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Dhanu Yatra Festival

This January Get Thrilled By Dhanu Yatra- The Ultimate Open-Air Drama

The whole month of January is a festival season for locals of Odisha. Rapidly catching the tourist’s attraction, the state comes in a list of best places to visit in India. One of the popular festivals is Dhanu Yatra which originated in the Bargarh, Odisha. It is celebrated every year in the month of January. This time also, the festival is taking its pace to start from 11th of January to 21st January. Roll up your sleeves to enthralled by one of the oldest open-air play on Hindu Lord-Krishna.

Insights To The Dhanu Yatra Festival

• The Krishna-Kansa Battle Saga

Yet another festival to aid Indian tourism that is deliberately organized to bring the Dwapar Yug in the 21st Century. The effort is commendable by the labor-class of the locals in the Bargarh. The story is based on the Krishna and Kansa battle. It depicts the scenario where Krishna and his brother Balram have come to visit the Dhanu ceremony in Mathura. Then, how it turns into the Sanghara of Kansa (the demon uncle) to free the people of Mathura from the bad deeds of the demon Kansa.

• About the Drama Aesthetics

The Dhanu Yatra is one of the reasons the state is being considered one of the best places to visit in India. You will be surprised knowing that the play is being held on the streets. The aesthetics and costumes are arranged but the stage is never been a much matter of fact. Using the environment as a stage is definitely appreciating. Treating the Jeera River as Yamuna river, the streets of Bargarh is considered as the Mathura city, which are excellent efforts put by locals.

• Performing Artists

The impromptu enactment and dialogue delivery by artists are absolutely the one that keeps you going with the play. One of the amazing facts is that the artists can be anyone who wants to take part. Yet, major artists are chosen selectively. Once, you are watching the play, you will know the authenticity and faith of artists to portray the mythological characters.

• The Never-ending Festive Mood

In spite the fact that people are in a full swing of festive mood, the regularity is being considered equally. Each day of the 11-day festival brings equal joy and spirit of festivity.

This Is Important For You!

Being one of the popular places to visit in India, the rush is obvious. If you are planning to attend the festival, it’s important that you know about the modes of commuting. Hte Ypr Express, Ypr Hatia Express, Ispat Express are some of the trains actively running towards Bargarh. Indigo, Jet Airways are some of the airlines to Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.   

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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