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Places To Visit Near Munnar

Plan Your Trip: 16 Best Places To Visit Near Munnar in 2024

Get ready for a memorable journey as we reveal the best places to visit near Munnar, Kerala's precious hill town. These extraordinary locations guarantee an amazing vacation since they are packed with natural beauty & exciting activities. These destinations promise an exhilarating trip for every traveller, from the beautiful Western Ghats peaks to vibrant animal sanctuaries & culturally rich cities humming with life. Prepare yourself for thrilling activities and experiences that will leave you with priceless memories. Come along with us as we reveal the amazing riches within just a few kilometres of Munnar.

List of Top 16 Best Places To Visit Near Munnar

Prepare for an amazing journey as we uncover incredible places to visit near Munnar that promise life-changing experiences just a few miles away.

  • Devikulam | Nature Heaven
  • Periyar | Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Idukki | Hill Heights
  • Kumily | Spice Town
  • Vagamon | Green Retreat
  • Nelliyampathy | Misty Escapes
  • Peermade | Serene Hill Station
  • Alleppey | Backwater Bliss
  • Sabarimala | Pilgrim's Delight
  • Parunthumpara | Eagle's View
  • Kochi | Coastal Gem
  • Kumarakom | Backwater Charms
  • Chalakudy | River Rapids
  • Athirapally | Waterfall Wonder
  • Cherai | Seaside Bliss
  • Kodaikanal | Hill Station Charm

1.Devikulam | Nature Heaven

You are invited to discover the natural beauties of Devikulam, a wonderland near Munnar. This location is a must-see for environment lovers because of its rich vegetation and colourful scenery. Devikulam offers a pleasant escape into Kerala's natural beauty, with its enchanting Sita Devi Lake and captivating tea gardens. Witness the charm of Devikulam, one of the best places to visit near Munnar.

  • Distance From City: 24 km
  • Best Time To Visit: November To May

2. Periyar | Wildlife Sanctuary

Dive into the wilderness near Munnar by exploring Periyar, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. This vibrant destination offers interesting encounters with diverse flora and fauna. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with opportunities for jungle safaris, boat safaris and wildlife photography. The surrounding Pandalam Hills & Cardamom Hills make Periyar the perfect place for exploring wildlife near Munnar.

  • Distance From City: 97 km
  • Best Time To Visit: For nature lovers: November to February & for animal lovers: April to May.

3. Idukki | Hill Heights

Idukki, a hidden gem near Munnar, welcomes travellers to experience its natural beauty. Luscious forests, stunning mountains, and clear lakes surround this undiscovered gem. Kerala's unique wildlife can be seen in the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. This rough hill resort is well-known for its woods, tea factories, rubber plantations, gorgeous bungalows, and wildlife sanctuaries. The biggest arch dam in the nation lies across Kuravan Kurathi Mountain.

  • Distance From City: 66 km
  • Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year.

4. Kumily | Spice Town

Start your Munnar day trip at Kumily, which is commonly referred to as the gateway to Thekkady. The busy spice markets, which provide a sensory thrill with aromatic spices like cardamom & pepper, are the main attraction here. Take in the vivid atmosphere as you stroll through the busy streets. Thekkady, a popular tourist location in Kerala, is also home to Periyar, the largest Tiger Reserve in India.

  • Distance From City: 90 km
  • Best Time To Visit: November to February

5. Vagamon | Green Retreat

Vagamon provides the perfect backdrop for an amazing romantic getaway with its gentle atmosphere and scenic landscapes. The key attraction in this area is its gorgeous meadows, which encourage couples to relax amidst spectacular natural splendour. Take a leisurely stroll while holding hands with your special someone, or have a picnic amidst the lovely hills. If you're looking for romantic vacations in Munnar, look no further.

  • Distance From City: 94 km
  • Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year.

6. Nelliyampathy | Misty Escapes