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8 Important Tips To Remember While Traveling with Your Pets

Pets surely brighten up life. Once they are in your life, you cannot imagine a day without their snuggle. But then, having furry babies in life come with certain restrictions. Traveling as a freebie gets kinda challenging and leaving them behind is even harder. 

However, with proper planning and preparation, you can crack the code of traveling with pets. Without further ado, we bring a checklist for all pet parents!

8 Best Tips For Traveling With Pets

Time to plan a trip with your furry buddy! Scroll through the list that ensures a hassle-free trip with your pet.

1. Documentation

Nothing beats the well-informed pet parents who skim through the rules and regulations before planning a trip. Whether taking the car, train or plane, there are procedures to transport your pet. Almost every place requires an up-to-date health certificate of your pet on arrival. Make sure to keep it handy and duly signed by a licensed veterinarian. 

Your pooch must be vaccinated for rabies and the date of vaccination should not be less than a year old. In case of overseas travel, your pet will enter as checked baggage or air cargo. Every airline has its norms, it's always fair to contact the airlines much in advance to prepare all documents according to the guidelines.

2. Travel Essentials For Pets

Like a plethora of travel essentials for kids, pets also have sine qua nons. Apart from basics such as a leash or harness, poop bags, and ID tags, one needs to pack collapsible bowls, dog food, basic medicines, toys, their bed or blanket, etc. Keeping travel documents handy is of utmost importance. Carry enough water to keep the pets hydrated. 

Also, if you are on a road trip with your pet then get a durable crate to park your pets rather than leaving them untethered in the backseat of a car. 

Train your pets to stay in the crate during the journey as having their own area gives them security and also helps to curb their anxiety during the trip. Animals also have motion sickness, so carry paper towels or wetting pads to minimize the mess.

3. Research Well For Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Not every place greets pets. So the best way is to research pet-friendly hotels before finalizing a destination. Read the reviews, call the help desk personally to enquire about the facilities and hotel policies. There are a plethora of pet-friendly hotels in India that offer a hearty stay for your fur baby. 

Some have additional charges and some offer free stay, don’t forget to enquire about pet policy to avoid last moment showdown with the hotel staff. Many hotels offer local dog walking services, training, and pet sitters, research and book the best.

4. Make Pets Feel Like Home

Pets feel anxious when they are out of their marked area therefore, it’s important to make them feel comfortable with their familiar objects. Whether it’s their bed, blanket, favorite toys, or feeding trays; carry them all. After checking into the hotel room, let your pet free to sniff around. 

Stay close to them until they feel settled at a new place, making them feel safe and loved is necessary to keep their anxiety level at bay. Also, don’t leave them alone in the room until they are settled in the new environment.

5. Skip The Last Meal

Regardless of all the comfort that your pet has with you, there will be an increase in anxiety levels when your pet is traveling. Pets tend to show symptoms of stress through Diarrhea which indeed gets troublesome for pet parents. Motion sickness is another disaster that no parent wants to deal with. 

The best fix for this is to skip the last meal before embarking on a trip with your pet. Also, get the medicine prescribed by a vet for motion sickness and give it half an hour before boarding a flight or getting in the car for a road trip.

6. Keep Your Pet Hydrated While Traveling

Pets get dehydrated whilst traveling, therefore, carrying a pet travel water bowl or water bottle is advisable. Place it in your pet’s crate so that they are never running out of water. One handy tip to minimize spillage is to freeze the water in the bowl prior to travel. 

Also, if spillage bothers then you can stop at frequent intervals to ensure they are getting enough water breaks. Another wise thing to do is to feed them wet food as it will help hydrate the pets.

7. Frequent Pet Breaks