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Temples In Arunachal Pradesh

10 Famous Temples In Arunachal Pradesh | You Must Visit In 2024

Have you ever wondered where the sun first touches the land in India? Welcome to Arunachal Pradesh, the "Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains." This beautiful corner of our country is not just a treat for your eyes but also a haven for your spirit. The state is dotted with serene and sacred places, from the mystical Parasuram Kund Temple to the grand Tawang Monastery. These aren't just buildings; they are stories set in stone and prayer, each carrying the whispers of the past and offering a place of peace in today's fast-paced world.

The temples and monasteries here, like the ancient Meghna Cave Temple and the peaceful Urgelling Monastery, are not just about religion. They're about history, culture, and the beautiful ways people have tried to understand the world. Visiting these spiritual temples in Arunachal Pradesh is like walking through a living museum, where every stone tells a story, and every view takes your breath away.

List Of 10 Famous Temples In Arunachal Pradesh

  • Parasuram Kund Temple | A Sacred Dip to Redemption
  • Akashganga or Malinithan Temple | Where Legends Converge
  • Tawang Monastery | Majesty atop the Mountains
  • GRL Gompa Monastery | Enclave of Tranquillity
  • Urgelling Monastery | Birthplace of Light
  • Gorsam Chorten | Reverence Carved in Stone
  • Taktsang Gompa | A Revered Haven Amidst Peaks
  • Rigyaling Gompa | Serenity in the Shadows
  • Meghna Cave Temple | Nature's Sanctuary of Devotion
  • Shiv Mandir | Unveiling the Divine Connection

1.Parasuram Kund Temple | A Sacred Dip to Redemption

Nestled in the embrace of the Lohit district, the Parasuram Kund temple stands as a testament to the Hindu faith and its intricate blend of legends. Revered as a pilgrimage site situated in the lower reaches of the Lohit River, it is one of the famous temples in Arunachal Pradesh. Its name originates in the mythic act of Lord Parasuram, who sought solace in these waters, cleansing himself of his sins. But the lore doesn't stop here; it is whispered that the sacred waters of Parasuram Kund witnessed the marriage of Lord Krishna and Rukmini, and also witnessed the meditations of the esteemed Maharishi Vyasa.

Every year, thousands of devoted souls travel to this hallowed site, even spanning across borders, drawing pilgrims from Nepal. However, it's during the Makar Sankranti festival that the temple truly comes alive. On this occasion, as the sun embraces the zodiac Capricorn, over 70,000 devout individuals converge, immersing themselves in the purifying waters. It is believed that this holy dip washes away not just dirt from the body, but the impurities of the soul, leaving pilgrims spiritually rejuvenated.

  • Location: Lohit
  • Timings: 6 AM to 8 PM

2. Akashganga or Malinithan Temple | Where Legends Converge

Nestled in the scenic embrace of the West Siang district, the Akashganga temple radiates with devotion and ancient tales. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, this temple resonates with echoes of the divine and stories of times past. Here, the Arunachal Pradesh temple architecture, reminiscent of the Odisha style, is a testament to the artistry of the land. But the allure lies not just in its structure.

The legends entwined with this temple are captivating. It is said that when grief consumed Lord Shiva upon the demise of his wife, Sati, Lord Vishnu intervened. The celestial Sudarshan Chakra, an emblem of Vishnu, severed her earthly form into fragments to release Shiva from his attachment. One such fragment is believed to have fallen on the very spot where the temple stands, now known as Akashganga.

Adding to the mystique is the shimmering phenomenon that beckons pilgrims from afar. A glittering object in the distance, vanishing as one approaches, ignites curiosity and devotion. Moreover, a sacred pond adjacent to the temple is whispered to hold the healing power, a tonic for the ailing. This convergence of myths and miracles casts a spell that draws devotees from across the world.

  • Location: West Siang
  • Timings: 6 AM to 9 PM

3. Tawang Monastery | Majesty Atop the Mountains

Perched amid the lofty heights of Tawang, the Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh is not just a spiritual abode but an architectural marvel that embraces the heavens. Majestic and sprawling, it claims the title of the second-largest monastery globally, a towering tribute to the Mahayana sect of Buddhism.

