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Top 9 Board Games for Little Travellers During Lockdown

There is no denying that early childhood requires attention and care both. And the fact that handling work and kids both, especially when you are working from home, is a huge task that keeps your hands full all the time, professionally and personally.

So, in order to balance out on both, it is better to engage the growing minds with board games that are a perfect mix of enjoyment and learning. The board games not just enhance mental strength but psychological prowess as well, like - learning to be a team player, or how not to be a sore loser or even sportsmanship.

The board games are apt for the little travellers to learn a lot of new stuff, with that, it also is a great time pass to kill boredom. You get to work without any worries or disturbance being an added bonus. So, let’s have a look at the best board games for your cute little munchkins.

1. Ludo and Snake Ladder

Ludo And Snake Ladder Board Game

This is one of the most famous games of all time and comes with a dice-cum-roller and 4 tokens each of 4 different colours. Ludo and snake ladder prevents players from cheating, helps to teach cognitive thinking, counting, addition, and how to take calculative decisions. Children also learn the art of patience through this game as they wait for their turn to come.

2. Magnetic Puzzle Triangle

Magnetic Puzzle Triangle Board Game

One of those games that develop the mental capacity and imagination skills in kids, this game includes 250 colourful magnets, 100 puzzles, magnetic board and display stand. These colourful magnets let the child use their own imagination on the display stand and play for hours and hours. It enhances the geometric and spatial skills too while building quotients.

3. Pola Puzzles Funny, Wild Animals

Pola Puzzles Funny, Wild Animals Board Game

It is one of the nicest board games for kids or the preschoolers as they really require some learning and fun time with parents and family around. These puzzles engage the child in developing powerful cognitive skills and developing motor skills as well. It lets the child solve funny puzzles using their own brain. This one is a great game to keep your child busy.

4. Connect 4

Connect 4

Connect 4, basically, is a 2-player game where one’s advantage is the other’s disadvantage. Being an open game where both the players can see each others’ plan, it gives the kids a sense of healthy competition. The game is super interesting and it helps kids learn sportsmanship and acting mindfully, no matter they win or lose.

5. Pictureka

Pictureka Board Game

Another amazing board game is Pictureka. It has some major goal winning concept as it makes the players hide cards and then the others have to look for it. This is, basically, sort of a hide-and-seek game which can be played by all age groups, kids, friends, family, etc. These are also known as mission cards and it certainly is very engaging.

6. Hoot Owl Hoot

Hoot Owl Hoot Board Game

This game is also one of the most popular board games, it engages the children in learning team skills and teaches them to cooperate with everyone as it is one of the most difficult things to develop in children. Hoot Owl Hoot is a game to be played with friends and family where the primary aim for the team is to bring back the owls to the nest before the sunrise which can only be done when the team members agree to put their hands on the desk, so it is a bit tricky and a lot of convincing is also required here. Children can also improve communication skills with this one.

7. More Fun With Words

More Fun With Words

The name of the game itself shows that it includes the formation of words and not just that, it includes pictures as well, that are part of the puzzle, to put together beautifully and learn the formation of words and spellings. One of the mind-blowing games for kids to stay busy with fruitful learning, it enhances the development of brain and concentration power among the cuties as well. For primary school children, it is an efficient learning game-cum-process which lets the child build the vocabulary, learn new words, meanings and a lot more. It further teaches the child about eyes and hand coordination.

8. Mattel Scrabble Board Game

Mattel Scrabble Board Game

Scrabble has always been the most favourite of all kids. It is a simple and fun game with plastic cards, that improves their vocabulary. It is suitable for kids of age 10 and above and even the entire family can play it.

9. Skillmatic Brain Games

Skillmatic Brain Games

This game is a happy learning play which helps the children with educational learning in a fun way. It is suitable for children between 3-9 years and enables them to develop a logical approach and using common sense when facing challenges and solving problems, wherein patience and focus are required. This board game makes your child learn the process of focusing, concentrating on problems, learning the art of dealing with it, and solving it in good spirit. 

These games, although, seem like just board games to kill time, they actually help your child as they grow up, by developing cognitive skills and strength to fight challenges.

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--- Published By  Shalini Singh

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