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8 Simple Tips To Save Money For A Holiday That You Deserve

Do you have a big trip on your bucket list? Perhaps it's even one that's been postponed from last year?. It could be eating piles of pasta in Italy, chasing the northern lights in Iceland, cruising around the Caribbean for a couple of weeks, or trekking with the gorillas in Rwanda. You aim to make it happen… eventually.

But, here’s the thing - until you decide to turn your far-flung fantasies into reality, they will stay the stuff of daydreams. You already know where you want to go—now you just need to figure out how to fund your trip to that destination. So that you're all set to go as soon as it's safe to travel again, keep reading to know 7 simple tips to save money for a holiday you deserve.

8 Simple Tips To Save Money For A Holiday

Your dream vacation shouldn’t remain a fantasy. Here's how to save money to fund your next holiday and turn your bucket-list adventure into reality down the road.

1. Set Goals

Based on your income and expenses, what you aim to save should be attainable. After all, if you're assiduously saving up some money every month, but feel like you’re hardly making any progress towards your goal, you may give up saving altogether.

First, come up with a reasonable number and then, start spending it when you are ready to start the trip planning process. Once you are clear about your goals, divide the amount that you aim to collect by the number of months you have to save until your next vacation, then add a line item to your budget for the decided amount.

2. Pay Yourself First

It can be hard to find any money left over to add to your trip fund at the end of the month, once the bills start rolling in. Set up automated transfers to your savings account every time you get paid to keep the money out of reach.

It is a good idea to open a separate account just to collect your vacation fund. If you separate the money from your general savings, it is less likely you’ll dip into it for another expense.

It is important that you pay attention to where you’re putting your money. Open up an account in a bank that offers the highest interest rate possible—that's extra money you can use, maybe for a fancy dinner in Paris.

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3. Use Your Smartphone

There are several apps that can turn a smartphone into a money-making buddy when it comes to saving for something big. Many travelers use apps that take a small amount out of your account every day and transfer it into your bank accounts for specific goals. These apps text you every morning to let you know how close you have come to your goal.

Many apps offer really clever ways to save without blinking an eye. These apps calculate your purchases to the nearest rupee and transfer the difference into your bank account.

4. Resist Impulsive Buys

To scope out an awesome sale at their favorite online store, everyone’s guilty of stealing a few minutes out of the workday. You weren’t planning to actually buy that dress, but now there are ads for it everywhere—and you are not able to resist such a great deal.

Make sure that you clear your cookies so you’re no longer tempted to make that impulse buy. That way, avoid indulging with retailers when you don’t want to.

But don’t forget to reward yourself by putting a portion of what you would have spent into your travel fund after you successfully resisted an impulse purchase. Pretend that you got a bonus to make your vacation even more amazing.

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5. Ask For Discounts

When’s the last time you asked for a discount on your car insurance rates or cell phone bill? It’s time to give those companies a call if it’s been a few years. If you tell the customer care representative that you’re thinking of switching, they’ll almost always give you a better rate. You can save some money by using this method every six months.

Be firm, but kind while negotiating with the customer service representatives. If you’re not happy with the current offer, don’t be afraid to call back another day. Spending just a few minutes on the call could help you save up a little more cash to toss into your travel fund.

6. Plan A Housing Swap

Most of the time staying in hotels is the most expensive part of a vacation. Rather than spending so much on a room while your home remains empty, consider swapping your house with someone else, this way you can save on travel costs.

There are many websites that can help you find a home to swap on your vacation. You could also rent your house on Airbnb and use that extra money for your travel expenses. Just make sure that you follow all the terms of your lease and abide by local laws.

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7. Put Your Skills To Use

You can’t cut all of your expenses to save money to travel. At some point, you need to think about how you can boost your income if you want to save more on your travel fund.

Try moonlighting it for clients during nights and weekends, if there’s something you’re really good at in your day job.

To earn some extra cash in your spare time is easier than ever because of the gig economy. You could open up a store on numerous websites, take care of your chores for your neighbors or walk dogs with Rover.

8. Sign Up For a Newsletter

Look for a reputed travel company like Adotrip and sign up for a newsletter. It will help you stay informed about the latest deals and discounts. Using this information, you can look forward to making the most of the best travel deal available for your favorite destination.

Frequently asked questions related to best tips to save money for a holiday

Ques 1. How can I save money for the next holiday?

Ans 1. There are several ways using which you can save money like avoid extra in-flight costs, book low-cost accommodation, book cheap flight tickets, sign up for an OTT newsletter, and more.

Ques 2. How can you use your skills to save money for a holiday?

Ans 2. Skilled people can put their skills and knowledge to good use and generate extra income by moonlighting for their best clients.

So, these are the simple tips to save money for a holiday that our travel experts suggest. Hope these simple tips and tricks will help you turn your dream vacation into a reality. Here’s the bonus tip! Book your flight tickets, hotels, and tour packages through Adotrip, because we give exclusive discounts and offer the best deals. With us, nothing is far! 

--- Published By  Vineet Gupta

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