird species, adding to the park's charm. The park often hosts cultural events, exhibitions, and traditional festivals, providing insights into Vietnamese culture and heritage. The park's spacious grounds are perfect for picnicking and relaxing. It's a popular spot for locals to unwind and enjoy quality time with family and friends, don’t forget to check out the Thu Le Park Hanoi water park tickets!

  • Address: Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Parks In Hanoi

Q1. Are there any water parks in Hanoi?
A1. Yes, Hanoi boasts several water parks, offering thrilling water slides, wave pools, and family fun to escape the heat and enjoy aquatic adventures in the city.

Q2. What are the attractions and rides at Hanoi's water parks?
A2. Hanoi's water parks feature a variety of attractions, including water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, family-friendly play areas, and relaxing pools, providing fun and excitement for all ages.

Q3. What are the operating hours and admission fees for these water parks?
A3. Operating hours and admission fees for Hanoi's water parks vary by location and season. It's best to check each park's official website or contact them for current details.

Q4. Are there facilities for children and families at Hanoi's water parks?
A4. Hanoi's water parks offer family-friendly facilities, including

  • Kids' play areas
  • Gentle water rides
  • Picnic spots
  • Dining options

Q5. Can I bring my own food and beverages to Hanoi's water parks?
A5. Food and beverage policies vary by water park. Some parks may permit outside food, while others may have restrictions or offer on-site dining options. Check park rules for specifics.


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