Founded in 1680-81 by Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso, this monastery was realised under the guiding wishes of Lama Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso, the fifth Dalai Lama. The monastery, often referred to as Galden Namgey Lhatse by Tibetans, stands tall with three stories and a compound wall stretching 925 feet.

Beyond its awe-inspiring structure, the monastery cradles sacred scriptures like Kangyur and Tengyur, and at its heart, a resplendent 9.3 metres tall golden statue of Lord Buddha. From its serene chambers to its breathtaking vistas, Tawang Monastery transcends earthly bounds, offering devotees a glimpse of the divine against the backdrop of the heavens.

  • Location: Tawang
  • Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM

4. GRL Gompa Monastery | Enclave of Tranquillity

Bomdila's tranquil embrace houses the Gontse Gaden Rabgye Lling Monastery, a haven of serenity and devotion. Revered by monks and lamas, this monastery, fondly known as GRL Gompa, nestles at a lofty 8500 feet above sea level.

Its foundation, laid in 1965-66 by Tsona Gontse Riponche, is a cornerstone of the Lamaistic faith. GRL Gompa is an architectural triptych that unveils its facets through the upper, lower, and middle domains. The heart of spirituality lies in the upper Gompa, cradling a prayer hall, a school for the progeny of monks, and the very sanctuary of Buddha.

  • Location: Bomdila
  • Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM

5. Urgelling Monastery | Birthplace of Light

Tucked 5 km south of Tawang lies the Urgelling Monastery, a birthplace of spiritual luminance and historical significance. Gazing upon the Himalayas and the Tawang-Chu valley, this monastery's aura is a homage to the 15th century and the revered Urgen Sangpo, who seeded its roots.

Yet, the year 1683 CE draped Urgelling Monastery in sacredness, when it welcomed the birth of the sixth Dalai Lama, Ngawang Gyamtso. Enlarged and enlivened by Desi Sangye Gyamtso in 1699, this Buddhist temple in Arunachal Pradesh flourishes with resplendent structures, a main temple with a double story, an assembly hall with eight pillars, and the delicate whispers of devotion that have echoed through centuries.

  • Location: Tawang
  • Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM

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6. Gorsam Chorten | Reverence Carved in Stone

In the tranquil expanse near Zemithang, the Gorsam Chorten stands as a colossal monument of devotion and craftsmanship. Constructed by Lama Pradhar, a Monpa monk, in the early 18th century, this stupa is more than just an architectural wonder. Its hemispherical dome graces a three-terraced plinth, while miniature stupas adorn the corners of its lowermost terrace. The base, a square boasting sides of 170 feet, houses a continuous niche housing 120 Mani stones within wood frames. Encircling it all, a paved path beckons pilgrims to circumambulate, a journey of reverence and reflection.

  • Location: Zemithang
  • Timings: 7 AM to 5 PM

7. Taktsang Gompa | A Revered Haven Amidst Peaks

Tucked within the embrace of lofty mountains, Taktsang Gompa, also known as T-Gompa, emerges as a hallowed sanctuary amidst the rugged terrain, 50 kilometres from Tawang. Here, Padmasambhava's legacy pulses. This great missionary, credited with bringing Buddhism to Tibet, left his imprint in spirituality and legend. His footprints on the rocky floor of an adjacent cave speak of his meditation, while the tiger's den he flew upon, imprinted as 'tak' (tiger) and Ttsang' (abode), engraves his memory into every crevice of the landscape. In the highlands of Arunachal, where myths intertwine with miracles, Taktsang Gompa remains a sacred tapestry woven by the hands of ancient beliefs.

  • Location: Tawang
  • Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM

8. Rigyaling Gompa | Serenity in the Shadows

A mere kilometre away from the heart of Tawang township, Rigyaling Gompa stands as a testament to faith's quiet endurance. The former Rigya Rinpoche's creation carries on his legacy, sheltered by the embrace of trees. The forest, guided by Changsey, the gompa's secretary, wraps it in a natural sanctuary in one of the most beautiful offbeat temples near Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. As the re-incarnated Rigya Rinpoche, Rev. Tenzin Tsethar, hones his education in South India, the gompa stands as a whisper of devotion, awaiting the return of its spiritual guardian.

  • Location: Tawang
  • Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

9. Meghna Cave Temple | Nature's Sanctuary of Devotion